Blue color is the color of royalty. So the blue pearls are a great way to show richness and glamour. The blue pearls can be cultured or natural. You can get several different types of blue pearls that can be set into jewelry items. Try out rings, bracelets or necklaces for that striking look. The blue pearls that we have listed here are great in their settings. With gold or silver jewelry, the blue pearls stand out and make you look radiant. Get the light blue or the navy blue pearls for that special touch.

Amazing Blue Pearl Jewellery Designs for Ladies:

Let we have to look at the best Blue color Pearls.

1. Blue Pearl Necklace:

Get your hands on this blue pearl necklace that is sophisticated and has rhinestone in it. The necklace can be a set that you can wear for an engagement or a wedding. Since a wedding does call for something blue, this is the best item you can add to it.

2. Light Blue Swarovski:

Another wonderful blue pearl jewelry item that you can choose is the light blue Swarovski necklace. This string of perfectly round pearls in light blue color is a wonderful thing to own. The string sits snugly on your neck and makes you look dramatic.

3. Blue Pearl Pendant:

The pearl blue color is something that most women would love to own. The blue color pearl can be turned into a stunning pendant. This pendant is with a gold chain. The blue pearl used here is single and large in size. The blue color of the pearl is quite striking.

4. Blue Pearl Bracelet:

A bridal collection can also have blue pearl jewelry in terms of bracelets. The blue pearl bracelet is a lovely piece to have. You can wear it for formal as well as casual occasions. Matching it with blue outfits makes the ensemble even better.

5. Blue South Sea Pearls:

These ultra rare South sea pearls are turned into blue pearl earrings. The rare blue pearls are baroque in shape or grape shape. They are great in their simplicity. These South sea pearls are perfect and prized for their rarity.

6. Blue Pearl Ring:

Try this statement blue pearl ring that has a single large ring in a silver setting. The abstract nature of the design makes this piece quite unique. The blue pearl used here is quite rare as well and makes this ring expensive.

7. Blue Pearl Set:

These chunky pearls are formed into something spectacular. The chunky navy blue pearls have perfect shape and are set in a string at equal intervals. This makes the chain look really exquisite. The drop earrings that have a single pearl are another attraction.

8. Multi Color Blue Pearl:

What better way to have a blue pearl necklace than to have all the colors of the pearls. This great necklace has multi color blue pearls from light blue to dark. The pearls are arranged in a systematic manner and this makes the necklace look special.

9. Wavy Blue Pearl Bracelet:

Try out this royal looking bracelet that has both the cultured round shaped blue pearls as well as the baroque blue pearls. The wavy design of the bracelet is a wonderful way to look expensive. It almost resembles a crown.

Blue pearls are a great product of the sea. The blue pearls can be light in color or they can be dark. Set in rings, bracelets or necklaces, these pearls bring out the radiance and glow.


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