Lovers of blue have a grave need to pursue inner tranquillity and truth, to live their lives according to their beliefs and ideals without having to modify the intractable viewpoint of life to satisfy the rest. If you choose to use blue in your wedding then you are a reserved and conservative person. Blue sets a peaceful and relaxing mood for the surrounding. Blue is a soothing and beautiful colours. And in the beauty world, blue is the colour that glorifies your beauty.

Lipstick is very common beauty product used by women. They are seen wearing it quite often to look more subtle, sophisticated and attractive. Lipstick shopping is rather an enjoyable experience for every woman. In order to obtain the best suited lipstick for yourself, you need to select the one which suits your skin complexion and lip colour. You will also have to ensure that the lipstick you purchased is of high quality and provides high texture.

Latest and Beautiful Blue Lipsticks and Shades for all Skin Tones.

Here’s a list of few blue lipsticks that looks makes to even more attractive.

1. Wet and Wild Lipstick Fantasy Makers #11218 Blue Magic:

This high quality lipstick from Wet and Wild Lipstick Fantasy Makers is a beautiful shade of blue. It is not just long lasting but also provides moisture to the lips thus keeps your lips from drying out.

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2. KA’OIR by Keisha KAOIR “Pool Party” Turquoise Bright Blue Lipstick:

Image Source: kaoir

This matte finish blue lipstick from KA’OIR by Keisha KAOIR “Pool Party” is a bright turquoise blue colour. Its’ smooth and creamy technology helps to keep the lipstick to last for a longer time. This unique lipstick is based on satin.

3. KA’OIR by Keisha KAOIR “Baby Blue” Lipstick:

Image Source: kaoir

The blue shades that we generally see the babies wearing make us go like ‘Aw, so cute!’ Well now you get to portray that aw-so-cute look with this KA’OIR by Keisha KAOIR “Baby Blue” Lipstick. It is baby blue colour and gives you a matte finish. The satin based technology that is used to prepare this lipstick enables the lipstick to last longer and also provide a smooth and creamy texture to the lips.

4. Nicka K Lipstick with Vitamin E Moody Blue #990L:

Have you ever heard of mood rings? If yes then there is a new kid on the block and that is a mood lipstick. This mood lipstick from Nicka K Lipstick is a blue hued lipstick and changes its colour gradually when applied to skin or lips.

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5. Lime Crime Opaque Blue Lipstick No She Didn’t:

Image Source: Lime Crime

Have you seen the bubble gum blue? Isn’t it just a great colour? Well now look vibrant and pretty with this bubblegum blue hued lipstick from Lime Crime.

6. KA’OIR by Keyshia KA’OIR “Lip Lock” Bright Blue Lipstick KAOIR NEW COLOUR:

Image Source: kaoir

This bright blue colour from KA’OIR by Keyshia is developed with a smooth creamy technology that lasts quite longer. This lipstick is a matte finish thus looks pretty on your lips.

7. Manic Panic Blue after Midnight Metallic Lipstick Goth:

Image Source: Manic Panic

This vibrant lipstick from Manic Panic Blue after Midnight Metallic Lipstick Goth is a royal blue shade of blue and is the perfect shade if you want to stand out in the crowd.

8. L.A. Colours Moisture Lipstick:

This L.A. Colours Moisture Lipstick is a sky blue colour. It not only keeps your lip moisturised but also lasts for a longer.

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9. Mood Matcher from Fran Wilson:

This vibrant blue colour from Mood matcher from Fran Wilson contains moisturizing powers of vitamin E and aloe vera.

Lipsticks have always made the lips look great then why not colour it with blue and look pretty?


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