The brand Bourjois was born as early as 1863 in Paris. It was used by eminent artists in theaters and shows. Ever since, it has been an eminent brand of cosmetics with varied range of shades and cosmetics.

Here, we have a few most appreciated Bourjois lipstick shades from the famous brands.

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Bourjois Lipsticks:

Here you get an some best Bourjois Lipsticks and Shades for your beautiful lips.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine Lipstick – Frambroise Pettilant:

This is a shinny pink shade that complements most of the skin colors. Is has all the richness of various oils that give the shade a natural sheen and also maintains the health of your lips when applied for long hours.

Price is Rs. 925

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Shine Lipstick – Juicy Tangerine:

This shade has a red base with coral and pink undertones. It suits well for most of the complexions and your lips are surely to stand out with the color it gives. It is not a gloss based shade but the natural glitter content adds a shiny finish.

Price is Rs. 925

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick – Natural Rose Innocence:

The lipstick has rich content of magnolia oil and shea butter that keeps the lips moisturized and soft. In addition, this also gives the lips a natural rosy color that enhances the shape of your lips. The lipstick is an ideal shade to wear for a natural pink on regular basis.

Price is Rs. 925

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Fraise Remix:

This is a bright shade which has a good red color that goes well for most skin tones. It can be worn all day long and promises to keep your lips well hydrated. It also prevents the lips from becoming dark with regular use of lipsticks because of its natural ingredients.

Price is Rs. 955

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Peche Cosy:

Peach and light brown undertones make this shade highly demanded. It gives natural color to the lips and is also well suited to hide dark lips because of the strong hues. The texture is creamy and protects the lips all day long.

Price is Rs. 955

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Rose Coquette:

The shade is neither in the pink family nor towards red family. It has hints of the too with a lot of glitter that gives a natural shine. However, this is a tricky shade as it might make you look dark when mismatched.

Price is Rs. 955

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Beige Trench:

Rouge Edition is the newly launched range of lipsticks. This shade has beige and grey undertones that give dark color but go well for most colors women wear. Undoubtedly, the shade is very different from the regular pinks and reds women usually choose.

Price is Rs. 955

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick – Rose Neon:

You can call the shade a very bold pink that is deep, bright and has very strong hue. It goes well with most attire on all occasions. This is a solid pink with no mixes from other colors or even a hint or undertone of them.

Price is Rs. 955

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Bourjois Paris Delhi Sanghai – 81 Rose Folk:

This is an old shade from Bourjois but liked by all. This is a rosy pink shade and well suited for all occasions. This never looks over the top and never goes out of fashion. It is also designed to protect your lips from chipping or getting too dry.

Price is Rs. 925

Bourjois lipsticks shades are readily available online and are safe to use because of their natural properties. There are so many variations and tones that you fall in love with them once you use.

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