Blonde bob hairstyles are always iconic and the hottest chic looks we have ever come across. From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, we can’t ignore how these beauties have flaunted the blonde bob hairstyles and haircuts in the sexiest of looks. The timeless and iconic look has ever since been marked and noted in the fashion town, and there is no going back.

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Whether you prefer a choppy bob or angled bob, or an inverted bob haircut, the blonde variant in the bob hairstyle is a must-try on your next salon visit. See why you should not miss this iconic look, and you will be inspired!

10 Best Bob Haircuts for Different Blonde Shades:

Here in this article, let’s have a look at the best 10 blonde bob hairstyles for all hair types. These hairstyles are the most popular and trendy.

1. Blonde Bob Haircut with Wavy Tresses:

Do you have wavy or mildly semi curly tresses? What better than this blonde bob hairstyle? This side-combed blonde bob look is perfect for women with round, diamond and oval face shapes. The hairstyle also suits beautifully for women with thick and voluminous hair, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. It is lovely to pair with western outfits, dresses and casuals.

2. Short Neat Blonde Bob:

The most sophisticated look for anyone is to have a neat haircut that stays in its place. For a short, blonde-haired woman, you would need to smoothen your hair before giving it the cut. Once, you have the appropriate hairstyle, you need to take care of trimming it on a regular basis.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight hair that looks neat
  • Adoptable face type: Square face shape, preferably with a sharp chin
  • Suitable occasion: Office going, casual outings, interviews, corporate meetings
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: The summer or spring
  • Suitable dress: office wear outfit, formal dress, casual dresses

3. Voluminous Blonde Layered Bob:

Everyone loves to have their hair look voluminous and fluffy. But many have a misconception that doing a bob cut reduces the thickness of the hair and makes it look thinner. The fact is, there is nothing like that when doing a bob cut. A bob cut can also make your hair look thicker by cutting in layers, and that’s what we call a voluminous blonde layered bob cut. Under this hairstyle, the hair is cut in a bob style with different layers to show more volume and texture. Adding colour creates a beautiful dimension that really highlights the layers.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight and thick hair
  • Adoptable face type: Slim face with sharp jaws and chin, preferably heart shaped face
  • Best occasion: Suitable for every occasion as it adds style and beauty
  • Preferred age: Covers women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Can be cut in any season
  • Suitable dress: Casual wear, party wear, formal wear or any Western wear

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4. Chin Length Hair with Short Fringe Style:

A chain length hairstyle is easy to maintain and play with different accessories. Short fringes will make one look younger, and the focus of the face shifts to the eyes. Visit a good salon to get a nice haircut for yourself, and remember you will surely look good with this blonde hairstyle.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight and wavy hair type
  • Acceptable face type: Small thin face type with sharp jaws and chin
  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for any occasion
  • Preferred age: Teen and younger aged women
  • Best season to cut: Suits all seasons, especially fall
  • Suitable dress: Open necked tops or sleeveless frocks

5. Messy Rebellious Blonde Bob:

A cool and funky look for young women is to keep the blonde bob untidy. It is important that the hair is cut short, after which you can simply make it messy with your fingers. Remember that not everyone can sport this style, and suits best for fun loving girls.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Wavy or curly hair type
  • Acceptable face type: Square shaped, heart shape or rectangle shaped face
  • Suitable occasion: Party, night shows, casual outdoor visits
  • Preferred age: Teens
  • Best season to cut: Between summer and winter
  • Suitable dress: Any casual dress or party wear

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6. Short Vintage Blonde Bob:

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can choose a 1920’s curled blonde bob hairstyle for a reception party or a grand opening of a hotel. This hairstyle will suit all middle-aged woman who is comfortable with curls and can invest some time in hair care.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Curly hair type
  • Acceptable face type: Heart-shaped face
  • Suitable occasion: Party, engagements, photo-shoot, gatherings
  • Preferred age: Covers women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Any season can be chosen to cut
  • Suitable dress: Retro inspired dresses or vintage dresses

7. Voluminous Straight Bob:

The voluminous straight blonde bob hairstyle looks fantastic in blonde hair and can be worn by girls of all age groups and face types. You need to smoothen your hair before styling it, and minimum care is required for the same. Regular trimming will help you keep the look good for a longer time.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Silky smooth or wavy hair, even straight hair with slight curls go well for this haircut
  • Acceptable face type: Square, round or rectangle shaped face
  • Suitable occasion: Birthday party, wedding, engagement or any other special occasions
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups
  • Best season to cut: Preferably summer and monsoon
  • Suitable dress: Any summer wear or close necked tops with jeans

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8. Straight Bang Bob Hairstyle:

This straight bob hairstyle is for sure going to get you a lot of attention. You will look like a queen of Egypt with the bangs touching your eyebrows. Remember, there is no chance for dry frizzy hair, and the tresses should be smooth. You can style it if you have an oval shaped face.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Straight and silky hair
  • Acceptable face type: Heart-shaped or square shaped face
  • Suitable occasion: Casual outings, trips, school/ college going
  • Preferred age: Teens and women
  • Best season to cut: Any season
  • Suitable dress: Casual dresses like jeans and tops, skirts or short frocks

9. Light Wavy Blonde Bob:

Try the really fantastic hairstyle that suits best with blonde hair shade. The hair needs to be flowy and softly curled in the front. Remember to ask your stylist to keep some dimension to give a fuller look. You can always choose this short wavy hairstyle if you are fond of keeping your hair short.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Wavy hair type with slight curls
  • Acceptable face type: A round face with a V-shaped chin
  • Suitable occasion: Weddings, engagements, birthday parties, special occasions
  • Preferred age: Working women or women of age group 25-35yrs
  • Best season to cut: Winter or fall
  • Suitable dress: Any cute dresses those suit special occasions, gowns, long frocks, boat-necked tops.

10. The Foxy Bob:

If you are a fun loving person and like to experiment with your hairstyle, you can choose to cut it in a style that has flipped out edges. This has to be done carefully by an expert hairdresser, and the amount of edging should not be more than required.

  • Suitable for which hair type: Sleek straight hair
  • Adoptable face type: Oval shaped face, or thin shaped face
  • Suitable occasion: Suitable for all occasions, especially casual outing
  • Preferred age: Teen and young women
  • Best season to cut: Intense summer, winter and autumn
  • Suitable dress: Any bold dress that makes a statement of your own

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Style Tips on How to Maintain Blonde Bob Haircut:

  1. One quick way and best way to style your blonde bob look are to add some fun colors. Red is one of the dazzling hair colours given to bob cut layers.
  2. Giving a beach vibe curl on your layered bob cut gives a more messy style and look.
  3. Wash your hair regularly to avoid greasiness in the hair.
  4. Regular trimming in 6-8 weeks will give a lasting effect on the haircut without losing the freshness.
  5. Small bangs or fringes on the side enhance the beauty altogether. It also helps to cover your big forehead and gives a perfect shape to the face.
  6. Using a pinch of styling gel and hand scrunching can be of great help for an everyday look.
  7. Do not use many heating products as they can damage your hair and result in dry hair.
  8. Do not use hair colours that make you look dull. It is always good to ask a stylist before you apply hair color for better advice and results.

After reading the above styles, you would want to choose one of them for yourself for the next haircut you have. Blonde bob hairstyles will always be in vogue, and you will not have to worry about the present fashion that is trending. A bob cut look gets complete when colouring is given. These amazing haircuts will make people say wow to you. Be the highlight of the event with these trending haircuts of 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How can I Style my Hair when I Have Short Hair?

Ans: Short hair with a bob cut can be styled in many ways. You can either cut them in layers and give a voluminous effect or add highlights in colours to give a blonde look.

Q2. Which is the Best Haircut for Heart-Shaped Face?

Ans: Almost all bob cuts suit heart-shaped faces. Messy rebellious blond bob cut is one of the popular haircuts for heart-shaped faces.

Q3. How to Set My Bob cut Hair Neatly without Getting Tangles while Going Out?

Ans: It is obvious that when you travel, your hair gets damaged and tangled. But with a bob cut, the chances of getting tangled are less. Even if you feel like you need to cover your hair from tangles, try applying hair gel.


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