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25 Best Blazers for Women – To Give Stylish Look At Any Occasion

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Lady Margaret Boat Club (1825) was a rowing club of St. John’s College, Cambridge. The members wore a red jacket or blazer. Word blazer originated from there. Thus, the blazer was red flannel. This style gave rise to all kinds of jackets used in tennis, cricket, tennis, boating and seaside wear.

Blazers were officially worn by Royal Navy before their regular uniforms. Blazers were white with blue stripes. By 1845, the same HMS crew wore blazers with blue and white stripes. Reefer blazers were similar to navy blazers. They were short double breasted for facing harsh weather.

blazers for women

In Britain, these striped blazers were in fashion in the early 1960s. They were back in style in the late 1970s. Blazers had tree coloured thick/thin stripes. There were three buttoned single breasted fronts, five/six-inch side/centre vents. There were sleeve cuffs with multi-buttons. Initially, blazers buttons were black horn but later there metal buttons. Blazers were into women’s style and fashion.

Stylish Women’s Blazers in Different Models with Images:

Here are the 25 latest fashion blazers for women. It gives pretty to look at parties and office.

1. Women’s Casual Blazer in Black:

Black blazer

This item is black blazer for cold winter months. Since this blazer is black it goes well with black trousers or jeans. It is fully lined. It has button fastening and notched collars. The material used for this cotton satin.

2. Leather Tan Blazer Women:

tan blazers

This item is tan pinewood blazer. The material is made of faux leather. It has a lining and the colour is brown. There is notch colour. This is ideally made with pockets in front. You can wear this blazer when you are attending any official tours or meetings. This blazer has a notch collar. Also, there are front pockets. Tan colour is a wonderful contrast with black coloured trousers of jeans.

3. Girls Dark Blazers for Parties:

dark blazers

This item is a black blazer that can be used while attending parties. The blazer is made of acrylic and polyester satin, suede. The blazer is fully lined. The material used is acrylic tweed. This blazer has a greyish coloured finish. Thus, this blazer can be worn with dark shades of jeans and trousers.

4. Women’s Navy Blue Blazer in Cotton:

Navy blue blazer

This item is navy coloured, front open and lined. Since the navy colour is very dark blue almost black, the blazer goes well with dark trousers and jeans. The material used for making this blazer is cotton. Hence, this blazer can be worn in the spring and fall seasons.

5. Fawn or Beige Blazer for Women:

Fawn or beige blazer

This item is a fawn or beige coloured blazer. It has lining and front pockets. The blazer is fully lined. It is made of polyester satin. This blazer can be worn with blue jeans.

6. Women’s Short Blazer in Light Grey:

Light grey blazer

This item is a light grey coloured blazer. It is made of knit cotton with pockets in front. There is a notch collar. The blazer is lined. The grey colour is wonderful in contrast with dark coloured jeans or trousers.

7. Light Baby Pink Blazer Women:

Light Baby pink blazer

This item is a designer looking piece. Fit for any celebrity. The colour is soft baby pink and has only one button that can be fastened. The material used for this blazer is Rayon linen. Also, there is cotton voile. The blazer is fully lined. There are pockets in front. The soft pink looks wonderful and can be worn with white jeans. Also, you can wear dark colours that would bring out the contrasting colours.

8. Royal Blue Colour Blazers for Women:

Royal blue blazer

This item is a royal blue colour. It may be worn with dark skirts or trousers. The material used to make this blazer is cotton twill. Thus the material is cotton twill and polyester crepe. The blazer is completely lined. There are buttons for fastening. Also, there is a notch collar.

9. Women’s Blazers in Bright Yellow:

Bright yellow

This is a bright yellow blazer. You can wear this on top of the printed bottom wear. The material is made of cotton linen and polyester lining. There are two white buttons.

10. Scarlett Red Women’s Blazer:

Scarlett Red blazer

This item is a scarlet red coloured blazer. It goes very well when worn with blue jeans. The material of the blazer is faux leather that is not woven. The blazer is fully lined and has buttons in front.

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11. Black Party Time Blazer for Women:

Black party time blazer

This item is polyester sequin blazer. It is fully lined and has velvet lapel. There is a single button fastening. Also, there is a notch collar. This black blazer is meant for going to parties. Friends would like blazer very much. This blazer for women is a wonder with black bottoms.

12. Stylish Long Cream Blazers for Girls:

Cream blazer

This item is available in cream and red or cream and black. There is a single button to fasten the blazer. In case of the cream and red blazer, the collar from neck to the button is red. Also, the two front pockets have a red border at the opening. Similarly, the black is on the collar near the neck and up to the button. Also, the front pockets have a black border at the opening.

13. Casual Blazers for Women:

Casual Blazers for women

This item is women’s blazers. It is available in black, navy and brown colours. The blazer has an inner lining. There is a single button for fastening. Also, there are two front pockets. The full sleeves can be rolled over for best comfort.

14. Women’s Blazer in Salmon Pink:

Salmon pink blazer

This item is an interesting, fashionable blazer with two colours. There is inner white and outside there is salmon pink. There are no buttons for fastening. It can be worn over a cream or white T-shirt with blue jeans. The blazer is awesome spring wear when the temperature is rather cool.

15. Grey Color Women’s Blazer in Long:

Grey Blazer

This item is a grey blazer but it is also like a jacket. There is the usual notch collar. There are buttons in the front for fastening. Also, there are two front pockets that have bordered material. The sleeves reached past the elbow and folded at the end. There are slits on two sides near the lower edge.

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16. Slim-Fit Red Women’s Blazer:

Slim-fit red blazer

This item is a slim fit red blazer that goes very well with a pair of blue jeans. There are three slanting zips for two front pockets and the main opening. Design is very elegant and interesting. This blazer can be worn for going out and meeting friends.

17. Navy Blue Trendy Blazer Women:

Navy blue trendy blazer

This item is a trendy, navy blue blazer. It can be worn with a skirt and trousers. Hence, it can be used formally and informally. There is only one button that is used for fastening the blazer. It is near the front pocket. In addition, there are three buttons on the sleeves.

18. Beige Blazers for Women:

Beige blazer

This item is beige coloured that is very neatly styled. There is a collar and stitched slit very apparent from the rearview. In front, there are two pockets that are neatly hemmed at the opening. Also, there are full sleeves.

19. Black Formal Blazers for Women:

Black formal blazer

This item is a formal black blazer. The material used for this blazer is pure cotton. The blazer has two front pockets and full sleeves. Since this blazer is black it would look good with black trousers or midi skirts. Advantage of this blazer is that it can be worn in summer months.

20. Women’s Short Blazers in Grey:

Grey blazer 20

This item is a grey coloured blazer. It is made of a blend of polyester and spandex. This blazer looks good for women when worn with white jeans or light blue jeans. The blazer has full sleeves, two front pocket and lapelled collar.

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21. Royal Blue Blazers in Long and Short:

Royal Blue Blazer -21

This item is available in navy and royal blue. There is a high collar for the blazer. From top to lower edge of the front pockets there are six buttons. These are used for fasting and keeping the cold out. Also, there are matching buttons on the full sleeves and pockets. This women blazer looks good and fitting over black leggings.

22. Polka-Dotted Blazer for Ladies:

Polka-dotted blazer

This item is very small white on a black dotted blazer. The blazer has been made of 70% polyester, 26% viscose, 4%spandex. Again for the lining, there is 96 % polyester and 4 % spandex. The blazer has the usual notch collar and reaches up to the waist. There are buttons – one outside and one concealed. Also, there are full sleeves.

23. Grey Blazer with Black Border:

Grey blazer with black border

This item is grey coloured with black border. There is a long collar from the neck region to chest area. There are two front buttons for fastening. Also, there are two pockets. The border of the blazer and opening of the pockets are bordered with black. This coat is for a cool summer day.

24. Latest Light Brown Colour Blazer:

Light brown colour blazer

This item is light brown or fawn coloured blazer for women. It is very elegant, a slim fit blazer that can be worn with midi skirts, skirts or jeans. There is a notch collar. Full sleeves can easily be pushed up. There is a single button for fastening the blazer. Also, there are two front pockets.

25. Khaki Women’s Blazer Casual:

Khaki women’s blazer

This item is Khaki women’s blazer. There is a notch collar and front opening. The sleeves are up to the elbow. Also, there are two front pockets. This blazer can be worn on a cool summer’s day.

We conclude that women’s blazers are normally worn for keeping warm and comfortable. However, some light-weighted blazers are for cool temperatures of spring, summer and fall.

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