One of the most pleasant colours in this world is Blue! This is a blissful shade of mother nature, from the bright blue sky to the pristine blue waters. Like Royal blue, Prussian blue, and Navy Blue, the darker hues of Blue have a huge following in the Indian wear segment. Blue Salwar Suits make a person shine with glory, as they can complement the Indian skin tone very well. Also, the symbolism associated with the blue colour, in terms of its positive effects on the mind and body, makes it an eternal favourite! This article will explore the 20 latest blue salwar Kameez designs to try this season.

Which Blue Shades Are Suitable for Different Skin Tones:

When it comes to choosing the right shade of blue for different skin tones, it’s important to consider undertones and personal preferences. While there are no hard and fast rules, here are some general guidelines to help you find a blue shade that complements your skin tone:

Fair Skin Tones:

  • Light Pastel Blue: Soft, light shades of blue can beautifully complement fair skin tones without overpowering them.
  • Powder Blue: This delicate shade adds a touch of sophistication and freshness to fair complexions.
  • Baby Blue: A subtle, gentle blue that can create a lovely contrast against fair skin tones.

Light to Medium Skin Tones:

  • Sky Blue: A vibrant and cool shade that looks stunning against light to medium skin tones, adding a pop of colour without overwhelming the complexion.
  • Cornflower Blue: A medium-tone blue with a touch of lilac or lavender, which can bring out the radiance of light to medium skin tones.
  • Turquoise: This lively blue-green shade can create a striking contrast against light to medium skin tones, adding a vibrant and youthful vibe.

Medium to Olive Skin Tones:

  • Royal Blue: A deep, rich shade that beautifully complements medium to olive skin tones, creating a regal and sophisticated look.
  • Navy Blue: A classic and versatile shade that looks stunning against medium to olive skin tones, offering a sense of elegance and depth.
  • Teal: A rich blue-green shade that can beautifully enhance the warmth of medium to olive skin tones, creating a captivating contrast.

Dark to Deep Skin Tones:

  • Cobalt Blue: A bold and vibrant shade that looks stunning against dark to deep skin tones, adding a striking and eye-catching element.
  • Electric Blue: A vibrant and intense shade that can beautifully enhance the richness of dark to deep skin tones, creating a captivating and modern look.
  • Sapphire Blue: A deep and jewel-toned shade that complements dark to deep skin tones, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Remember, these suggestions are just starting points, and personal preferences should always be taken into account. It’s important to try on different shades of blue and observe how they make you feel and how they enhance your natural complexion. Ultimately, choose the shade that makes you feel confident and radiant, as that will be the perfect blue for you!

Attractive Royal Blue Salwar Suits for Women:

Look at the top 20 blue salwar suit images for ladies in India.

1. Punjabi Blue Salwar Suit:

There is a different charm for Punjabi salwar suits and kameez sets. This lovely navy blue Punjabi salwar suit design with dupatta for ladies has gorgeous, intricate designs, embellishments, and charming looks. It brings on the royal and plush fashion statement seamlessly. The salwar suit is a perfect fit for any grandeur occasion.

  • Design: Navy Blue Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suit With Dupatta
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Pear
  • Style Tip: Add traditional loafer shoes with studded statement accessories for the best looks.

2. Blue Plain Salwar Suit:

How about a lovely and elegant salwar suit set? This is perfect if you are searching for something that is not too heavy yet brings on a classy look. This navy blue suit has sequined detailing and a sleeveless pattern, suitable for a feminine and contemporary statement.

  • Design: Navy Blue Sleeveless Salwar Kurta Set With Sequin Detailing
  • Fabric: Cotton And Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Festivities
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Petite
  • Style Tip: Add wedges with bling accessories and a fancy clutch for the best looks.

3. Blue Georgette Salwar Suit:

We have this beautiful straight-cut salwar kameez for women too. This beautiful salwar set is perfect for women who like vintage, embellishments, and stylish appearances. The navy blue suit set is ideal for women across age groups and brings on a seamless fashionable look.

  • Design: Blue Straight Cut Salwar Set
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasion To Wear: Festivities, Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Plus Size
  • Style Tip: Pair with metallic heels, heavy statement accessories, and a clutch.

4. Blue Printed Salwar Suit:

The kurta salwar sets are the new trend in the Indian ethnic wear category. They are easy to carry, flaunt with the best looks, and bring a feminine, edgy look. This lovely light blue-coloured kurta with a salwar suit set is ideal for women who love a simple and straightforward appearance.

  • Design: Blue Printed Salwar Suit Set With Three-Quarter Sleeves
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Occasion To Wear: Family Gatherings, Festivals
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear, And Hourglass
  • Style Tip: Prefer to pair with wedges, long ear jhumkis, hand-stacked accessories, and a handheld bag.

5. Blue Net Embroidered Salwar Suit:

Are you a fan of intricate design and lovely plush looks? Then, there is no competition for an embroidered salwar suit! We have this gorgeous blue net embroidered salwar suit set with a straight cut. The sequins and detailing here are mesmerizing. The lovely suit set is ideal for traditional looks, blending contemporary hues and vibrant style statements.

  • Design: Blue Straight Cut Salwar Embroidered Suit With Full Sleeves
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings, Grand Events
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Thin
  • Style Tip: Add Flat Wedges, Statement Earrings, Hand Rings, And a Clutch To This One.

6. Blue Floral Print Salwar Suit:

This lovely block-printed cotton salwar suit set is perfect if you love Indian designs and traditional prints depicting heritage. This sky blue salwar suit set is graceful and charming, ideal for instantly bringing on an elegant and classic look. Step up your fashion game with this simple yet beautiful look; you can see how amazing it can appear!

  • Design: Floral Printed Salwar Suit Set In Blue And White
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion To Wear: Regular Family Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Anyone
  • Style Tip: Add it with loafers, oxidized jewellery, and a sling bag for the perfect look.

7. Blue Partywear Velvet Salwar Suit:

The velvet salwar suit sets have a different charisma that comes with them. This lovely royal blue suit set comes with intense embroidery, stone works, and bead detailing, instantly adding to the plush and grandeur appearance. This blue salwar kameez is perfect for anyone who likes a beautiful and sparkling look.

  • Design: Women’s Royal Blue Velvet Salwar Suit With Full Sleeves, Embellishments
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings, Receptions
  • Preferred Body Shape: Thin, Pear
  • Style Tip: Add heavy statement jewellery, high heels, and a handheld bag for the perfect look.

8. Red And Blue Salwar Suit:

This red and blue light-embroidered salwar suit set is perfect for those who prefer minimal and edgy appearances. This suit effortlessly brings on feminine and graceful feels and adds shine to your overall look with minimal effort. Check it out!

  • Design: Red And Blue Salwar Suit Set With Straight Cut
  • Fabric: Silk, Chiffon
  • Occasion To Wear: Festivities
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass
  • Style Tip: Add bling earrings, hand-stacked accessories, and loafers for a good look.

9. Pink And Blue Salwar Suit:

The turquoise blue colour has a different fan base! Especially if you are a woman who loves unique and regal rich details, this is your colour! This lovely suit in pink and blue colour comes with resham work, embroidery, and patch workaround with lovely detailing and appearance. It adds to the vintage and classic feminine style!

  • Design: Turquoise Blue And Pink Color Suit Set With Long Sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion To Wear: Festivities
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Apple
  • Style Tip: Pair it with loafers or wedges, statement accessories, and a headpiece/maang tika for the best looks.

10. Blue Silk Salwar Suit:

Banaras silk! The fabric has a rich look for anyone who wears it. We have a blue Banaras silk suit set for women who don’t want to compromise on the grandeur style statement. The kameez comes with rich detailing embroidery and work, perfect for seamlessly giving a plush and luxurious appearance. What do you think?

  • Design: Blue Color Banaras Silk Suit Set With Long Sleeves
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • Occasion To Wear: Weddings, Grand Events
  • Preferred Body Shape: Hourglass, Pear, Thin
  • Style Tip: Add metallic heels statement accessories (matching earrings, maang tikka, and necklace) with stone bangles for a suitable look.

11. Blue and Green Salwar Kameez:

Image Source: Pinterest

Blue and Green represent the two main elements of nature and are among the most sought-after combinations. This blue and green Ikat long-style salwar suit is the latest trend. The frock-style outfit is made with pure silk Ikat fabric and is the modern alternative to silk sarees. Pair with gold jewellery to look wedding ready!

  • Design: Green and Blue Ikat Salwar Kameez
  • Material: Ikat Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Large Scale Events
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for Slim body types

12. Blue Embroidered Salwar Suit:

If you have a family wedding, this outfit deserves your attention! The Teal blue, floor-length Embroidered Anarkali Salwar Kameez dress is heavily embellished with golden thread work on the chest and sleeves part. The Yoke is adorned with pretty golden floral motifs to look glamorous. Pair it with statement jewellery to impress the crowd!

  • Design: Teal Blue Embroidered Salwar Kameez
  • Material: Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Reception, and Bridal Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

13. Anarkali Navy Blue Salwar Kameez Design:

Amazing blue shades and broad red borders at the bottom and neckline highlight this suit. The floor-touching kameez with intricate golden work gives a mesmerising look to the suit. The tight fit at the waist reflects your waistline and perfectly suits the evening party.

  • Design: Red and Navy-Blue Bridal Salwar Kameez
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings and Bridal wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

14. Simple Light Blue Salwar Suit Design:

This simple light blue salwar suit with a shaded dupatta looks awesome when carried. Laces are embossed towards the end of the kameez, and the pleated churidar enhances the look with many folds. Pretty blue colour salwar kameez for young girls to flaunt their looks and wear college and office wear.

  • Design: Light Blue Salwar Kameez With Self Design
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Formal and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

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15. Deep Blue Pakistani Style Salwar Kameez Design:

This type of Pakistani salwar kameez is in trend, giving you an elegant look. The awesome colourful thread work at the neck sleeves and even at the salwar makes the suit appear amazing and smart.

  • Design: Navy Blue Pakistani Salwar Kameez Suit
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Evening Parties and Festive wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

16. Flare Ivory Blue Salwar Kameez Design:

These stylish and flare ivory blue suits look stunning, and you can easily create your style statement. The blue and white combination with orange flower-designed makes the suit appear remarkable when won by young girls.

  • Design: White and Blue Designer Salwar Kameez
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Get-Togethers
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

17. Navy Blue Short Kameez Suits Designs:

Here comes the short navy blue kameez with heavy silver intricate work at the bottom of the suit. The shaded pleated churidar and net dupatta complement your look and prepare you for a party.

  • Design: Blue Velvet Short Style Salwar Kameez Suit
  • Material: Velvet, Net
  • Preferred Occasions: Night Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for slim body types

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18. Designer Blue Long Salwar Kameez Design:

The timeless blue and cream-long salwar kameez with golden motifs at the neckline highlight the suits. The long sleeves and the pleated churidar make you appear sophisticated. This type of suit would require minimal accessories to enhance the look. This is a perfect suit for weddings.

  • Design: Cream and Blue Double Layered Salwar Kameez
  • Material: Georgette, Net
  • Preferred Occasions: Simple Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for slim body types

19. Blue Georgette Salwar Suit Design:

This full-length georgette blue salwar suit looks stylish and ethnic among modern women. The shoulders have classy golden flowers embossed, pretty golden work at the waistline, and artistic mirror work at the bottom of the kameez. This type of suit makes you appear classy and gorgeous when worn. These stunning blue salwar suits are for young ladies.

  • Design: Dark Blue Floor Length Salwar Kameez Suit
  • Material: Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Receptions, Engagements
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for slim body types

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20. Cotton Blue Salwar Kameez Design:

These blue salwar suits are made of cotton, the most soothing and comfortable fabric. The red patchwork on the neckline with light blue salwar highlights the suits, making you feel relaxed when worn. The shaded dupatta complements the suit, thus making it an ideal casual wear suit.

  • Design: Light Blue Printed Salwar Kameez Suit
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

How To Style Blue Salwar Suit?

Read these expert style tips to look flawless in your Blue Salwar Suit:

  • Blue Salwar suits are suitable for almost all occasions.
  • The bright-coloured shades are preferably worn for evening and night parties.
  • Light, Muted shades like baby blue salwar kameez are ideal for day parties and workwear.
  • You can try mixing your Blue Kurta with a contrasting coloured salwar to look unique.
  • Wearing metallic accessories can elevate the overall look of your outfit.
  • Experiment with different hairstyles to dress up appropriately for the event.
  • Wear matching or contrasting Bindi to look like a glam doll.
  • Opt for matching footwear to complete your look!

Aren’t these 20 Blue Salwar Kameez Suits too good to resist? Blue is one colour that can uplift your moods instantly and drive away your ‘blues’! The many blue shades in various patterns, prints and cuts can easily make their way into your wardrobe. With our expert style tips, you will ace the look and get noticed wherever you go. So, don’t wait until the last minute! Pick your favourite piece and rock the show!

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