Blouses are becoming a hot trend these days. The problem of tucking in the tops gets trouble when women have to bend. The tucks normally get distressed. While crop tops are shorter that they even cannot reach the waistline. The particular design of blouse tops solves the problem of tucking in the tops and the reverse.

Women’s fashion is getting tough in today’s fashion world, where a neatly dressed up look doesn’t matter much. Long tops or oversized tops are considered the trend of the new look. Taller women with longer torsos love to wear long tops, plus size women can look gorgeous with the loose and oversized designer tops. Altered designs of tops can be made with simple twists in the dressing. Prints and decorations also matter most in the dressing when a catchy look is needed.

Stylish and Beautiful Ladies Blouse Top Designs with Images:

Here are the 9 best trendy designs of Blouse Tops for women in India.

1. Frilly Blouse Top:

Frills on blouse tops look so simple yet girly. The puffed sleeves bring a doll-like appearance to women wearing such a decent designed blouse top.

2. Polka Dot Full Sleeve Top Blouse:

Polka dotted blouses tops look pretty awesome on ladies. The trend of polka dots never fades. The design of polka dots on full sleeve shirts for ladies can be worn on skirts and jeans at work.

3. Off Shoulder Crop Top Blouse:

Off-shoulder blouse tops look amazing on a beach outing. Picnic spots can be best celebrated with an off-shoulder top blouse paired with shorts.

4. Cap Sleeve Short Blouse:

Cap sleeves are one most used styles of sleeves on top blouses for a dynamic chic look. Ladies can try a high collar cap sleeve stitch on white blouses with a pair of high waist parallel pants.

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5. Sailor Collar Shirt Blouse Top:

Collar top blouses look fabulous on working days. A top blouse with a sailor collar design on shirts looks pretty ravishing on women at work.

6. Lace Crop Top Blouse for Bridal:

Crop top blouses are sexy looking for gorgeous designs. Women who love to wear sparkly, sexy and bold transparent tops can wear such a beautiful laced crop top blouse with a pair of parallel trousers or long cut skirts.

7. Designer Tank Blouse Top:

Top blouses can be decorated with golden and pearl beads too. A tank top blouse with such glittering beads can be party wear. A designer blouse can be a great pair with long skirts on a dance floor.

8. Lace Blouse Tops for Girls:

Laces are pretty looking on women. The designer look of laced details on the long sleeve top blouse design can be the perfect match for party wear. A blouse with laced sleeves and a sequined neck border is a designer lace top blouse for women.

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9. Summer Floral Blouse Tops:

Summers always are ready for loose blouses. White and light colour blouse tops are best for summer. When flowers are the main look of the dressing, then the best choice is a floral printed loose top blouse.

Blouse tops are so simple to fit the body that one does not need to worry about the dressing once it is worn. Unlike wrap-ups or sexy looking tops, a blouse top is slightly longer than the waistline or shorter. The simple look of the blouse is made designer with different materials and different styles. Decorative neck patterns and sleeve styles make the blouse tops attractive and trendy in look. Printed blouses can go great with any colour bottom. White floral print blouses look splendid with long skirts. The loose stitch of blouses suit with jeans shorts or wrap-up skirts.

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