Long hair is a hairstyle that allows your head hair to grow in a considerable length. One has to keep patience since long hair grows slowly. It’s scientifically reviewed that the ability to grow long hair is a sign of fertility and youth. In the last era, the woman considered her identity, pride, and beauty with long hair. It’s known that people get attracted to long hair. Why not enhance your beauty with some simple and best ways to give you a new look with long hair. Give this a thought with some doable braid that you can be paired with any outfit. The secret to that would be to try the easy braided hairstyle looks for different occasions and your day to day life. You can keep yourself trendy, easy and in fashion with these braided hairstyles for long hair.

There are versatile styles that can be done, and we have tried the best one that you can look over and select the appropriate one for you. Choose the one that works perfectly as per your hair pattern and the face type.

9 Different and Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Let’s have a look into step by step procedure of braided hairstyles for long hair.

1. Two Volume Combined Braids:

Two volume combined braids are best for the small parties and get together although braid seems to be a bit tough and complex pattern that involves interweaving. The style grace well with long, heavy and voluminous hairs.

How to Do:

  1. Before you go for this style first start with a good brushing to entire hairs from top to bottom direction and ensure that there should be no knots in the hairs.
  2. After that divide the hair into two halves with the partition in mid.
  3. Ensure that separation is taken till back and hairs are divided as the name suggests two-volume combined braids we need to make braids one on each partition.
  4. Then again comb each partition gently, this will give more clarity in braids while making them.
  5. Then hold one partition and divide it into three strands and start making the plates tightly.
  6. The plates are to be completed till the end and then we need to tie the lower end with a rubber band.
  7. The same procedure is to be done with other partition also neatly although the process is long and time consuming one need to have patience.
  8. The process is simple apart from that it seems to be very complicated.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Perfect for which Hair and Face Types: Straight hair, long hair is required.
  • Suitable Occasion: This style is parties or casual wear.
  • Preferred Age Group: Teens are preferred for this hairstyle.
  • Best Season: Any season, would be good for winters.
  • Suitable Dress: Western wear or ethnic wear, both would go with this hairstyle.

2. The Neat Look:

This hairstyle is the classic of all styles that make you look gorgeous and make you gain attention in public. The heavy but on the top elevates your height and makes your grace in long down flowing gowns. Either you want to attend home parties or official or night parties. This style is fit to carry. The style bun is going to match your every outfit. Whether you are a young, middle or aged woman, this neat look would look amazing. The volumized bun is utterly elegant. The process to take this style should be carried slowly and neatly.

How to Do:

  1. For this club all the hairs in a bunch. Now take a part of hairs from the front at one end so much as needed to make the plaits.
  2. Next, make the plait of the taken portion of hairs.
  3. Then take the plait till the back and far from the pony take part and entangle with the plait.
  4. Now from pony keep taking some part and entangle with the plait till it makes a form of bun along with the plait. Now intact the bun with the bob pins carefully.
  5. You can put accessories in the bun to make it more glamorous.
  6. To add more beauty, you can wear heavy earrings and simple makeup.
  7. The style is an all-rounder and never goes out of fashion.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Suitable for which Face and Hair Types: straight hair, medium face with a big forehead.
  • Perfect Occasions: this style is perfect for daily casuals and any kind of party.
  • Preferred Age Groups: It’s only ideal for teens.
  • Best Seasons: It’s best for Christmas or Winter.
  • Matching Dresses: It goes with only Western Wear.

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3. Twisted Plait for Long Hair:

The twisted plait hairstyle for long hair is one of the classic styles that are easy to do but gives the impression that it is very complicated.

How to Do:

  1. Before you head on to make the style one has to brush the hairs so that there are no knots left.
  2. After that, we need to gather all the hairs in the hand. Then hairs need to be divided into three sections.
  3. And three strands need to be entangled in a plate’s pattern one by one.
  4. This process needs to be done until the end, and at the end that needs to be tied up with a rubber band.
  5. Then we can hold the plates and lose them. In the end, one can gently stretch the hairs and shape them, and It will make your hair look thicker.
  6. The add the feature you can do with these plates is to add some hair accessories in between like small studs and flowers.
  7. The pattern is evergreen that will match every dress type.
  8. Also, you can get your streaks coloured, and that highlights will add a stunning look to your style.
  9. Add more details with graceful eye makeup and lip shades.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Perfect for which Face and Hair Types: straight and long hair would suit well.
  • Suitable Occasions: casual outings can do good with this hair, even for offices.
  • Preferred Age Groups: youngsters and early their 30’s can prefer this hairstyle.
  • Best Seasons: This style goes with every season.
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear or formal wear.

4. Braid Hairstyle:

Braided hairstyle is the one that makes you look rocking and blowing. There are multiple ways that you can carry this style. In braids, you can create volume to the hair looks. This style is the perfect style that one can do in summers and winters. Most of the celebrities, in general, carried a braid style that looks attractive and makes you noticeable in the mid of a huge crowd.

How to Do:

  • This style works perfectly with every face type.
  • First, make your hair tangle-free. Then you need to divide the hairs into an even sections at the centre of the back neck. Then the cross-sectioning starts.
  • Firstly, the right corner to the middle section then left the section to the middle.
  • This style continues with alternate sides. In the end, one needs to tie the braids with the rubber.
  • Online tutorials can watch to follow the process and quick undertaken.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Suitable for which Face and Hair Types: This style is perfect for all faces and Medium to straight hair.
  • Perfect Occasions: It’s best for a casual outing or formal event.
  • Preferred Age Groups: this hairstyle is ideal for youngsters or office goers.
  • Best Seasons: Winters or fall can go good.
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear or formal wear.

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5. The Loosened Braid:

If you have too many short tresses down the line and you are always worried about some wayward little lock freeing itself independent, opt for these French braids which are quite simple and at the same time trendy. Keep the loose locks free-flowing and tie a loose braid all the way down.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Suitable for which Face and Hair Types: Straight hair, all face type.
  • Perfect occasion: This hairstyle is suitable for a casual outing, photo shoots, party.
  • Preferred age group: It’s ideal for only teenagers.
  • Best Seasons: It’s perfect for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear, short tops, and jeans.

6. Modern Hairstyle Braid with Loose Hair:

With a busy daily schedule, everyone wants to look perfect and create an impression. Making a hairstyle in the mornings seems tough and time-consuming. If you’re going to try new looks that makes hair look purposely messy and loose, then give it a try. The style can easily be done through the use of hands and fingers, and one doesn’t require having a mirror. One can re-do the braid at any time during the day. Whether you are an age group of teen or women, you will love to have this style and moreover with the use of hair accessories this style add more grace to it. Loose braids add sophisticated looks.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Perfect for which Face and Hair Types: Long and straight hair would be good for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Occasions: A party or casual outing would be good.
  • Preferred Age Groups: Teens or youngsters can go ahead with this hairstyle.
  • Best Seasons: This hairstyle is suitable for any season.
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear or ethnic wear, both can go well.

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7. The Lopsided Braid:

These hippie braids are nothing but simple hair braided hairstyles for long hair that has been loosened to add volume to the braid. Just like a messy out of the bed hairstyle, this is messy out of the bed braid. Use your simple three-strand braid and then loosen it all the way down. At the end of the braid, secure a pin firmly to add to the loosened effect.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Perfect for which Face and Hair Types: straight hair, small slim-faced type.
  • Suitable Occasions: It’s best for parties, weddings, family gatherings, outings.
  • Preferred Age Groups: It’s cover all age groups.
  • Best Seasons: It goes well for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Western wear and Indian dresses.

8. The Fishtail Look:

There are various types of braids other than your simple three strands which can be used to create a newer look to your hair. The fishtail braid is just another braid pattern where through the use of two strands a beautiful braid can make. Section your hair out in two parts for the look.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Suitable for which Face and Hair Types: Straight hair, long shaped face.
  • Perfect Occasions: This style is best for any occasion, gathering, party night.
  • Preferred age group: This hairstyle is ideal for women and teenagers.
  • Best Seasons: It goes well for all seasons.
  • Matching Dresses: Sleeveless frock, short top, and jeans.

9. The Infused Look:

This is a collaboration of the waterfall and mermaid braid where a sleek waterfall braid is created across the head and then quickly followed by using the free strands to create a mermaid braid. Whether you have your marriage ceremony, you can prefer to have this loose hairstyle that goes well with every costume with good hair accessories like flowers, small studs, pins, and bands.

Suitable Style Options:

  • Suitable for which Face and Hair Types: straight hair, all types of faces with a big forehead.
  • Perfect Occasions: This style is suitable for parties.
  • Preferred Age Groups: It’s suitable for teens.
  • Best Seasons: This hairstyle is perfect for winters.
  • Matching Dresses: It’s best for only Western Wear.

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Additional Tips to Maintain Long Hair Easily:

  1. Choose the right hairbrush to minimise hair breakage – Natural fibre boat brush or a wet brush fantastically without pulling the hair strands.
  2. Minimise the hair wash to 2-3 times per week. Apply shampoo to the scalp directly and always condition with conditioner to the end of your hair.
  3. Dry your hair gently and avoid rubbing with a towel.
  4. Prefer a hair band that does not pull the hairs from the root fabric-covered elastic or a plastic coil type.
  5. Hydrate your hairs deeply twice a week to maintain the moisture using an oil rich in Vitamin E- Olive oil, almond oil or avocado oil.
  6. Stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

Long Braided hairstyle suits best for long hairs. Now you knew what would suit your day to day routine and occasions. Are you ready to flaunt your long hair with all the above-braided hairstyles? Once you choose the style, you can get it from the nearest salon. These styles are going to enhance your beauty and would be affordable without spending much with low maintenance. Share your advice on the above details.


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