Every bride wishes to have everything unique, whether it is her attire or décor. While many prefer to add personalized elements to their bridal fashion, some choose to bear seasonal pastels. In contrast, others like to go all out with Over Top outfits. The Blouse mehndi designs are one of the personalized factors which add to the bride’s exceptional attire. From minimal patterns to intricate jewellery designs, we have curated some of the best Blouse mehndi designs you can incorporate into your body art. Read on!

15 Best Blouse Mehndi Designs:

We have listed some of the latest blouse mehndi designs, which will create a response that is nothing short of ‘WOW.’ Go through the list of patterns we have curated and choose the one that suits you the best.

1. Stylish Mehndi Blouse Design:

If you want to add a charismatic effect to your special day, choosing a henna design for a backless blouse can be an excellent choice. The entire structure comprises jaal work, floral patterns and small hanging bells, which exceptionally add to the design’s beauty. These intricate patterns might take time to achieve but are definitely worth the wait. Of course, you can always customize the design and add elements of your choice.

2. Off-Shoulder Blouse Mehndi Design:

An off-shoulder blouse is a common sight when style quotient is the priority. This blouse mehndi design covers the blouse’s context while keeping the style statement in mind. The pattern contains floral motifs all over the back and also has a border with thick lines. The uniqueness of this mehndi design is that it beautifully mimics an actual blouse, including the button.

3. Floral Mehndi Aur Blouse Ki Design:

We all love work-done blouses because they tend to elevate our look beautifully. This blouse mehendi design has one arm of the wearer. Beautiful medium-sized flower motifs complement each other while blending beautifully. Leaving out the flowers, the entire structure is covered in mehndi, which is why the flowers are elevated to the next level.

4. Blingy Mehndi Wala Blouse:

If bling is what you are looking for in a blouse, then this blouse mehndi design is everything you need. The bride is wearing a backless blouse, further elevating the mehendi design. It contains beautiful jaal patterns with floral motifs and various ways complimenting each other. The intricate patterns involved in the design might require professional intervention.

5. Mehndi Blouse Designs On The Back:

This blouse mehndi design looks similar to a modern jewellery design which many women tend to appreciate. The uniqueness of this design is that it can be worn with a saree and in stylish clothes like cocktail dresses. But if you want to elevate the mehandi design, it is best to wear clothes that show off your back.

6. Cute Motifs Mehndi Blouse Designs:

This is another beautiful blouse mehndi design that perfectly blends tradition with modernism. This design contains leaf motifs in a bunch hanging by a thread, and each line ends with a hanging bell. But the highlight of the pattern is the central part which looks similar to a gold ornament. You can customize the design by adding some names making it more personal.

7. Detailed Mehndi Blouse Designs:

This mehendi blouse design is trending on the internet. Because the shoulders and the sleeves of the blouse are made with henna patterns. The shoulders have beautiful and intricate motifs connecting to each other. The neck part of the design has floral motifs that contrast with the shoulder part while complimenting each other beautifully.

8. Simple Mehndi Blouse Designs:

If you are a fan of blouse mehandi designs but don’t want to go backless, this design is perfect. This mehendi design involves intricate jaali work only on the shoulders, mimicking the mehndi pattern on the bride’s hands. The design blends in beautifully and makes the bride stand out on her special day. These techniques can be used for any special occasion, not only by brides.

9. Unique Blouse Mehndi Design:

Suppose you want to incorporate your unique favourite patterns into a blouse mehndi design. In that case, this pattern can be helpful in the process. The design combines jaali patterns in the shape of diamonds on the sleeves. While floral motifs on the shoulders complement each other exceptionally. There is also a border given at both ends of the blouse, which mimics an actual blouse giving it an authentic look.

10. Palanquin Henna Blouse Designs:

A palanquin has become a pretty common sight at many weddings. This blouse mehndi design incorporates the beauty of the palanquin on the back of the bride. The addition of bell motifs around the wearer’s back creates a magical and unique look. This design looks exceptional when the bride is wearing a backless blouse. The intricacy of the patterns included in this design says it all.

11. Intricate Mehndi Ki Design Blouse Ki Design:

This blouse mehandi design is the best and exceptional solution for women looking for intricate patterns to make their special day more memorable. As you can see, the design contains simple lines overlapping, forming a crossroads. It is further beautified with the addition of small bell motifs hanging from the blouse. Of course, you can always modify the design to make it more personal.

12. Mehndi Blouse Sleeve Design:

artist: mendhika_kritika  | inframe: sharmaji_ki_beti

This is another blouse mehendi design that involves only the sleeves and the shoulder on both sides. The design is pretty filling and doesn’t leave any open space covering the area thoroughly. The combination of various floral motifs is used all over, which is further beautified with the addition of hanging bell motifs.

13. Beautiful Blouse Mehndi Designs:

If you want a royal finish to your blouse mehndi designs, this pattern can be your obvious choice. The sleeves of this design have a crossroad pattern which is further beautified with the addition of small elephants on the border. The addition of elephants to the design gives the entire structure a regal look. This design can be sported by all brides, irrespective of religion.

14. Jewellery Pattern Blouse Mehndi Design:

We all adorn jewellery on our special days. But have you ever thought about using henna to get a pattern similar to jewellery? Yes! This mehndi design embodies modern style with a hint of traditional elements. The design looks like an open lotus with beautiful lines of dots that look like beads. The hanging motifs, which look like tiny diamonds, add to the design’s beauty.

15. Modern Blouse Mehndi Design:

If you are a fan of intricate patterns in mehendi, this blouse mehendi design is an excellent option. The design contains mango motifs, flower motifs and several other patterns, which in combination work a treat. Furthermore, unlike the different blouse designs, which cover the entire back, this design only covers the back’s central part, making it even more special.


Suppose you are looking for quirky patterns to make your special day even more special. In that case, the Blouse mehndi designs presented in this article are a perfect solution. Whether a simple design or an extensive pattern, we have given you some of the best options. Therefore, go through the list and choose the one you like the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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