Among the most beautiful collection of rings for special occasion, blue diamond rings are the one. Many people prefer to wear it due to its lovely colour and royal looks.

Special Designed Rings in Blue Colour Diamonds:

Normal rings being in race, are now replaced by many coloured diamond rings which are not only beautiful but uniquely beautiful marking the difference between the two. Here are we enlisted some blue diamond rings for for wedding and engagement ceremonies.

1. Blue Diamond Engagement Rings:

This is the most prettiest option for any man to choose for woman. This ring has one blue round solitaire in the middle with many white diamonds showcased on each side of it on the white gold ring.

2. Blue Diamond Wedding Bands:

From the wedding bands option, this is the one which is chosen by most of the bride for their special occasion. This band when wore on the finger, enhances the beauty of the women. This has blue diamonds which are set with channel setting with many white diamonds surrounding the blue diamonds.

3. Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring:

Solitaire rings are considered to be the all time favorite. This ring which is having a blue solitaire on the white gold ring, give a profound and lasting impression on every one who will see it.  Not only has this simplistic look also attracted every women.

4. Dark Blue Diamond Ring for Wedding:

This flower shaped beautiful ring, is the most likable by many of the women, for many different occasion to attract the attention of the people present there. Having one dark blue diamond at the center with many white diamonds attached to the petal shaped pattern of the ring increases its beauty and the beauty of the wearer.

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5. Blue Diamond Gold Rings for Engagement:

If any one wants the royal look, this is the good choice. The blue diamonds are not only attached to the black or the white gold but its beauty is enhanced more by the yellow gold which is the beautifully common of all time. This ring have one dark blue diamond at the center and have many round loops around that on which many white diamonds are also attached. Even on the ring the diamonds are attached with the technology of pave setting.

6. Stylish Blue Diamond Tungsten Ring for Men:

For the special occasion, for men, blue diamonds have wide range of varieties in ring. This ring which is made of white gold has a blue diamond at the very center of the ring. Giving it a simplistic look, this ring is also comfortable as its inner part is covered with the stainless steel.

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7. Blue Diamond Wedding Bands for Men:

Besides ring, wedding bands have also gained its popularity among the men. Not only its simplistic look attracts them but also its wide variety of designs also grabs their attention. This design have many blue coloured diamonds attached to the white gold ring some in mid of the ring making a chain and some at the side edges of the ring.

8. Antique Design Blue Ceylon Diamond Ring:

This gold ring is centered with the oval unheated blue diamond is one of the antique and most expensive options. This ring centered with blue diamond, is surrounded by baguette, old European single cut diamonds on its intricate texture and pattern.

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9. Edwardian Blue Diamond Ring in Platinum:

this is the rare handmade ring is design to show the lovers knot which is clearly visible in its design. Carved on the blue diamond, there is the design of the lover knot with white small diamonds, which is the symbol of the love, friendship and affection. This is to be said as the antique of all the rings mentioned above.

There are many attracting and eye-catching designs in the blue diamond ring which makes a person more beautiful.

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