One of the important things in our day-to-day life is probably the pillow. It adds cosiness and fuzziness and warmth to wear away our whole day’s tiredness during the night. The pillows should be soft and comfortable with our bodies. They are designed actually to prevent body pain due to sleeping postures. Among different types of pillows available in the market, one is a body pillow. They are large and fit the whole body, which helps especially for pregnant ladies to support their tender bodies.

Latest Body Pillow Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern body pillow designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Full-Length Pregnancy Body Pillows:

These pregnancy body pillows are specially designed to support women and carefully help them in cuddling during their pregnancy. It’s a sensitive period for a woman and as so its sensitivity is too designed with intense care. It does not need a head pillow and supports the whole body.

2. U-Shaped Full Body Pillow:

This cosy and fuzzy-shaped body pillow will let you wrap in the soft arms of the pillow. This pillow makes the night as warm as ever. Suitable greatly for pregnant women, as it helps them lay sidewise. Apart from that, generally, it helps in maintaining the sleeping position to eradicate pain.

3. Designer Snoogle Body Pillow:

This designed Snoogle body pillow will leave you spellbound and will leave an impression of royalty due to its appearance. These pillows are designed to replace multiple body pillows like neck, back, and leg pillows. The intense supportive structure prevents you from arthritis, back pain and neck pain.

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4. Designer J-Shaped Body Pillow:

It’s the first contoured maternity pillow, probably the best of its kind. This is available in different colours of Blue, grey, and white ivory also. It is not much space consuming and it has got a special cover that makes it easily machine washable, as and when needed. Besides physical support, its charming colour helps in decorating the interior too.

5. Designer Body Lumbar Pillow:

It is the best body pillow, custom-made and printed by hand. This big body pillow has having excellent feather-soft core inside. This adds to the beauty level of your home interior. Its presence on the bed or sofa makes it the cosiest ever. It has a zipper closure making it easily washable.

6. Colourful Striped Body Pillow:

Want to add some beauty to the home? Tired of buying high-priced decorative? Try this colourful full-body pillow. In addition to its effect on health, the wide availability of different types of coloured pillows increases the glamour of your room.

7. Custom Body Fit Pillow:

Image Source:

This total body pillow is somewhat different from the formers. It is a distinctly detachable pillow and it’s so flexible that it can easily fit nearly in any size or position. Made from polyester fibres, this type of pillow is laced with comfort and helps you to have a warm hug at night.

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8. Best Colourful Round Body Pillows:

Image Source: alibaba

The lightweight and ultra-soft round body pillow can give you the ability to roll over any side of the pillow, hugging it in any way you want to due to its smooth finish on all sides. Easily washable and durable, it comes in many colours, best for beautifying your home.

9. Designer Long Body Pillow:

Image Source: pinterest

These long body pillows can cover even your king-sized bed and replace the need for neck pillows. This aids in interior designing more than physical aids. These firm body pillows just look attractive with the prints and help you cuddle up entirely.

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Pillows are important for all of us irrespective of age and sex. Besides the impact of different body pillows on our health, they are in many cases, principal objects in interior design. The cover designs of pillows, the engineering of the pillow structures and their features can turn your room into a deluxe space arranged in an ordered way.


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