Braids! Well, these gorgeous hairstyles have always been the talk of the fashion town forever. But how about the men’s braids? Yes, you heard us right! The braid hairstyles for men are the new upcoming trends and is the most looked after style statement right now. For the men who love unique styles and have an eye for experimental fashion and bold looks, how about these men braids hairstyles?

9 Braided Dreads Hairstyles for Men with Short and Long Hair:

Below are the top 9 types of braid hairstyles for men which a person should definitely try out.

1. Asymmetric Fashion Braids:

These are done on frizzy textures which are usually difficult to manage and therefore these are set till the length of the strands till the tips.

2. Fashionable Thin Braids:

This is a fashionable and very funky type of look. These can be sport quite easily with any type of funky outfit. These are often done with creams and other sprays. If a person wants then they can sport these for parties. The bun at back makes this more formal which also minimizes the messed appearance.

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3. Sectional Thick Pony:

This is a look where the ropes of sections have been shifted to the front and also a thick pony at the back top makes this look formal. This is funky and also can be sported with other casual and even formal t-shirts or outfits.

4. Temporary Medium Length Locks:

Edgy cuts are very popular. These are temporary sectioning done with heat and other products. These are good for sporting occasionally. A person can do these when going out for partying and also for any formal wear. Reputed salons can offer styling like these.

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5. Patterned Rows With Long Length:

This is another trendy thing that people with long length can sport. These can be done in a back pony to make this look casual.

6. African Ropes:

Asymmetrical fringes can be made into a look like shown above in the image. These are good for parties and funky night outs.

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7. Ombre Hair Look:

This is a back pony look with some pattern at the top portion. These are quite funky and many teenage boys like to wear these, People who like to sport rap type looks they like these. These are often sported by school or college goers who have unmanageable texture. The tips or a certain section of the length can be given colours like shown in the image above.

8. Sectional Pattern with Long Length:

This is a look which is very popular with celebrities. Many celebrities like to sport these types of looks if they like to stay in trend. These can be done with bobby pins and also can be done by professional parlours which specialize in these. These can be done with heat and therefore can last till next wash. These can be done to create a formal look and can also be teamed with some funky disco outfits.

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9. Trendy Braided Long Hairs:

This is a look which can be done if a person has very long sections. These are quite popular for people who like rap trends. These can also be done by people who like to go to discos or wear funky accessories like earrings or bracelets.

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