It is a great way to add colour and a punch to your rooms with these ever comfy bolster pillows. These pillows are a little longer or narrow type of cushion which filled with down, fibre as well as cotton too. These types of pillows are useful for arm support or decorative collection for a room. These pillows help to lower back proper support. Among the pillows, these pillows are the best option for a floor on kids’ room. As per our need, we get a collection of sizes and fabrics in bolster pillows.

They not only make your interiors look stunning but also provide you with the best ever comfort at the time you need it. You have vibrant choices of such pillows with different categories.

Latest Bolster Pillow Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern bolster pillows to make your home decor outstanding. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Navy Cotton Bolster Pillows:

It is the handmade version of the long bolster pillows with all new comfort. They are made with poly-filled fabric with buttons. It is the super long daybed bolster pillow with 100% navy cotton. This pillow is perfect to decorate your sofa set.

2. Living Room Bolster Pillow:

Bring home this round bolster pillow which has been made with non-allergic material. They are round on their edges and give you the utmost comfort in your sleeping time. This pillow comes in different colours and you can select as per your requirement.

3. Washable Velvet Pillows:

Presenting the finest of quality large bolster pillows that are made using washable velvet material. They look shiny as well as, would provide you with the best comfort. They are filled with cotton fabric. You can decorate your bed in a plushy way with these pillows.

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4. Contrasting Fabric Bolster Pillow Design:

Here you get to have the contrasting shaded small bolster pillow with colourful fabric. They are made using two bags of Polyfil. They have measurements of about 23 x 9 inches.

5. Feather Filled Bolster Pillows:

Explore the extra long bolster pillow with the impression of handmade decor. They give you the best striking look to your bedroom with the same level of comfort. They are 9 inches in width and are filled with feathers.

6. Synthetic Covered Bolster Pillow Design:

Make your home look luxurious with this brand new decor of King size bolster pillows. They are made with the synthetic outer cover and given a beautiful shade with a unique texture. They are plain in design and pattern.

7. Striped Pattern Bolster Pillows:

Have a glance over this bed bolster pillow which is great in appearance and also have the beautiful pattern. They are made with black and white striped patterns along with the superabsorbent material that gives you supreme relaxation.

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8. White Organic Bolster Pillow Design:

Makes you breathless with this unique and lustful collection of white bolster pillows, they can readily mismatch with any combination of shades of bedspreads. This bolster roll pillow comes with the self-design pattern made with 100% cotton fabric.

9. Designer Bolster Pillows:

Get the best of the collection of the series of a bolster throw pillow. They are made with handpicked fabric both for filling and outer cover. They are designed using the colourful combination material with the finest quality of fillings.

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You have tremendous ranges in these pillows of your unique choices. You don’t have to sacrifice tour selection for any answers. They are readily available with vibration colours, designs, patterns and also with the best quality of fabrics. There are made of velvet, silk, cotton and also polyester. You do have extra-long, King size, round, small and big bolster pillows. Get this type of bolster pillow to add interior in your room, try it sure.


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