9 Attractive Blue Blouse Designs With Images

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Have you ever thought of wearing some interesting blouse combinations with your sarees? How about a yellow saree with a light blue colour blouse design? Or for that matter, a silver saree with a blue Banarasi brocade blouse? We know that the fashionista inside you just woke up! It’s time to put aside your boring blacks, whites and cream coloured blouses, which only play safe for you. Experiment with new looks by teaming up your old sarees with brand new blue color blouse designs in every possible shade! Excited? Read on.

Amazing Blue Blouse Designs With Pictures:

Blue Blouse Designs are very attractive and beautiful also. We have been given below different shades of blue blouse models with photos.

1. The Full Sleeve Blue Blouse:

Blue Blouse Designs

If you are looking for something simple but fashionable at the same time, then this will be the perfect blue blouse for you. This Royal Blue blouse pattern is suitable for almost colour saree, including black, white and even off-beat combinations like Pink and yellow!

Blouse Design: Plain Royal Blue 3/4th Sleeves Blouse

Material: Crepe

2. The Blued Decorative Blouse Design:

Blue blouse designs2

Looking for something unique? This particular blouse design displays a floral pattern throughout the blouse and it looks so awesome from the back. This is probably one of the best blouses for women out there who are in love with the Indian traditional clothing trend.

Blouse Design: Navy Blue Raw Silk Blouse With Golden Lace Work

Material: Raw Silk

3. The Elegant Blue Blouse Design:

Blue blouse designs3

Check out this picture which features one of the simple, yet elegant dark blue blouse designs. The blouse comes with small patterns, which can only be witnessed if proper attention is paid to the design. The dark blue color looks so comfortable and suitable on this design and the small patterns done on it make the whole design worthy.

Blouse Design: Dark Blue Round Neck Blouse With Embroidered Sleeves

Material: Georgette

4. The Navy Blue Synthetic Blouse:

Blue blouse designs4

If you are in need of a Synthetic blue blouse, then this will be one of the finest ones out there. It sports a cool pattern at the back and the decision of inserting the lace at the back is a great one as it makes the whole blouse look more beautiful from the back. You are surely impressed by this design. So without wasting time, go for this design and sport it like a desi diva.

Blouse Design: Bright blue Back Open blouse with Dori

Material: Brocade

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5. The Latest Blue Designer Blouse Design:

Blue blouse designs5

Designs like these were never seen before. It is something new and hopefully, all women out there will prefer wearing this particular designer blouse design at an event. The blouse comes with an equally beautiful design at the back, which means that the blouse looks almost the same beautiful from the back as well. This is one of the most beautiful blue blouse patterns for any occasion.

Blouse Design: Indigo Blue Sweetheart Neck Blouse

Material: Printed and Plain Cotton

6. The Glossy Blue Blouse Design:

Blue blouse designs6

Want to shine in the best Indian clothing for women. Sport your favourite blue saree with this particular blue blouse. It comes with an eye-catching design at the front, which is the prime attraction of this look. Along with all that, the blouse sports a beautiful material of clothing as well. The blue blouse will differentiate you from the crowd of ethnic dressers and put all the attention on you.

Blouse Design: Navy Blue Crystal Work Backless Designer Blouse

Material: Shimmer

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7. The South Indian Blue Blouse:

Blue blouse designs7

Looking for the best traditional piece of Indian clothing. Here it is! This particular South Indian blue blouse is probably the best thing that you can sport this year. It comes with an awesome design and is surely one of the best looking blue blouses of this decade. The blue color looks perfect on this blouse and it seems as if the blouse was intended to be made for certain special family occasions.

Blouse Design: Dark Blue Elbow Sleeves Maggam Work blouse

Material: Cotton Silk

8. The Light Blue Alluring Blouse:

Blue blouse designs8

How adorable is this blue blouse? It looks so beautiful on the model sporting it and you can also look this way by carrying this blouse. If you get your hands on this item, then surely save it for a special occasion.

Blouse Design: Cool Blue Cotton Blouse With Kalamkari Patch Work

Material: Cotton

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9. The Printed Dark Blue Blouse:

Blue blouse designs9

These printed dark blue blouses have captured the market like anything. This particular piece is really special and can be worn on a date as well. The beauty of this item cannot be ignored. Rather, the wearer should be proud of the design imprinted on this particular piece of Indian women clothing.

Blouse Design: Dark Navy-Blue Elbow Sleeves Printed Blouse

Material: Cotton

Suitable Saree Colours That Match A Blue Blouse:

A blue blouse is quite versatile when it comes to teaming up with your sarees. You can literally bank on this blouse for almost any coloured saree. Some of the usual and unusual combinations to try with a blue blouse are:

  • Greens
  • Greys
  • Yellows
  • Pinks
  • Metallic Colours
  • Ombre Blue Sarees
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Reds
  • Oranges
  • Neons

Inspired by these beautifully made Blue Blouse designs? Each pattern is unique in its way and caters to different occasions. Whether it for a wedding or a special dinner with your partner, these blue blouses are sure to make bring the best of you. Experiment with shades of blue and mix and match patterns to create a signature piece of your own. Remember, there is no rule book in fashion. Be as creative as a possible and get ready to slay!