15 Best Stylish Blue Shirts in Different Designs

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Shirt is a single piece of cloth stitched into a modest and elegant outfit which is considered as a common outfit for any kind of occasion.To distinguish shirts and its designs, they are jot down into formal wear shirt, casual shirt, and semi-causal shirts. This one piece designed material is been worn by both men and female gender.

The difference between the men from female design and type can be found out through this article. Here is top 15 types of blue shirts pointed out which will be helpful in deciding the right type of shirt for one body type, color, height and also for what type and kind of moment which design of the shirt is recommended.

Top 15 Blue Shirts For Men and Women:

Here look at 15 latest types of Blue Shirts in Different Designs. Choose your loved one and pick it.

1. Blue Formal Shirt:

blue shirts

This is a standard color of the shirt which is been worn commonly by both men and women as a business wear.To the color blue which displays royal and rich look this shirt is worn commonly next to white shirt. The formal shirts are generally worn with long sleeves with collar. Formal blue shirts are suggested for any color and body type

2. Casual Light Blue Shirt:

Casual Blue Shirt

Blue color brings in a calm and a lightened effect onto the surrounding place. This way men and women like to wear casual shirts with a pair of jeans or chino. Casual shirts can be full sleeves which can be rolled and tied up with a button attachment.

3. Plain Navy Blue Shirt:

Plain Navy Blue Shirt

Dark color shirts go well forget fair person. The same rule applies for the the dark blue shirt. This colored shirt with a pair of formal dark pant or dark colored chino pants will go well as a formal or a semi-formal outwear.

4. Plain Royal Blue Shirt:

Plain Royal Blue Shirt

Royal blue color is bright and eye catching, which is worn as a formal or semi-formal shirt along with a pair of pant or chino. Plain royal blue shirt suits well for a Wheaties colored person who are slim to medium body shape.

5. Plain Dark Blue Shirt:

Plain Dark Blue Shirt

Dark blue shirts are next most commonly worn shirt after plain blue shirt. Dark blue colored shirt with a  colored button like red which gives a contrast to the shirt and when combined with a khaki color chino is the perfect match. Mostly worn by men as the semi-formal outfit.

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6. Plain Sky Blue Color Shirt:

Plain Sky Blue Shirt

Sky blue color is most loved by women in particular than men. Women consider sky blue as a romantic color. Which fill stem air with romance. Which men also consider true. Plain sky blue shirt is worn as business wear. Girls combine this colored shirt with a gray or black . A-line skirt and with a blazer. Men wear with the suit.

7. Half Sleeve Slim Fit Blue Shirt:

Half Sleeve Slim Fit Blue Shirt

A casual shirt which commonly worn by youngsters. Short sleeves which comes till elbow level are very comfortable to be worn during summers. The shirts can be made from cotton and synthetic mix which helps in absorbing the sweat. Plain cotton half sleeves gets crushed very easily.

8. Printed Blue Shirt:

Printed Blue Shirt -8

Printed shirts are very popular among young men and ladies crowd. Due to the printed design this shirts is typically worn as a causal or a party wear. Among girls printed shirts are worn as extra large size which is a style statement now a days and men wear the printed shirt like polka dots, geometric prints or dotted designs with chinos.

9. Stripped Blue Shirt:

Stripped Blue Shirt

Stripped shirts is a common formal wear shirt which is combined with a formal pant and a blazer. For men Stripped light blue colored shirts are preferred and for men from light blue to dark blue color is suggested.

10. Checked Blue Shirt:

Checked Blue Shirt

This is a formal wear full hand shirt matched with a formal dark pant. The check designs come in various size. Generally these days men´s prefer wearing small checked blue shirts which are made from synthetic material. These synthetic material are iron free shirts which can be easily washed and managed.

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11. Sky Blue Linen Shirt:

Sky Blue Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are best suited during the summer season. Due to the fact that linen material absorbs sweat and keep the body warm.  This type of shirt is worn by both men and female. For formal wear full sleeve shirt which can be slim or regular fit can be used. As casual wear half sleeve and a pair of dark colored shorts or linen loose fitting pants is the best combination which makes girls go crazy behind men!

12. Faded Jean Blue Shirt:

Faded Jean Blue Shirt

Jean shirts are used commonly as a causal wear which comes very handy when men or women thinks about an outfit. Faded blue jean shirts commonly is full hand body fitted design for girls and for men half sleeve or full sleeve is sold the in market.

13. Blue Jean Shirt:

Blue Jean Shirt

Jean material was used by mining people in early days. Due, to its rigidity the designers made pant from this material. Later the fashion of jean shirt came into trend which still dominates in any outlet cloth store. Jean shirt is always considered as a casual shirt. The button are made from steel which gives a modern and distinguishing look.

14. Khadi Blue Shirt:

Khadi Blue Shirt

Khadi Blue shirts are most comfortable shirts which does not have a collar design. The khadhi blue shirts replicate a kurta pattern. The buttons of the shirt are made from the wooden material which gives a contrasting look. This half sleeve shirt can be combined with dhoti or pant according to the occasion.

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15. Shiny Blue Party Wear Shirt:

Shiny Blue Party Wear Shirt

This glittering blue colored shirt is perfect as a party wear. Men commonly wear this type of shirt during a party along with a dark colored chino with boots. The option of wearing a contrast shiny tie will also highlight the shirt color.

For slim person choosing a slim fitted shirt which can be a plain shirt or checked shirt will make the day pleasant and comfortable. For medium sized people selecting and trying the shirt before purchasing the shirt is very important. Slim fitting Blue shirts can be considered only after a trial. For people with an outward protrusion of their stomach should always choose normal Blue shirts and trying it before purchasing. Iron-frees Blue shirts are best for winter and spring wear and cotton and linen shirts are bets for summers.

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