Jewellery today highly carries gemstones to make it more attractive. But when it comes to coloured gemstones, blue coloured gemstones are said to be the king of all the rest. The main reason behind it is that it gives a wide range of shades. Their durability and easy availability make it more useful for jewellery designing. They are highly used for healing and Meditation purpose and are available at an affordable range.

Blue Gemstones for Making Jewellery:

There are several blue gemstones names available in the Indian market. Let’s have a glance at some famous blue gemstones.

1. Blue Agate Stone:

The blue agate stone is widely available in various shades of blue. It is highly versatile, found in layers and hence used in blue stone jewellery designs. It is said that it prevents quarrels in the wearer’s house and creates a calm atmosphere.

2. Light Blue Color Aquamarine Stone:

Blue Aquamarine is one of the various natural gemstones in blue. Its wide colour range starts from simple blue to blue with a greenish touch. It is the birthstone of March. This stone is highly used for deep meditation and gives a spiritual effect.

3. Blue Apatite Stone:

One among various famous blue gemstone names, blue apatite is an artificial gem. It is made of calcium phosphate. The colour is blue with a slight green touch. Available in various designs and shapes, it connects the wearer to spiritual guidance and improves communication skills.

4. Blue Diamond Stone:

This is the hardest and naturally available blue gemstone. Most of the blue diamonds give a greenish glance as they are irradiated. Due to its high durability, it is rarely available. It symbolizes love, respect, care and fertility.

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5. Blue Fluorite Gemstone:

Fluorite is a popular gemstone that is magical in terms of its colours. Though it always carries a glance of various blue shades with it. It is the original blue colour when seen in daylight, while at lamplight, it appears with a purple shade. Also known as genius stone, it helps in building confidence and decision making skills.

6. Blue Topaz Stone:

Blue topaz is one of the popular and most beautiful gemstones among various blue gemstones names. It is available in three shades, sky blue, Swiss blue and London blue. The shiny stone represents harmony and peace. It also promotes learning, inspiration and understanding.

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7. The Royal Blue Sapphire Stone:

The blue sapphire is said to be a royal stone. The name arrives from the Sanskrit word sanipryam, which means blue stone. Its colours range from pale to dark blue, royal blue and indigo. The stone of wisdom signifies strength and allows you to focus on important decisions.

8. Larimar Blue Gemstone:

This original blue gemstone comes in the shade of blue-green. It has a wide range of attractive colours, out of which the volcanic blue stone is the most precious. It is widely available in the Caribbean areas. A powerful healing stone symbolizes feminine power and also soothes emotions.

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9. Blue Rainbow Moonstone:

This is a popular and quite colourful blue gemstone. It gives a shimmering effect with a baby combination of blue and white colours, compared to the moon in the sky. It is a love stone that brings love and luck to the newly wedded. It creates wonders when designed in blue stone jewellery.

The blue colour resembles the sky, ocean, twilight and sleep. Hence as a whole, blue gemstones promote spirituality, sincerity and inspiration. It also gives your friendship a calm, truth and moderate effect. Due to all such qualities, it is highly gifted as blue stone jewellery to the loved.

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