80 Gorgeous Blouse Designs That Steal Your Heart

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A blouse which is the most crucial and important clothing accessory paired with a long synthetic or an cotton material called the Saree. Ladies who have an amazing collection of saree in their closet who don’t have a beautifully designed blouse loses the entire charm and grace of a splendid saree, but in contrast, a simple saree can be highlighted in a crowd with a heavily decorated blouse.

Now for the curious beautiful ladies who want to know the designs which are most prevailing in the fashion industry has been previewed as Top 80 Blouse designs which will definitely have a good impact in selecting the right design of blouse for the upcoming event or as a daily outwear which compliments your day with a kick starting outfit and adding richness to your beauty!!

80 Traditional & Modern Blouse Designs in Women’s Fashion:

Here we share 80 latest and beautiful blouse designs for sarees that makes a new fashion for ladies in india.

1. Square Neck Blouse Design:

Square Neck Blouse design

The square neck is a simple yet eye catching design which is leading in the list of the top most used blouse design. Square neck goes will for any kind of built ladies. The square neck is highlighted by using lace, beads or lace material around the neck and hand region which enhances the outlook.

2. Dori Attached Back Open Blouse:

Dori attached back open Blouse

This type of design is most commonly worn by young ladies who have a flaunting and revealing skin and like to portrait it out. The dori is attached on the lower back of the waist region and also on the upper back of the blouse. The dori color can be contrasted with the blouse color or the same. Goes well with a party outfit.

3. Plain Silver Colored Sequined U-Neck Blouse Design:

Plain Silver colored Sequined U-Neck Blouse design -3

Plain blouses always matches well with any kind of saree to make it look more attractive plain blouse with sequenced work is more eye catchy and shiny. The U neck pattern is a universal neck design which is liked by all age group women. This blouse can be paired with a simple silk saree or a net saree.

4. Deep V-Neck Style Blouse Design:

Deep V-NEck blouse design -4

This type of blouse almost resembles as a backless blouse. The V-neck design which flows down the waist region. Girls can flaunt their glossy back skin with a chiffon or georgette saree.

5. Princess Cut Round Neck with Lace Blouse Design:

Princess Cut Round neck with lace blouse design -5

Princess cut is the most common cut given for blouses nowadays since the pointy cut design has been faded out due to that fact that it looks odd when worn with a synthetic saree. The princess cut follows the curvature of the chest and gives an elegant finish. To make it look more attractive golden or any colored lace is attached around the hand and neck region.

6. Floral Embroidery Blouse Design:

Floral embroidery blouse design -6

The floral pattern is a common design like by all age group of women. This floral pattern is used for stitching blouses, as mehndi design and also used for any kind of handcraft. The floral embroidery has a contrast color thread work to the blouse color which helps to show the amazing handwork. The back of the neck has dori attached which helps to keep the blouse stay stiff and hold the embroidery design in place.

7. Leaf Embroidery High Neck Blouse Design:

Leaf embroidery high neck Blouse design -7

Leaf neck is next most common pattern after floral design. It is much easier to design the floral design. The leaf designed is made from green thread and stands out from the contrast blouse color. This elegant and modest looking high neck blouse can be worn by any age group combined with crepe silk saree.

8. Designed Back Neck Full Hand Blouse Design:

Designed back neck fullhand blouse design -8

This handcrafted blouse looks amazing with a synthetic saree. The hands and neck region is designed with floral work with small glass work attached to the body of the blouse. Full sleeve blouse has again gained its popularity through unique design with a collar designed neck pattern.

9. Collar Neck Blouse Design:

Collar neck blouse design -9

Collar neck design gives a closed and a modest look. The collared neck is also designed which makes it look outstanding with a simple saree. This type of blouse has a semi-sleeved hand. The hands and waist region of the blouse also has the similar design as the collar neck. This type of blouse goes well with a raw silk saree.

10. Transparent Sheer Back Designed Blouse:

Transparent sheer back designed blouse -010

Transparent see-through blouses have gained importance in the fashion industry due to its mind blowing design and pattern. The sheer material or the net material is combined with saree blouse and attached on the back of the blouse and lace running around the net material with a back opening system.

11. Mirror Work Cropped Oval Back Neck Blouse Design:

Mirror work cropped oval back neck blouse design -11

One of the neck design which likes to flaunt their skin is oval neck design which is usually a back neck blouse design. The oval is cropped in between the blouse material which is seen on the back middle part of the back and surrounded by mirror work and the sleeves is also highlighted by mirror work at the edges of the sleeve.

12. Black Sequinned Halter Neck Blouse:

Black Sequinned Alter neck blouse -12

The black color is a common color which matches with any colored saree or a plain white saree too. With this advantage, designers came up with a shiny material in black which is called as the sequinned material and to give an outstanding look to this glossy material, halter neck designed blouse pattern is been sold in the market where the shoulders straps run around the neck giving a alter neck design. This kind of blouse is matched with a net saree or a light weight saree.

13. Raw Silk Boat Neck Blouse Design:

Raw silk Boat neck blouse design

Raw silk gives shiny and attractive outlook which looks like a Kanchipuram silk material. Due to this grand look, the raw silk saree blouses are used during any festive or traditional occasion. Boat neck which covers the complete back which has shoulder straps slightly below the neck region giving a curved semi-circular shape which resembles a boat. A plain boat neck design adds beauty to a simple raw silk plain saree.

14. Kutch Work Multicolored High Neck Blouse Design:

It is a traditional design started by the tribal folks. Cotton threads are used to crave the fabric which has the mirror at the center glued to the cotton fabric and surrounded by cotton or silk thread forming various geometrical designs and motifs.

15. Piping with Patchwork Back Neck Design:

Piping with Patchwork back neck design -16

To give a contrast color to the corners of the hand and neck designs came up with a unique design called pipping, where colors like black, red, blue or purple which give a bright contrast look from the blouse color is stitched as thin border around the edges and material camouflages with the blouse and not exposing the stitches.

16. Golden Bead with Patchwork Blouse Design:

Golden Bead with Patchwork blouse design -16

Golden beads is a common decorative material used to highlight the edges of the blouse, but to make a difference from the usual pattern, designers tailored the blouse with patchwork contrast colored material attached to the back part of the blouse with golden beads running around tailored patchwork material.

17. Front and Back Neck Embroidery Blouse Design:

Front and back neck embroidery blouse design -17

Golden colored blouse has become the most common and sold blouse which goes well with any colored saree. This brocade material can b made more attractive by embroidery design with contrast thread and also with transparent material attached to the body and back part of the blouse material.

18. Front Zip Attached Blouse Design:

Instead of the usual button and hook system which has become monotonous, ladies have started using zip installed blouse either in the front or the back. The zip can be of contrast color to the blouse of the same color or even black colored zip which is of good quality and durability.

19. Polka Dot Circular Peter Pan Collar Blouse Design:

Polka dot circular Peter pan collar blouse design -019

Polka dotted blouse is commonly used as a casual or a party wear blouse. To make it more jazzy and cool, designers came up with peter pan collared blouse with loose hanging design blouse which usually falls till the elbow level. The front body part follows the chest curvature due to the princess cut.

20. Backless Blouse Design:

Backless blouse design -20

Backless design is the hottest and loved design by ladies due to the fact that young girls and middle aged ladies make feel sexy and appealing in a bunch of crowds. The back is connected with the line of , cloth material running around the back waist and neck region connecting to the front part of the blouse. This type of blouse is a front open design.

21. Gota Patti Blouse Design:

Gota Patti Blouse design -21

Gota Patti design which is typically originated from Rajasthan and now it has become famous all over India. The Patti which is usually the diamond or circular shaped is glued on to the fabric and the edges of the Patti is highlighted by zari thread running around them and the fabric creating different motifs. Most common are the floral arrangement, branches of leaves.

22. Ready Made Round Neck Satin Blouse:

Readymade Roundneck Satin blouse -22

The readymade neck is the savior for any kind of emergency condition where time plays the main role. A situation like the sudden plan for a wedding or a party, picking up a readymade blouse which does not have any button attachment rather just wearing it over the head is the best part of it. The plain satin blouses can be decorated using beads, gems at home

23. Pitai Designed Blouse:

Pitai designed Blouse -23

This is a classy artwork which is primarily a zardozi based work. The threads are beaten or pitai into a flat outlook and also gives a shiny appearance due to the zari thread. The zari thread can be combined with normal thread and carved into the pitai designed blouse. The circular shape is the most common pitai design.

24. Muggu Designed Blouse:

Muggu Designed blouse -24

Muggu work is also as rangoli design or kolam design according to the southern part of India. The back neck and the hands are designed into the rangoli design with dots at the center. This geometrically designed blouse matches well with cotton or semi cotton gadwal saree.

25. Transparent Sleeve with Mirror Work Blouse:

Transparent Sleeve with Mirror work blouse -25

Transparent hands are popular among all age group women, due to its simple design designers highlighted the plain transparent had with mirror work designed with beads surrounding the glass or glitters.

26. Pattu Blouse with Kundan Work:

Pattu blouse with Kundan work -26

Kundan stone design origins from Rajasthan. These stones have a dull finish yet gives a rich look. They come in a different color which can be matched along with other beads or stones. These stones need a precise work to fix onto the fabric which needs a lot of time. But still, kundan blouse have marked their place as a wedding design. The shiny pattu blouse with dull colored Kundan stone is worth owning one.

27. Silk Saree Blouse with Resham Work:

Silk Saree Blouse with Resham work -27

Resham work is similar to embroidery designs, but the difference in resham work is the motifs used to create these designs depicts Mughal dynasty art. The designs can be created on the entire blouse along the sleeves too. Black thread stands out in a colored blouse material.

28. Zardosi Worked Blouse:

Zardosi Worked Blouse -28

Zardosi work has been originated from Iran and then got popular in other Asian countries like India, Central Asia. This type of design is created by metal which is designed into different motifs and design. Floral designs are the most popular design which is combined with thread and zari work.

29. Uppada Pattu with Patchwork Sleeve Blouse:

Uppada Pattu with Patchwork sleeve Blous -29

Uppada pattu silk saree is the most popular synthetic material which has gained interest during the wedding or any festive occasion. To give the Uppada saree blouse an attractive design, designers complimented the blouse with patchwork designs.

30. Potli Button Row Back Opening High Neck Blouse:

Potli Button Row Back opening High neck blouse -30

Potli button is the oldest design yet this type of design is popular in this modern era. This button has contrast color to the blouse color which makes it stand out and make it more attractive. The polti button is arranged in a row with hook attachment as a back open blouse.

31. Transparent Hand and Neck with Zari Work:

Transparent Hand and neck with Zari work -31

See- through blouse has gained its place in the fashion industry. After its popularity among Bollywood actress, it has become as the most worn blouse design among youngsters. The sleeves and the neck design is transparent sheer material attached to the body part of the lined blouse. To highlight the transparent material zari design is added. The design can be of floral motifs or random line design running along the sleeve and neck design.

32. Velvet Blouse Back and Sleeve Design:

Velvet Blouse back and sleeve designed -32

Velvet blouses itself gives a grand outlook when combined along with synthetic silk saree or pattu saree. But plain blouse always gets monotonous, thus designers came up with bead work or glossy material glued to the sleeves and neck region and along the lower back waist region. To give a stiff outlook, dori attachment is seen on the back upper part of the blouse.

33. Triangular Back Neck Designed Blouse:

Triangular back neck designed Blouse -33

Square and round neck are an oldest yet a most preferred neckline for the blouse. In this trendy world, designers have come up with other new neckline design for blouse one such design is Triangular neckline as the back neckline for the blouse. This type of blouse is a back open blouse. The blouse can be created without any design but women like to make it more attractive which is made from bead and stone work running around the neckline.

34. Jewel Attached Blouse Design:

Jewel attatched blouse design -34

Stones, beads, and pearls decorative material has been the routine decorative material used to design blouse. To that list is the jewel attachment which is usually attached as the back neckline decoration. The most used jewel piece are the chain. The chain is made from Kundan stone or beads which hang on the neckline and covers the back neck region when worn with the front opening system.

35. Plain Deep Back Neck with Tassel Design:

Plain deep back neck with tassel design -35

Blouse with dori attachment is the most commonly seen blouse design nowadays. This dori not only showcases as a fashion design but also acts as the material which makes the blouse stand onto the shoulder without the risk of slipping away. To make the thread more attractive tassel is attached on the end of the thread. These tassels is a bunch of thread joined into one bunch of thread seen commonly on the edges of the saree around the hem lining.

36. Contemporary Back Neck Designed with Straps:

Contemporary back neck designed with straps -36

As the name suggests Contemporary design brings us to thing about creative designers work, yes it is indeed a creative design seen on the back neckline. Instead of the plain waist strap, a band of straps is seen running around the back neck region with a front opening design. The Strap has given the priority, thus the color of these strap line is different and has a glittery outlook. This blouse can be long like a shirt or as the normal blouse.

37. Netted Button Row Back Neck Sleeveless Blouse:

Netted button row back neck sleevless Blouse -37

This type of blouse comes under patchwork design seen on the back of the blouse. The patchwork material made from lace material which is attached to the lined body part of the blouse. To the patchwork material, potli button is attached on side of the blouse with small thread attached on another side which helps to button up

38. Air Hostess Neck with Heavy Design Blouse:

Airhostess neck with heavy design Blouse -38

Air hostess neck popular design among air hostess which later became popular as a non-air hostess design, in this design the center of the back neckline is cropped with the running button attached on the lower waist region of the back side of the blouse or a front opening hook attached blouse. The neckline is made attractive by embroidery work or thread work design. This type of design brings out an elegant dressing statement.

39. Crystal Studded Blouse Design:

Crystal studded Blouse design -39

The crystal studded blouse is a typical party wear blouse. The glowing crystal gives a colorful aura during a happening party. The neckline can be high neck or deep neck with interlacing crystal attached to the fabric. This type of design goes well with chiffon or georgette saree which are typically party wear saree and also net saree which leads the chart.

40. Multi-colored Wave Pattern Blouse:

Multi-colored wave pattern blouse -40

Multi color blouses are matched with plain single colored saree. To give the blouse more attractive look the neck and sleeves are giving the pipping design with patchwork material attached on the front body region. The wavy patchwork has contrast color to the golden brocade blouse.

41. Shirt Blouse Design:

Shirt blouse Design -41

Shirt blouse design portraits an ethnic look. The shirt material typically used is zardozi worked material or brocade material with Kundan work. This design is copied here to create this design with full sleeve. The shirt blouse has front opening hook system which is attached on the inner side of the shirt which gives a neat finish. This shirt design is combined with a plain saree or with jute saree.

42. Plain Blouse with Designed Cup:

Plain blouse with designed Cup -42

This blouse was popular in the Bollywood film industry which obviously attracted our beautiful ladies to make a change from the usual designed blouse. In this design the cup of the blouse is designed with contrast colored material which has stone worked or embroidery work on it with pad fixed in between the material and stitched which is then joined with back and the front part of the blouse

43. Spaghetti Strap Blouse Design:

This is a lightweight blouse with attractive shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is made from thin strap of crystal string or Kundan worked string attached to the front and back part of the blouse. This thin linen strap is called as the spaghetti strap.

44. Corset Blouse:

Corset blouse -44

Corset a body sharper used most commonly by women to flaunt their curvy body shape. The corset is a fit fitting clothing accessory. Corset which is usually not exposed since the dresses are worn on top of it. Later corset design is now used to design blouse which has body hugging fit. This blouse has a back open pattern with or without the shoulder strap.

45. Embroidered Patchwork Neck Blouse:

Embroidered patchwork neck Blouse -45

Patchwork blouse is the common design which is comparatively less in cost than other worked blouse like Kundan, zardozi blouse. The patchwork material has a contrast colored material to the blouse. The material can be highlighted with embroidery design with a center stone which is seen in the back part of the blouse. The sleeve can be highlighted with lace or piping pattern.

46. Slitted Back Neck  Blouse:

Slitted back neck Blouse -46

Slitted neck design is one of the simple designed blouse yet most appealing when worn. The slit is made in the center of the back part of the blouse with the button attached on the top back of the blouse.

47. Plain Front Open Jute Blouse:

Plain Front Open Jute Blouse -47

Jute blouse gives a rich look most popular in northern part of India. The jute material gives a stiff finish with front open button system. The blouse is made with simple neckline without any dori or stone work. This plain blouse is matched with a crepe saree.

48. Off Shoulder Designer Blouse:

Off Shoulder designer Blouse -48

The shoulder strap falls down the shoulder region with the back open pattern. This off shoulder blouse can be made from a sequinned material or only the fall shoulder can be made from transparent sheer material attached to the lined blouse. This type of blouse is used as a party wear.

49. Asymmetrical Blouse:

Asymmetrical Blouse -49

Asymmetrical blouse or single shoulder blouse is a good response to the trendy era. This type of blouse lacks one side shoulder strap with the sleeve. The other side can be made sleeveless or a full hand sleeve. The back part of the blouse is decorated with glittery stone or zardozi work.

50. Teardrop Designed Blouse:

Teardrop designed Blouse -50

The back neck pattern of these blouse replicates the shape of the tear drop. This shape gives a wide open back neck form. The buttoning system is seen on the upper back neck region along with the collar. This kind of blouse is made without sleeves and has a closed neck.

51. Fancy Embroidery Blue Blouse:

While you are looking for blouse neck designs, the very first one here features a blue full sleeved blouse, with golden embellishments halfway through. The rest of the blouse here as you see has floral designs running all over. Blue and golden have been quite the combination since ages now. They not only look gorgeous together, but also give the blouse a perfectly chic look.

52. Matching Saree Material Blouse:

Actress Vaani Kapoor is looking stunning here isn’t she with the whole saree matches blouse thing. She is  wearing a steel grey color full sleeved blouse, which is quite a scene in itself as well. This blouse here can be worn to big celebrations or wedding invitations alike with designer sarees.

53. High collar Halter Neck Blouse:

Just when you though halter necks were out of fashion, here’s one with a twist. This blouse has a high collar alongside the halter neck, thus bringing together contemporary and urbane styles. Anyone who loves experimenting will fancy the look of the blouse right away.

54. Sheer Backless Blouse:

Any confident woman cannot get enough of this blouse design. It is transparent all in all, thus leaving your skin just as covered as you want, while allowing you to tease the eyes around you. Ideal for date nights or an uncommon party, this will get those tongues talking about you right away.

55. Sheer Neck Blouse:

This next one here has a high collar, while the neck area is sheer material. This is a good choice for glamorous parties that involve a lot of style statement at the first place. The saree choice for this blouse most certainly has to be designer or lace ones, so that the blouse draws just as much of the attention.

56. Backless Blouse with Latkans:

This blouse neck model is completely backless, except the few latkans that put the blouse together and in place. While you need to be cautious when sporting this blouse, it won’t be fun if you aren’t open to experimenting now, would it? You can wear this blouse to friendly invitations, but do make sure you don’t move around too much, since you don’t want to risk a wardrobe malfunction

57. Full Length Blouse:

Here we see a full sleeved black blouse. More in the style of a jacket, the blouse features and intricate thread work all in golden and some in white. This not only enhances the overall appearance but owing to the front designs, makes the blouse suitable only with net sarees.

58. Back Embellishment Blouse:

Most certainly this blouse has a definitive charm with the whole velvet thing. Apart from that, the blouse also features a series of well stoned strings. The saree as you can see is the same as the blouse and the design of the blouse here is high neck.

59. Full Sleeved Backless Blouse:

Backless Blouses usually aren’t full sleeved, but here you see it suits the wearer just fine. So the next time you don’t want to experiment with this blouse, think again. The blouse is red and has golden embellishments all around to boast of.

60. Heavy Work Bridal Blouse:

This is one of the latest blouse neck designs from the bridal collection. It is all in velvet and has silver stones embedded all over. Although worn here as a lehenga top, it can suit a saree equally well. Try for yourself and you’ll see.

61. High Neck Velvet Blouse:

Another in the velvet list, this high neck blouse is basic in itself, but the velvet brings in the gloss. There is a deep slit, which will suit women who want to flaunt their toned body. You can wear this blouse best with designer sarees.

62. Boat Neck Backless Blouse:

What we see here is a new blouse design that has Sonam Kapoor wearing a boat neck blouse. While the boat neck has been around a while now, the backless rendition is rather new. To be precise, this blouse is best worn with simple cotton sarees.

63. Multicolored Blouse Design:

If you have a singular colored saree, nothing will suit your style better than this brocade blouse, that features almost all the basic colors. The style is more Gujarati, but the border and lace makes it look more modern. This style is being chosen by many these days.

64. Mirror Blouse Design:

Look at the beauty of the mirror style blouse here. Just when you thought the days or mirrors on clothes are over, the fashion designers have started featuring this style in many shows and commoners are choosing this style all over again with equally welcoming hands.

65. Full Coverage Bra Cup Style Blouse Design:

When you see this blouses neck design here first, it might seem like a bra with net designs below, but it is essentially a bra style blouse. The whole design under makes it look even better and safe to say, for random parties with friends, this blouse is one of your best choice.

66. Padded Blouse Design:

If you are not comfortable with the whole seams thing or want to make your breasts look fuller in a saree, here is a blouse that has pads to make your breasts look even more toned. The blouse is heavily padded and the gorgeous red color gives it even more reasons to be chosen as a favorite.

67. Low Neck Blouse:

Among blouse neck designs, this is probably your boldest choice on this list. This blouse is for women who are fond of net sarees and keep a toned figure for the same. To keep all eyes on you and be the talk of the town for the chic person that you are, this low cut blouse is your easy move.

68. Short Jacket Sleeve Blouse:

Notice how the saree borders and the blouse sleeves have the same design, while that makes the sleeves look more like a jacket. The blouse is a smart move for women who have found a same lace as the saree but don’t know just how to use it wisely on a plain blouse.

69. Striped Blouse Design:

The blouse has pink stripes on a golden background and is very ethnic. It can be worn with silk or cotton sarees and is right from small family gatherings or basic festivals.

70. Modern Choli Style Blouse:

The Rajasthani Choli has been brought back here with a modern touch as you see in the back. The front style is almost the same, but the back has cuts and slits all over thus making it a suitable wear for designer wears.

71. Wrap Up Back Hook Blouse Design:

The blouse here has a back hook, the first on this list, and has a wrap up design, made of two very soothing colors, the peach and orange. It looks complementing and eye catching at the same time and the perfect saree to be worn for the same is an orange plain one. The choices can be made among synthetic, chiffon, georgette and cotton. Silk sarees aren’t exactly the option you should prefer here.

72. Red Full Sleeved Complementing Blouse:

The blouse neck pattern you see here is unique in every sense and has nothing common to share with the saree expect the sleeve colors and the saree borders. While it might not look like your best option, but a full sleeved blouse is always a best choice to add more ethnic flavors to your saree. You can wear this out for small family functions and events.

73. Strapless Blouse Design:

The strapless blouse you see here was once restricted to only film stars and celebrities who did not have to worry about the stares from commoners. But these days, with the modernization, women have advanced and choose this design and carry it out with equal confidence as their choice.

74. Off Shoulder Blouse:

Another common choice of neck designs for blouses, your tailor won’t be surprised if you take this design to him. It is quite the rage in the fashion industry right now and the off shoulder thing works well with non pleated sarees of all materials, from designer to lace and even the usual silk and cotton.

75. Blouse with Additional Embellishments:

The blouse neck pattern you see here has beautiful embellishments to brag of, and it looks good with the overall design as well. It has blue stones and silver ones surrounding it to give a floral look on the whole blouse. The saree to be worn with this blouse is ideally a designer one.

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76. Broad Necked Blouse:

The U shaped blouse here has been modified for a broader necked look. You can also see a high neck collar, and these blouses are more commonly known as the air hostess type blouse. It has been popular for quite a while now.

77. Glittering Blouse Design:

This blouse is the best choice for you if you have a party to attend but your saree is very gorgeous. The blouse in itself is shiny as well, but makes sure it isn’t too out of the mark, drawing all the attention to it while making the saree look basic.

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78. Spaghetti Strap With Stones Design:

The spaghetti straps are a common thing right now, but the whole stones on it thing makes it a new trend, and it was brought about by none other than the leading Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. The blouse she is seen wearing here is a pink one with silver stones on it.

79. Corset Style Halter Neck:

Yes, you guessed it right. Two styles have been combined here well to bring out the very best in the blouse. The corset style is a traditional old school trend, while the halter neck is a new one. When you combine the two, you get an even newer look that most people will compliment you about.

80. Loose Sleeves Design:

If you are bored of the usual well fit clothes, its time for a change. Our concluding blouse style here has loose sleeves to give you an unkempt  look, but in style that you can flaunt well in the crowd.

The factors involved in a bringing a gorgeous and marvelous looking blouse are neck design which involves both front and back of the blouse, the material used to design the blouse and the cutting pattern of the blouse. But as a rule of thumb, a heavily designed saree is always matched with a simply designed blouse and simple saree with a heavily designed blouse.

Different Blouse designs

Glamorous is what you want to look and we are sure that you have taken your pick from these 80 blouse designs by now. These days a lot of the attention goes into the saree that you decide to wear, but doesn’t mean the blouse itself doesn’t add to the beauty. After all, ask any woman and they will prove equally well that a saree isn’t even halfway what it is without a perfect blouse to go by. So the next time you need to make a run to your tailor, take along one of these designs to make your wardrobe change with the ongoing trend.

Ladies its time to grab a synthetic see and match along with an interlacing crystal studded blouse for the upcoming party. It’s party time on your charts!!