35+ Awesome Collection of Blouse Back Neck Designs For Modern Diva

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Picking the right kind of blouse isn’t an easy task for anyone. No matter if you have years of experience or are a complete newbie. The best you can do is picking out a set of blouses according to your body type. That makes sure that you stay on the biggie list of style divas every time you step out on the streets. The next suggestion would be to stay updated with the trends so that everyone acknowledges how modern you are despite wearing the traditional Indian ethnic wear.

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs with Pictures:

Here are the top 38 trending Indian Blouse Back Neck designs with images, that will help you look your very best.

1. Bordered Leaf Shaped Slit:

Blouse Back Neck Designs

Take a close look at the two blouses here. What do they have in common? Yes, the leaf-shaped slit. It is new in the market and is still in the probation period, with many experimenting and giving it a yes on their wardrobe list. Particularly useful when you are out of ideas for your blouse, this style is beautiful and has so much to be worked on.

2. Velvet Round Slit:

Blouse Back Neck Designs2

What you see here is a beautiful designer blouse back neck design, cut out in velvet for the red and white blouse. This might look simple, but is a very classy blouse for minimalistic themed parties of family functions involving formal crowds. The blouse also has an intricate network of red and white beads as you can see here.

3. Back Embroidery Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs3

This blouse design pattern for the back neck is a gorgeous maroon colour with zari and stone works. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, since it is one of the most ethnic blouses you will see in the market right now. With no slits or deep neck, the blouse still has an oomph of its own to brag of, and the blue jacket style sleeves only add to the charm.

4. Pink Symmetrical Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs4

It so happens that the blouse is very in shape, with the rhombus-shaped slit, that is made by the tied ends of the blouse. The blouse has no hook, but two strings instead of on each end, one that holds the lower half and the other manages the upper neck portion of the blouse. The blouse is very simple and best worn for everyday party use, although going to the market wearing this isn’t your best viable option with that slit.

5. Blue V Cut Design:

Blouse Back Neck Designs5

The blouse style that is being featured here is a blue coloured beauty, that has a rhombus covering the neck and a set of strings that keep it in place and connects it to the bottom section of the blouse. The design here is very unusual and hence safe to say a good option for you to invest in for once. Your tailor might even state that you are the first customer to bring in this design. Get ready to pat yourself in the back!

6. Red Lace Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs6

Ideal for daily use, this blouse is one that you will see almost everyone these days wearing. The best part about this blouse is that it suits almost all kinds of sarees and does not draw too much attention to itself. Besides, the blouse has all the lace, so that it doesn’t look too simple either.

7. Back Embroidery Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs7

This blouse back neck model right here has a back embroidery on a net material, thus making the whole design stand out. Notice how the saree border and the sleeve ones match, thus giving the blouse a more contemporary feel.

8. Deep Neck Blouse With Latkans:

Blouse Back Neck Designs8

The sleeveless blouse we see next here has a multi-coloured Aztec print to it, with the bright look adhering to it well. The blouse has many latkans to cover the neck and make the cut look ‘not so deep’. This blouse has a zari work and stones added to it, so it is ideal for any party occasion.

9. Floral Sheer Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs9

While you might have come across many floral blouses, this one here is sheer, with a twist. The two colours look gorgeous together, and the green floral design on the sheer clothing is beautiful. The blouse is itself very plain with no added design and can be worn to simple events or a night out with family.

10. Almost Backless Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs10

When it comes to the latest blouse back neck designs, this one doesn’t stop teasing you even the slightest. Look at how gorgeous the whole pattern in itself is. And while it could have been left backless, the sheer string that keeps the two ends in place only makes it look classier.

11. Violet And Blue Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs11

The next blouse on the list is usually for women above the age of 25 since it has a very mature look added to it. With the blue and violet designs making up for the inner clothing, the golden lace adds the finishing touch. There are stones added to the lace, giving the blouse a more shiny look, and thus making it ideal to be worn for marriages and bigger festivals like Diwali.

12. Backless Blouse with Large Stones:

Blouse Back Neck Designs12

This blouse would have essentially been backless like another one on this list if it wasn’t for the 4 stones embracing the back and keeping the blouse together. Well for starters, the blouse needs to be handled with care, because the risk of a wardrobe malfunction with the stones giving way is quite high.

13. Blouse with Beads:

When you are looking for something that follows both the style and trends of the raging fashion market right now, it’s this one. It has no flaw that you can pick out. It is like a blouse design that has all patterns combined into one.

14. Black Floral Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs14

Among back neck blouse designs, this blouse is more like black beauty. It has flowers assembled together to give it a very down to earth look. One thing you can be sure of is that the blouse will keep the praises coming to no matter where you wear it. The round cut on the centre acts like a bold slit that you would love to flaunt. This one most certainly has to go on your to shop list.

15. Velvet Black Halter Neck Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs15

The halter neck blouse is here and it has along with it velvet material to brag of. This will suit the net sarees best, with the velvet working all the way gathering the attention of everyone around. This blouse will easily have you placed on the best-dressed list without trying too hard.

16. Sleeveless High Collar Back Neck Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs16

The next blouse that you see here is a beautiful combination of chic and urbane with the whole white on black thing adding to the contrasting scene. There are white borders that draw a lot of attention and make the blouse look even better.

17. Back and Sleeves Design:

Blouse Back Neck Designs17

This blouse has a very different design with the lace and the different shades of golden coloured design. The same design follows on the sleeves and the back, while the front is left idle. This blouse is perfect for sarees that demand pleats, like the silk or cotton ones usually. This can be worn to sangeet or marriage ceremonies best.

18. Corset Style stringed Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs18

A modern approach to the old corset style blouse, this off-shoulder blouse back has a series of strings that leaves a lot to the imagination of anyone who sees this design. The blouse has a series of zari and stones added, ideal for low key parties.

19. Two Stringed Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs19

The blouse here has an Anarkali cut, while the strings are two in the back and the front portion is a graceful shade of blue. What’s catching to the eye is the beauty of the blouse in different ways for both front and back.

20. Different Stringed Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs20

Another blouse unusual from the patterns you normally see, this blouse features a very casual and simple style, while making the blouse stand out as well as the wearer. It has an orangish-red tinge, more like the peach colour, which gives the overall look a sober vibe.

21. Floral Blouse Design:

Blouse Back Neck Designs21

The blouse design pattern for the back neck that you see here is an intricate network of floral patterns, and a high off the white collar to top it off. This feature is what makes the blouse look appealing to the eye and adds a modern feel to the contemporary style of flower neck designs on blouses.

22. Bridal Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs22

Embraced with stones all around the blouse material, there is no doubt that this blouse is a bridal one, and will keep all eyes on the woman on her day. It is multi-coloured, has beads all over, is high necked and looks gorgeous as well!

23. Backless Stringed Blouse Design:

Blouse Back Neck Designs23

The blouse design you see here is almost backless, except it has a central round slit and a knot in the end. This pattern was first spotted by a southern actress at her film premiere and has taken everyone by a pleasant surprise ever since and stayed on the top of latest trends.

24. Zari Work Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs24

This asymmetric blouse here has a combination of light yellow and cream, both light in colour, but still works on the contrast at all levels. The pattern is very basic and it’s the stonework that makes the blouse become the showstopper in the end.

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25. Love Shaped Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs26

The glittery love shaped slit that you see here makes this blouse ideal wear for a date night or so. The blouse goes best with designer unpleated sarees. White sarees or sarees with a red or a golden border will look best with this blouse.

26. Racer Back Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs27

The strings of this blouse have been brought together at the back with a stone gem and making it appear like a racer back blouse. The halter neck thing makes it an ideal wear for designer sarees or net ones.

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27. Red And Black Floral Blouse:

What you see in this back neck blouse design is a black colour blouse with red flower pattern. Any saree will look good with this blouse, but lace ones will bring out the beauty of the blouse well.

28. High Neck Back Design Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs29

The front of the blouse as you see here has been left empty and most of the focus is laid out to the back, thus making this blouse ideal wear for cotton or silk sarees.

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29. Multi Colored Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs30

This deep neck blouse is ideal for women who don’t want to go backless entirely but are comfortable in their own skin. Rich in colours, any transparent saree will do justice to this blouse.

30. Boat Necked Blouse Design:

These blouses are gaining immense popularity among simple saree back neck designs. No matter where you want to wear it, a work party or an Indian gathering, this one will make you look good irrespective. It covers your shoulder, so you can stop bothering about your figure.

31. Asymmetric Blouse:

The blouse designs back neck for Indian sarees will be incomplete without these blouses, that is very different from the usual symmetric cut. It is a great fusion and works perfectly for all body types equally well.

32. Peter Pan Collar Blouse:

This one is a unique blend of the old vintage shirts and the latest saree blouses. If you are confident enough, you can easily pull this off and make everyone around you envy you. Make sure you don’t overdo the accessories.

33. Jacket Style Blouse:

Equally rising on the market, this one is a comfortable back neck pattern for saree blouses. You can pair this about with almost all traditional clothes from sarees to lehenga without making you look like your fashion sense knows no end.

34. Backless Blouse:

This latest back neck designs for saree blouses are typically for slimmer women who are all about flaunting their beauty. These blouses are fashionable and gorgeous and are most certainly not going out of style anytime soon. Once only models dared bare their back, but it is a pretty common trend now.

35. High Collar Blouse:

This back neck design for saree blouses will most certainly amplify your style quotient a notch higher. The design will add verve of perfect feminine features while making you look powerful. The blouse is equally sophisticated, as you can obviously see. It is being chosen by most women as a favourite these days.

36. Knotted Blouse:

The next one in line is for those ladies who usually want a traditional saree blouse neck design with a twist. These blouses are gorgeous and different from the completely backless ones, leaving a lot to one’s imagination. You can be well comfortable in this if you are bold and confident.

37. Sheer Blouse:

This is one of the simpler ones for ladies who like staying at home and order their clothes online. The sheer blouse goes with almost everything and is hence gaining immense popularity of late.

38. Halter Neck Blouse:

Not necessarily needed to be off the shoulder, this blouse neck pattern for sarees was a hit even a decade back and has made its return again after being popularized by movie stars. Here you can see one design, but feel free to experiment.

Never adjust on the fit, comfort and design of your preferred blouse. This not only makes you feel but also look out of the place. In fact, you can have many blouses for the same saree, so that you step out a new person each time. Even if you are wearing your mother’s vintage, that extra classiness will be the show stealer. That should be about it for your perfect blouse pick from the list.

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