9 Best Braid Hairstyles For kids

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It’s all about fun and new trends with kids. One most important thing to remember while dealing with kids are the constant need for change to make the same old thing look much more alluring and exciting.

When it comes to appearance we have always noticed how a kid always fusses around with what clothes she likes or what hairstyle to opt for today, something that makes them trendy and sets them apart. For this one of the most common hairstyles to experiment with is braids and coordinating the kids and the braids together, we realized a new plethora of hairstyle ideas sprang up.

Braid Hairstyles For kids:

1. The Twisted Tail:

braid hairstyles for kids

When basic pony tails were a bit too mainstream, this mother came up with the awesome idea of combining braids into the everyday pony to spice up the look. This is indeed a very easy hairstyle where you start by gathering your hair in a pony and then securing it with a band. Now from one side section out a healthy strand of lock and braid it tightly. Without securing the end snake the braid around the pony and secure it at the end.

2. The Princess Crown:

braids for kids2

For your princess, this time try a new olive branch hair band look by simply incorporating braid to a daily hairstyle. Here the crown or the braid simply uses hair in a braided form and to get this look start by sectioning the locks from either side of your head and braid them eventually to meet in the middle where you can build up a pony or a separate braid from it.

3. The Rendezvous Point:

braids for kids3

The easiest of the hairstyles looks the best on your hair and here we use three simple braids to accomplish this look. Part the hair to one side and from three different sections build up three braids only to make their ends meet at the side of your head. Secure a band and then gather the additional hair from the underneath and loop it into a side pony.

4. The Pentacle Twist:

braids for kids4

For your shining star, create the perfect pentacle at the back of her head by a simple twist and secure method. Start with the front of your head and tie three slim ponies with the front few locks. Segregate the hair from the middle into two parts and twist them. With the two side ponies do the same and then secure the end with the two ponies.

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5. The Heart At The End:

braids for kids5

To get this look, separate the hair from the middle and then start braiding it from the two sides. With soft pins attach the braids in a heart and secure the heart with a tie to maintain the shape. This is relatively a newer style of hairdo that is both exciting and cute.

6. The Braid Within The Braid:

braids for kids6

Start by tying your hair into a straight pony and then separate the pony into two segments. Once you have the hair into two parts braid the front portion into a tight little braid and then incorporate that braid into making a second braid.

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7. The Criss-Cross Braid:

braids for kids7

Start with a simple two sided braid by gathering the hair from the front locks. Now cross over the braids to the other side and French braid the rest to complete the look.

8. The Simpleton:

braids for kids8

Gathering the first few strands of lock start a slight French braid that would take care of the weary locks on a summer noon. You may continue into similar parallel braids or simply keep one neat and steady.

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9. The Star Studded Look:

braids for kids9

To get this look start by twisting your hair into different locks and securing it, eventually creating a three tier look. The end of the look can be secured with a lock from the flowing pony to hide the hair band.

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