Top 9 Bob Hairstyles With Bangs

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Bob hairstyles have been into vogue from many years, and to make it interesting, there are many variations to it. If, you want to look young and smart choose to cut with a different style of bang. Some good haircuts with bangs are written here for your guidance.

1. Peek-a-Boo Bangs Style:

bob cut with bangs

In this style, you would need the bangs to be cut in an angle so that it compliments your face. This haircut is unique and you will surely enjoy flattering it in different red or blonde hue. The most common face type that will suit in this haircut is round and oval shaped.

2. Curly Hair With Bangs:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang2

If you have good quality curly hair and want to keep it short, then you can choose to keep strong smooth bangs on your forehead. This will add attraction to your face and make you feel good about yourself. Do not worry this cut will suit on all face type and hair texture.

3. The Short Bob With Bangs:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang3

Women who like very short hair can also opt to keep some light bang on one side of the face to add some feminism to it. You can your hair with your favorite red or magenta shade and apply some serum before leaving home to add some freshness to your hair.

4. Stacked Bob:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang4

Stacked bob is one of the common hairstyles all over the world and especially looks beautiful with bangs. One can try to experiment with color highlighting to add some interesting touch to it. This cut will suit almost in all kinds of face shapes and skin tone.

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5. The Vintage Bob Hairstyle:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang5

If, you are fond of the retro look you can cut your bob that will look like the 40’s wavy short hair. The bangs would be on one side and not too dense. This hairstyle has generally suited women with oval faces and who are not very young at age. It can make you look sexy and sweet at the same time.

6. Layered Bob in Medium Length:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang6

This is an extremely fashionable and easy to carry hairstyle among the other bob cuts. The layered tresses and bangs combination looks good and can be a reason of your receiving many compliments. Though the volume of the hair would not matter much, but one should not have very fine hair and do not make it short in length.

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7. Unbelievable Pixie Cut:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang7

Pixie Bob haircut is quite stylish if done from an experienced hairdresser and can look bad if not done properly Pixie with long bangs can suit women with square and round face. One should also have the attitude to carry this look. If, you are an outdoor person with hectic schedules and no time for yourself you should choose this hairstyle.

8. Smooth Tapered Bob With Bangs:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang8

This is a simple hairstyle for women who like to be like this. This cut is also known as the concave Bob and looks fantastic in brown hue hair. If you do not have original straight hair, you can also first straighten it and then style it accordingly to give the right effect on your face structure.

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9. Red Bob Hairstyle:

Bob Hairstyles with Bang9

Do not worry if you are bored with your black and want some new hairstyle in red color. Cut it short into an angled bob cut and keeps some long bangs of your forehead. This style is good for oval shaped women. The ruby red hue will attract attention to your face and make you glow.

If, you are happy with the different hairstyles mentioned above, choose one for further discussion on this.

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