Bob cut hairstyle is the best suitable hairstyle for little girls. It is enthusiastic and energetic to try out different hairstyles on young and little girls, and the bob cut hairstyle completely does justice to the requirement. Even a simple bob with front bangs looks very cute and near perfection on them. A headband on a bob cut would completely transform the look from simply cute to a diva look. Styling your kids also has become one of the important aspects of parenting, especially with improving social relations and media impact.

Best And Cute Bob Haircuts For Kids In 2020 Save

Kids these days like o follow the latest trends just like we do, and that is a good thing. They are already learning how to groom themselves. Knowing what the kid wants shows healthy growth. Bob haircuts for kids as they have the perfect face cut and healthy hair to maintain the bob cut hairstyle.

Top 12 Trendy Bob Haircuts for Kids:

Here are some of the best bob haircuts for kids that you can make your little girl sport this summer and beyond.

1. Simple Bob Haircut for Kids:

Simple Bob Haircut for Kids Save

This is among the most simple yet all-time classic bob haircuts for kids. Kids with smooth and straight hair texture can try this elegant and all-time favourite bob haircut. The style is perfect for a myriad of occasions, is classic and can suit girls in different age groups and face structures.

2. Bob Haircut for Wavy Hair:

Bob Haircut for Wavy Hair Save

This cute little bob haircut for kids is a perfect choice for those who have wavy hair texture. The haircut looks extremely beautiful and pretty, suitable for kids below eight years of age. Adding a bit of hair colour texture can give and enhance the style statement, yet it is the choice and looks gorgeous even without the texture.

3. Bob Haircut with Curls:

Bob Haircut with Curls Save

Kids with dense thick curls are pretty lucky to try this bob haircut. We love how pretty and mesmerizing it looks for those in very young age groups. The curly hair bob hairstyle for kids is an apt choice for a simple yet classic and charming style statement. It can be worn on any occasion and can be accentuated in numerous ways to suit the event seamlessly.

4. The Helmet Bob:

Helmet Bob Haicut For Kid Save

This bob haircut for kids is truly meant for your girl. Best suited for straight-haired kids, it can be done on curls and wavy hair to look equally cute. This is heavy on the front fringe and is like a bowl of hair on the head. The back stays clean and clear while the front leaves ample scope for pretty hair clips and accessories.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. This hairdo can be styled with a simple hair band or a bow on the side to accentuate the style.
  2. Another way to style the hairstyle is by pulling the front backs behind with a slight puff and styling it with a fancy clip. It is easier to maintain at the same time is stylish.
  3. A hat or a tiara will give the hairstyle more elegance.
  • Occasion – School Events, School
  • Age Group – Little girls and teens
  • Face Shape – Suitable for round and oval face shape
  • Hair Type – Preferably straight
  • Season – Suits any season

5. The Asymmetrical Bob:

The Asymmetrical Bob Save

Take a page out of the lookbook of Rihanna, and you have this very trendy bob for your little princess. This hairstyle is edgy and sharp, and if your kid is an adrenaline junkie this one is surely going to be a bit hit with them. Updated with the latest style this is perfect for summer. Like this kid’s bob haircut?

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. Combing with a middle partition will give the hairstyle a more casual look.
  2. Placing a bobby pin on the side will also look very cute.
  3. Styling with beads from the front is another way of styling this hairdo.
  • Occasion – School Events, Party
  • Age Group – Teens, Women
  • Face Shape – Suits any face shape
  • Hair Type – Suits any hair type and texture
  • Season – Ideal for summers

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6. The Blunt Bob:

Bob haircuts for kids 3 Save

This is the classic bob with the same layer of hair evenly throughout. This suits any kind of hair and every face. Due to the even shape, it will give the least amount of fly away strays. Especially good for the extra fussy kids who don’t like even a strand of hair on their face. This one is easy to sweep back into a ponytail.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. Using curling strings on a few strands of hair will give a top-notch charm to the little angel!
  2. Placing a Floral tiara is perfect for a summer-spring look.
  3. An alternative way to style is a half pony. It is also easy to maintain and hassle-free.
  • Occasion – Suitable for all occasions
  • Age Group – Little girls, Young teens, Teens
  • Face Shape – Round, Oval, Heart shape faces
  • Season – Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter

7. The Long Bob:

long bob Save

This bob haircut for kids is a bit of long hair to the back. The long bob is ideal for those kids who like having longer hair and love showing off their cute ponytails. Even if the hair is left as it is, it makes for a lovely party look. This style exudes sophistication, referring to actress Katie Holmes who flaunted it to perfection.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. The ponytail will look very cute, especially with fancy bobby pins.
  2. Another way to style this hairdo is by simply placing a bold colour hair band to give it a brighter look.
  3. This hairstyle can also be fashioned with 2 half-ponies.
  • Occasion – School Events, Party
  • Age Group – Suitable for all age groups
  • Face Shape – Suits any face shape
  • Hair Type – Ideal for straight hair
  • Season – Autumn and Winters

8. The Shaggy Bob:

The Shaggy Bob Save

The multiple layered bob haircut is suited for those who want to break the monotony of the average same layered bob. This is also suited for those who are growing out their boy cut hair or pixie haircuts.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. This hairdo can be styled with fancy clips to brighten the look.
  2. Adding colourful beads will also give a fresh summer look.
  3. Pulling the front hair to the back with a slight puff and a fancy clip is perfect for a school event.
  • Occasion – School Events, Party
  • Age Group – Teens
  • Face Shape – Long, Oval
  • Hair Type – Ideal for wavy, curly hair
  • Season – Ideal for all seasons

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9. The Fringe Bob:

Bob haircuts for kids 6 Save

The plain bob cut hair with a light fringe is cute and cool all at the same time. It looks good with the school uniform as well as the pretty and colourful frocks and jeans. It is very versatile and clears off the face.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. Braiding the hair in 2 parts will add zing to the style.
  2. Front French braid across the side along with fancy clips will accentuate the look.
  3. Placing a floral tiara and wrapping small portions of hair around is a perfect look for a wedding.
  • Occasion – School days, School events, Parties
  • Age Group – Preferably Little girls, Young teens
  • Face Shape – Preferably round
  • Hair Type – Suits all hair types and textures
  • Season – Ideal summer look

10. The Progressive Bob:

Bob haircuts for kids 7 Save

The best part is that the longer front is easy to pull back and the back is already fuss-free and clean. This is similar to an asymmetrical bob except it is a more sombre version of that edgy cut.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. A simple hat placed on the hair as seen in the picture, is a perfect summer look.
  2. Beading the hair on the front with colourful beads also would give a festive appearance.
  3. Fancy clips and colourful bobby pins will look cute on little girls.
  • Occasion – School events, Parties
  • Age Group – Little girls, Young teens
  • Face Shape – Oval, Round
  • Hair Type – Ideally for straight
  • Season – Summer, Spring

11. The Oriental Bob:

The Oriental Bob Save

What one often calls the Chinese haircut is simply a mix of the blunt and the helmet bobs. This bib hairstyle for kids has a heavier fringe which goes straight up to the eyebrows. If your kid is into cartoons, then she will love this look straight out of their stories. If one gets bored of the fringe, its length is such that it can be side swept with hair clips to make it stylish.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. Small colourful beads on the side of the hair towards the shoulder will accentuate the look.
  2. The braiding on the sides of the hair also looks good.
  3. Two ponies on the sides on the front with a small portion of hair also would look very cute.
  • Occasion – School days, School events
  • Age Group – Ideally Little girls, Young teens
  • Face Shape – Round, Oval
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Season – Ideal for any season

12. The Grown-Out Pixie Bob:

The Grown-Out Pixie Bob Save

This one is a hit with the adults and is sure to make your little girl stand out in the crowd. A neat and properly groomed, grown out version of a pixie haircut will make your princess look so cute. This is a very prim and proper style where the hair gets neatly tucked in.

Different ways to style this Hairdo:

  1. Descending beads from top to bottom on the sides look cut on little girls.
  2. This haircut can also be styled with front fringes or side layers.
  3. Add a floral headband with bold colours, and this will give an elegant look.
  • Occasion – Suitable for any Occasion
  • Age Group – Versatile Hairstyle suits any age group
  • Face Shape – Suitable for Long and Oval faces ideally
  • Hair Type – Suits any hair type
  • Season – Ideal for any season

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Additional Tips:

  1. Hair Accessories: On young girls, simple accessories like fancy bobby pins and headbands add charm to their look. Style it with a puff in the centre or take a side partition and place a clip or even place small clips on either side of a middle partition looks very pretty on little girls. A simple headband would give a casual and elegant look, and floral headbands would look amazing on little girls on special occasions.
  2. Fringes and Bangs: Fringes with Bob cut hairstyle to give a perfect look too young girls. It adds to their cuteness
  3. Hair length: Maintaining a short length of hair is definitely preferred for young girls, especially those who can’t take good care of their hair yet. It is hassle-free, very stylish and helps moms maintain their kid’s healthy hair.
  4. Hair Maintenance: Kid’s hair is easier to maintain, and a healthy diet and regular cleaning is important. Since kids enjoy more physical activity than average adults their hair requires regular cleaning.
  5. Styling gels: Using any product with harmful chemicals like hair gels or hair spray should definitely be avoided for young girls. Accessories do a better job in handling their hair, so styling gels are surely not required.

We know you love these, so try them on next time your kid needs a haircut. Choose from the range of funky short hairstyles or the child bob hairstyles that are meant to just make them look cute. Go creative and tell the dresser the way you want it to be.


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