Brain Gym consists of a simple series of exercises that help your brain function sharper and better. They make you confident and bring about dynamic changes in your personality. The movements are very easy to do and very effective at the same time. It helps you make better decisions in life especially when you are going through difficult times. The summary of brain gym exercises have been enlisted in the following few paragraphs.

Brain Gym Exercises for a Better Mind:

Here are our 9 best Brain Gym Exercises for a Better Mind and body.

Belly Breathing:

Put your hands on your abdomen. Exhale through your mouth until your lungs are entirely emptied out. Now inhale as if you are filling up a balloon with your breath. Then exhale very slowly. Do this exercise about three to four times. It will increase your energy levels and improve your central nervous system.

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Brain Buttons:

Put your one hand on the navel. Try to feel the hollow areas under your collarbone with the thumb and fingers of your other hand. Rub this area for about 30 seconds to one minute as you look from left to right. This will improve your reading habits, along with your writing and speaking abilities.

Cook’s Hook-Up:

Sit down on the chair first. Keep your left ankle on top of your right knee. Hold your left ankle with the help of your right hand. Hold the ball of your right foot using your right hand. When you inhale, keep your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth. As you exhale, start to relax your tongue. Close your eyes and hold the position for four to eight breaths. This will improve your self esteem and strengthen you.

Cross Crawl:

To do the cross crawl, stand up and march in your place. Alternate place each hand on the opposite knee as you do it. Relax yourself as you breathe and continue for about four to eight breaths. This exercise is amazing for those who would like to improve their memory and their reading, writing, learning skills.

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Energy Yawn:

When you yawn, press the finger tips of each hand against any tight spot on your cheeks. Make a relaxed and audible yawning sound now. Repeat this about three to four times. It will improve your creativity level, release all tension and ease your expressions.

Neck Rolls:

As you breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and drop your head towards the front. Close your eyes very slowly and roll your head from side to side. Make small circles with your nose and relax your head now. Do this about three times to improve your breathing.

Space Buttons:

For space buttons, place both your fingers above your upper lips. Place your other hand on your lower back and let your fingertips touch the nail bone. Breathe deeply and look towards the ceiling. Now lower your gaze and look up at the ceiling once again. Do this three to four times and let your body relax.

Thinking Cap:

Place your hand on top of each ear. Now unroll the curved parts of the outer parts of the ears. Do this all the way from the top to the bottom of the ears. Repeat three to four times. This improves your thinking skills, your listening ability and your concentration level.

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Seven Minute Tune Up:

The Seven Minute Tune Up consists of a good series of brain exercises that you should do every morning. It will boost your energy and help you function and perform better in all your daily activities. You can do these exercises whenever you like just to get an energy boost.


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