9 Best Looking Bomkai Sarees With Pictures

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These are basically handwoven sarees made in Odisha, India. These makes of the saree originate from the Bomkai district, hence the name. If you want something truly ethnic and stylish at the same time, then these sarees will be totally suitable for you. They sport a very beautiful design done on the edges, middle portion, borders, etc and almost the whole saree sports an eye-catching color. Sometimes you may see a combination of more than one color. It is one of the most recognized sarees of all time and even the high-end designers sometimes choose this sarees as the base material of their upcoming masterpiece.

In this article, you will be provided with the best 9 Bomkai sarees of all time along with pictures.

1. The Bomkai Red And Golden Saree:

bomkai sarees

Take a good look at this design? Have you seen a more beautiful version of the traditional Indian look beautified in such a way and that originated from a district or Odisha? Probably not! It is one of the best Bomkai sarees of all time and probably everyone will love it. It looks totally cool with all the small patterns done on it using the golden color. If you are willing to sport something truly Indian and that looks stylish at the same time, then this is the one for you.

2. The Best Bomkai Silk Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Best Bomkai Silk Saree 2

Bomkai silk sarees are also quite well-renowned. The awesome pattern done on this saree using the color red and brown is very attractive and almost anyone will fall in love with the pattern done on this saree. Patterns include the border design and the golden small circular designs done on the red portion of the saree. It will be one of those saree which a woman can wear during Ganesh Chaturthi occasion, Bengali Durga Pujas, Diwali, etc and many more.

3. The Yellow Bomkai Silk Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Yellow Bomkai Silk Saree 3

When you have this alluring designer saree by your side, your chances of impressing people are endless. The eye-catching pattern that has been done on this saree is worth mentioning and you will be able to look totally divine in this particular designer material.

4. The Golden Mustard Color Bomkai Sarees:

Bomkai Sarees-Golden Mustard Color Bomkai Sarees 4

If you are willing to sport a good Bomkai saree, then take a good look at this designer material. It will be suitable to sport at festive occasions. The black pattern done on the yellow mustard color base is very attractive also.

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5. The Khaki Bomkai Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Khaki Bomaki Saree 5

This Khaki color saree will make you look like a true Indian woman. It is the color of the uniform that the Indian police force represents. Thus, when you wear this saree you will represent a noble purpose as well.

6. The Red Indian Art Bomkai Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Red Indian Art Bomkai Saree 6

How often do you get to see a saree sport such an artistic pattern on it. In this particular designer Bomkai saree, the artistic pattern almost extends to the borders as well and spreads throughout the border as well.

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7. The Handloom Bomkai Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Handloom Bomkai Saree 7

This saree is the pride of Bomkai. Remember, when you sport this saree, you will represent the whole saree business of Orissa, which will allow you to wear it with pride and utmost confidence.

8. The Box Bomkai Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Box Bomaki Saree 8

This yet another handloom saree, which is different from the other ones discussed in this article. It displays a very alluring design done on the middle portion and there is application of more that one color and one type of design in this saree.

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9. The Bomkai Handloom Saree:

Bomkai Sarees-Bomkai Handloom Saree 9

This red saree comes with a very good brown color design done on the borders. The red pattern used in making them is quite attractive and almost everyone will love them.

Bomkai sarees are as traditional as any other saree. Belonging to the east India, it might not be that popular but is something that is worth checking out and draping.

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