The gender differences in various style statements of fashion towns are fast loosening. Gone are those days when we would draw thick lines between men’s and women’s styles. Braids for men are an excellent example we love to bring forth to you. While braid hairstyles were always popular, they are trendy in men’s fashion today. The braid hairstyles for men are preferred everywhere – from fashionistas and influencers to celebrities and a commoner. With the array of possibilities in terms of looks, textures and braiding techniques, the braid hairstyles for men are only further becoming diverse, popular and primary in the fashion world.

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Today, we have compiled the best and most popular braid styles for men. These braid hairstyle options are undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, among fashion town’s most stunning trendy choices. In addition, they are comfortable, diverse and impressive, with the textures exuding stylish looks.

Coolest and Trendy Different Men Braids in 2024:

These male braided hairstyles are a must-check-out if you are a fashion enthusiast. You will undoubtedly be impressed. Here we go to learn all about the different types of braids for men!

1. Box Braids for Men:

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If you like simple and everyday protective hairstyles, this thin box braids hairstyle for men is a perfect choice. Men with hair loss problems or those who prefer easier maintenance can check this out. Here, we see the tied-up box braids updo with the undercut. The men’s box braid styles are ideal for those with oval or elongated face shapes and any hair texture.

2. Braided Ponytail with Low Fade:

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A low fade can be an amazing choice if you love contemporary and modern hairstyles yet with a bit of smart and unique edgy style statement. The braided ponytail here features low fade and is perfect for young men exuding youthful and hot vibes. It is ideal for those across any hair texture and is an ideal choice for several casual events too. Guys across age groups can try this braid hairstyle idea.

3. Red Cornrows Hairstyles with Beads for Men:

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Do you love the unique and experimental braids influenced by artists and singers? If yes, this is a perfect choice to check out. The red-haired cornrow braids for men with beads scream for attention. It exudes hot and unique vibes and blends well with boys and men in any age group. It is lovely to give a hot and fashionable style statement seamlessly.

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4. Half-Up Braided Bun for Men:

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Like women’s braided bun hairstyle, we have this half-up braided bun hairdo for men. This half-braided bun is perfect if you love the fashionista glam quotient and have an eye for new contemporary fashion. Whether you have a medium or a full hair length, you can accentuate your looks and take your style to the next level with this appearance. It can undoubtedly look captivating and give an inspiring style statement.

5. Red Braided Man Bun for Long Hair:

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This is among the latest and bold men’s fashion trends. This braided bun long hair hairstyle is perfect for young men. It incorporates the trendy fashion sense, and one cannot miss out on the comfortable appearance of this look. This look is particularly perfect for men with long hair length and any hair texture!

6. Single Braids Hairstyle for Men:

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In this single-braid hairstyle, you can choose multiple designs of looks as per your preference. You can go ahead with Dutch braids, fishtail braids, simple braids, or French braids for men, yet look captivating and hot. The single braid hairstyle is worth checking out, as it comes under the protective hairstyle, yet that can be done in a jiffy without taking too much of your time. One can also never go wrong with it, and it is perfect for versatile occasions. Further, men and boys across age groups and face shapes can try this!

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7. Dramatic Vintage Braids:

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There is truly no end to experimenting with dramatic and bold hairstyles. If you are in this league, then this hairstyle for men truly deserves all your attention. Inspired by the fictional Viking and related characters, the braids bunch with half bun is a perfect choice if you have long hair length and thick hair texture. It is truly iconic and will stand tall in giving one-of-a-kind looks with a ravishing appearance. Do you agree?

8. Triangle Braids:

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The triangle single braids hairstyle for men is simple yet elegant and charming. You can check this triangle braids look for a simple yet classy appearance. The hairstyle is ideal for men with short hair length and with thin hair. The look also echoes your artistic appearance and instantly accentuates your glam quotient. Men with round, oval and triangular face shapes can try this.

9. Single Fishtail Braid with Undercut:

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Gone are those days the fishtail braids are limited only to women. This perfect single fishtail braid is among our top favourite choice in men’s braided hairstyle looks. The braid looks seamlessly stylish, gentle and elegant and is among the simplest yet iconic hairstyles. Accompanying it with fade or undercut can indeed also accentuate your appearance.

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10. Hispter Braid:

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This can be another crazy yet casual hairstyle braid for men. The hipster braid is much-known already in the world of men’s hairstyles yet it stays in a special position. The look is super easy to recreate and versatile to match various occasions. Men with any face shape and hair texture can give this a try. If you have medium- or shoulder-length hair, check it out!

11. Cornrow Braids with Bun Hairstyle:

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Cornrows are already in rage these days in the hairstyle world. How about this cornrow braids with bun for men? This hairstyle is perfect if you like the style unmatched with cornrows and yet prefer a much simpler and more comfortable look. The hairstyle is ideal if you have medium to short hair length and can give you an instant youthful appearance. Undoubtedly, this man bun with cornrow braids can make you stand out from the crowd seamlessly.

12. Double Braided Ponytail:

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This high man ponytail with double braids is ideal if you love to flaunt your long hair yet do not like an elaborate hairstyle. The double-braided ponytail for men is perfect, exuding contemporary style and modern hues. You can seamlessly try this long hair braid if you have naturally thick hair with medium length. It can instantly deliver a striking look and is a great option for young men.

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Additional Tips:

Braid hairstyles may look charming and modern. However, they require some maintenance to look amazing, as seen in the pictures. Here are a few tips from us on how to have a stunning braided hairstyle for men.

  • If you are working on difficult braids such as box braids or cornrows for men, you always prefer to keep a scarf with you. This helps to protect your hair from pollution and frizziness.
  • Always make sure that your hair is well-conditioned. Adding a hair mask and conditioning your hair regularly after washing can help maintain smooth and silky hair texture.
  • Always undo and redo braids in about six to eight weeks after you get them.
  • Prefer to keep your hair and scalp always moisturized. Clean your scalp regularly.
  • Wrap your braids before going to bed. This helps prevent the hair from getting tangled, which can, in turn, damage your hair.
  • Adding additional hair accessories such as beads can always accentuate your appearance and bring a fashionable glam quotient.

If you are fashion-savvy, these men’s braids are perfect for you. We have exclusively compiled the best of the latest trends in braid hairstyles for men. We hope you enjoyed exploring these with us today. Let us know your thoughts and what your favourite hairstyle is! We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How long do men’s braids last?

This depends on the type of braids you get. Depending on the braid, they can last from a day to a few months and weeks. The simple braid and plaits, French braids or fishtail braids can only last one to two days; however, the cornrows, dreadlocks box braids, and twist braids can last for months.

Q2. Can braids help the hair to grow fast?

This is a common assumption that braiding hair and braid hairstyles can help the hair grow faster. While it may be true sometimes, this is not a general rule of thumb. Braids definitely protect your hair from damage; however, they require attention and care for the same.

Q3. Can I wash my hair with braids?

If you have a temporary braid for a few days, you can wait until you wash the hair. Otherwise, braids such as cornrows or dreads require elaborate and safe procedures to wash the hair. You may need special products such as shampoos and conditioners. The hair specialist would help you choose the right procedure and products depending on the type of hair braid.


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