Everyone loves to have thick, lustrous hair. But not everyone is enough to have thick hair. Maintaining thick hair is quite natural if you take proper care of your hair. And when you cut it short, it is one of the best haircuts that will remain in fashion always in thick hair. Here we are talking about the bob hairstyle for thick hair. Yes, bob hairstyles are in high demand these days by women of all ages. It gives a stylish and attitude look. A bob cut hair with layers will make the hair look more voluminous. A Bob cut is nothing but a type of haircut where the hair is cut too short to the length of a chin.

It is one of the viral haircuts seen on social media blogs and platforms. Giving the hair a suitable hair colour will enhance the overall look and beauty. Here in this article, we shall see some of the different styles of bob cut that suits different face shapes. Choose your style accordingly. Some of the stylish ways to keep your thick tresses are mentioned here to help you decide, which one looks best on your face structure.

9 Classy Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair for Women:

Here are the presents of the most popular bob hairstyles for thick hair for women in 2023.

1. Inverse Layering Bob Cut:

If you are lucky enough to have thick hair you can choose to style it with an inverse layering bob cut to give yourself round edges and soften hair. This style is easy for everyday life and can be given light waves for evening outings. Women with any texture of hair can sport this look easily.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight thick hair.
  • Suitable face type: Small diamond shape face.
  • Best occasions: Casual outdoor or small functions.
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons, especially summer.
  • Suitable dress: Casual outfit, sleeveless dresses or tops with jeans.

2. Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle:

The asymmetric bob hairstyle is another trending hairstyle that gives an entirely new look to your face. Its uneven ends are the highlighting feature of this cut. These days you can see many celebrities with asymmetric bob haircuts. One such famous celebrity is our rock-star Rihanna.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight and wavy hair.
  • Suitable face type: Square or diamond shape face.
  • Best occasions: Special occasions like award nights, and red carpet.
  • Preferred age: Women aged 25-35 yrs.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all summer.
  • Suitable dress: Frocks, long maxi dresses, gowns or any party wear.

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3. Smoothened Bob Cut:

A well smoothened straight bob haircut looks fantastic on women with a thick mane. There is always an alternative to curl them for a change. The style looks good on all face types provided it is properly done. Highlighting smoothened hair gives an added attraction to your face so try it.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky smooth thick hair.
  • Suitable face type: Small face with a sharp chin.
  • Best occasions: Corporate meetings, interviews, formal gatherings.
  • Preferred age: Women of all age groups.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Formal wear, tops with an overcoat or jacket.

4. High Curl Up Bob:

This style can be worked on an angled bob cut and works best on curly thick hair. The stylist will try to reduce the frizzy hair and straighten the fringes to give a neater look. If you have a round or oval shaped face then you can try this rare hairstyle.

  • Suitable hair type: Curly hair or wavy hair with curls on the tips.
  • Suitable face type: heart-shaped face.
  • Best occasions: Casual hangouts, birthday parties or any other occasion.
  • Preferred age: Teens.
  • Best seasons to Try: Summer and fall, and winter.
  • Suitable dress: Any casual wear, preferably sleeveless dress or open-necked tops.

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5. Short Curly Bob:

The best way to wear your bob hairstyle is to have it curly especially if you have thick hair and they can remain together. A short curly bob hairstyle looks best on a round and pear-shaped face. You should side part your fringes to give a smarter effect on your face.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair with slight curls or plain wavy hair.
  • Suitable face type: Square shape, rectangle shape with V-shaped chin.
  • Best occasions: Casual occasions, parties.
  • Preferred age: Teens.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Tops and jeans, shirt, jackets/ overcoat.

6. Very Short Bob:

Keeping your thick hair very short is especially easy with minimum maintenance and is good for women who are always on a move. You can have a wet look with the help of serum gel when you go out making you look fresh. Small face women look best in this style.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky straight thick/ thin hair.
  • Suitable face type: Diamond shape face or round shape face.
  • Best occasions: Suitable for all occasions.
  • Preferred age: Women of age group 25-45 years.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Any casual western outfit.

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7. Bob Cut With Heavy Bangs:

Oval and long-faced women can think of keeping heavy bangs in the front because it will enhance your facial structure, especially with thick hair. Remember to visit a good hairdresser so that he understands the length that will ensure that you look younger and pretty.

  • Suitable hair type: Thick straight hair.
  • Suitable face type: Round face, diamond-shaped face with a sharp chin.
  • Best occasions: Suitable for all occasions.
  • Preferred age: Women of age group 25-35 years.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Western outfits or any casual dress.

8. Bob with Asymmetric Arched Bangs:

In general, Bob hairstyle has always been in fashion and looks better on females with thick hair. The trick to making your bob look better is to style with inverse layering and keep the bangs shaped well like an arch. This hairstyle will suit everyone and the hair can be highlighted towards the crown area.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight silky hair.
  • Suitable face type: Small face shape, thin shaped face.
  • Best occasions: Award nights, musical shows or any special occasions.
  • Preferred age: Women of young age.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Party wear.

9. Indie Rock Hairstyle:

This hairstyle has been in fashion recently and can be sported by young women with thick hair. The haircut is distinguished by the elongated temple and clumsy hair suitable for funky girls who like wearing leather jackets. Texturing of hair will make it look even better.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair.
  • Suitable face type: Square shaped face, rectangle face shape.
  • Best occasions: Party, casual meetings, gatherings, hangouts.
  • Preferred age: Teens and women of young age.
  • Best season to cut: Suitable for all seasons, preferably summer.
  • Suitable dress: Vintage type dresses or any casual dress.

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Tips to Maintain Long and Thicker Hair:

  1. Apply a good shampoo on your hair. A good shampoo can have a great effect on one’s hair. Try using a paraben-free shampoo for voluminous soft hair.
  2. Blow-dry is another great way to make your hair look thicker. While you are going out, you can blow dry your hair. Make sure that you regularly don’t use a blow dry as it can also damage the hair.
  3. Giving layers to your bob cut makes the hair look extra voluminous. Side bangs are also an effective way to make the front part of hair look thicker.
  4. Highlight your strands so that the hair looks thicker than normal/
  5. If you are looking for a natural way to grow long thick hair, then use coconut oil on a regular basis.

Once, you have decided upon the style that will suit you try to explain it to the hairdresser and he will easily be able to help you. Also asking him about a suitable hair colour would be good as it helps to give a positive makeover to you. Highlighting the strands with suitable colours have a major role to play in one’s hair’s beauty. Remember that it is important to trim any haircut to maintain it for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How often should I trim my bob cut hair?

Ans: Bob cuts can be trimmed once every three months. This helps to restore the natural texture of the hair and provides a shining feel.

Q2. Does bob cut look good on curly hair?

Ans: Yes. There are many celebrities who have done bob cuts on curly hair. Bob cut on curly hair makes the hair look extra voluminous. It also gives a bolder look.

Q3. Which bob cut looks good on straight hair?

Ans: Straight hair is best for any type of bob cut as it gives a complete finish to the look. Some of the popular straight bib hairstyles include inverse layering bob cuts, asymmetric bob cuts, Straight Layered Fringe Bob Haircuts, and Pixie Bob Hair Cut.


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