Braided bangs hairstyles are a popular trend these days. With celebs making it mo and more popular, the trend of braiding the bangs along with side braids or rope braids has become much more popular. You should have medium to long bangs at the sides to have a nice braided bangs hair look.

This can give you a totally different hair design that you can sport at your parties and also for your proms. These hair looks are often one of the most difficult hair look to the sport or create. However, with a few trials or helping hands, these become quite easy. Sometimes you can just twist and turn your braids and clip them to side braids or running braids.

Braided Bangs Hairstyles:

Here are our chosen top 9 braided bangs hairstyles that you can try as well.

1. Twisted Clipped In Bangs Braided Style:

Here without the trouble of braiding the side bangs, the braids have been done normally using the hairs at the back taking them to one side. The bangs are just twisted and clipped into the braid with hairpins and this creates an easier version of the braided bangs hairstyle. You can give this a try.

2. Long Braided Bangs:

If you have moderately long hair and long bangs at the sides, you can create side braids with the bangs like shown in the above picture. Bring those two braids from two sides and join in with the rest of the hair. Create a single braid with all the hair to finish this hairstyle. This bang braid is actually quite easy to do if you have thick hair and if you are good with braids. End the braid in a nice fishtail and secure with elastic.

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3. Side Bun And Waterfall Braid:

If you want a side braid and also a side bun to go with it, this braided bun hairstyle can be a nice style for that. You can bring all your bang section hair to one side and braid it up. Take the braid back and twist it upwards and roll it to create a bun. Secure with pins.

4. Braided Bangs And Curly Hair:

If you want a simple twist on normal braided hair looks, this curly braided style can be good for you. Try this after curling your hair with small curlers. This will require you to have long side bangs which are thick enough to make a tight thick braid out of it.

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5. Bang Rope Braid:

A normal thin rope braid running across your forehead made with bangs from one side can be a nice choice. Again you can braid the hair at the back and bring it to the front ending in a fishtail. Keep the hair a bit messy and a bit loose.

6. Thick One-Sided Braided Bang:

One-sided braided bang hairstyles can be a good choice if you have moderately long bangs without layers. Try this one along with other styles and check out the difference in style.

7. Tight Braided Hair:

Bangs can be clipped and tightly braided in a cornrow afro style like the hairstyle above. Would you like to try this?

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8. Loose Side Braided Bang:

A very loose side braided bang can be good when you want to sport a braided bang look but you have thin bangs or thin frontal hair. Sweep all the hairs of the bangs to one side and make the braid. Join it with the rest of the hair in a loose way to complete the look.

9. Tight Full Head Waterfall Braid:

This is a tight full head braided bang look. A woman who has a long or diamond face can get a tremendous look with these braids and bangs. You can try this for parties with a matching dress and can surprise your friends.

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Having different hairstyles is a nowadays trend, the braided bangs hairstyles are among them. We have given top braided bang hairstyles in this article for your reference try them at least once while going to parties and functions to be different.


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