The window or door curtains that come with vertical or horizontal slats are known as blind curtains. This kind of curtain slats is mostly made of plastic, wood, metal, or fiber material. The blind curtains are held with the help of cords that move through the slats that help in opening, closing and managing the window curtains. They are also known as Venetian Blind curtains as their origin is situated in Venice.

15 Latest and Fantastic Blind Curtains for Home:

Here are some of the popular blind curtains for windows that would help you enhance the look of your interiors.

1. Modern Blind Curtain:

The modern blind curtain design comes with two different varieties of curtain slats. Some of the horizontal slats are given plain white texture, while some are given designing prints in minute curves forming branches. The curtain is much popular for bedrooms and halls from where the sun would peep in the room.

2. Bamboo Blind Curtain:

Want to decorate your porch or garden centers with classy curtains? Here is a roller blind curtain design which is made from bamboo wood. The curtains can be easily opened and closed by rolling the bamboo curtains with ease. They give slightly more rays of sun compared to other types of curtains.

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3. Room Divider Blind Curtain:

The room divider blind curtain design made from wooden are much popular in bungalows. The come with long wooden slats mostly used to divide the living rooms from the bedrooms section. The curtain is also the best for the wooden houses or the ones that come with a number of wooden interiors.

4. Transparent Blind Curtain:

This is the latest trend in curtains over blinds. The curtains come in role up style, which carried hard fiber which gives transparent view. The curtains are mainly carried out in sitting rooms or offices from where the scenarios outside give a lovely appearance.

5. Contemporary Blind Curtains:

Contemporary designs for curtains with blinds give a sober yet stylish look to the rooms. The curtain is made from fiber material and is given geometrical shape designs on it. They are also given minute hall formations in the center giving out cool designs. The curtains are mostly found in sitting halls or in porches.

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6. Blinds for Bathroom:

Also want to have blind curtain designs in your bathroom? Here is a thick cotton material blind-style curtains for the bathroom. They are given thick texture in horizontal lines in two different shades to make a perfect match. They are held there with rolled over curtain style which can be pulled when required.

7. Semi Length Blind Curtains:

This kind of vertical blinds with curtains are mostly used in living rooms or dining rooms which have high windows. The curtain comes with the length of the window which can be opened in vertical direction with the help of strings. Made from white slats in fiber, they give dashing experience in day time.

8. Roman Blind Curtain Design:

The roman blind curtains are much popular for the material, folding design and the design prints it comes with. The curtain is the best to be carried while looking for curtains between the porch and the dining room which can be opened by opening layers of the printed curtains in horizontal style.

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9. Dual Color Blind Curtain:

This kind of curtain shades blinds come with dual color layers. The curtains are further given pink and purple colors, while the curtains are also given minor designing and curves in white and silver that embosses the look of the curtains and the windows at home.

10. Inspirational Blind Curtains:

The inspirational kitchen curtains give your kitchen a new look. The curtains over blinds come with matchstick formation which gives the old decorative kitchen a perfect match. Made from wooden the windows are given half openings for giving light to the kitchen.

11. Korean Blind Curtains:

Made from wooden material, the Korean blind curtains come with a fixed gap texture for making the rooms bright. The white curtains are come with string opening in plain wood which are helpful in making any window lovely look. This style is also adopted in the offices which give them adjustable look for keeping watch on the employees.

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12. Clarkes Blind Curtains:

The Clarkes style in blind curtains gives a wonderful look to the simple windows. The windows in this type of curtains are given fixed net-like texture that comes with embossed prints in flowers and other mehndi designs. They are generally attached in the below section of the window. This kind of windows is mostly built in the garden room areas for getting nature’s view as you wake.

13. Valance Blind Curtains:

The valance blind curtains for windows give a luxury look to your window line. The curtains are given vertical slats which are covered with curvy tops and sidelines to give a door-like appearance. When carried out matching with the furniture it gives the best outlook to the room.

14. Duo Shade Blind Curtains:

The wooden blind curtain design with duo shade pattern the best carried out in wooden houses. The curtains come in semi-open style which gives upwards direction to the rays coming inside. They are mostly carried out in drawing rooms or dining rooms.

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15. Flat Blind Curtains:

Office curtains blinds design with a flat look is mostly undertaken by big organizations with office on the top floor of the building. The curtains come with single curtain which is given rolling up pattern and is given ball designs on it which change shades when brought in dark or light.

The blind curtains are based on the ancient curtain styles which were made by giving gaps with horizontal and vertical designs. They were generally made to bifurcate the rooms of ladies and gents during occasions. They were priory made from wood or fiber that gave it long lasting uses.


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