Sandals are footwear in which most of the foot is exposed, especially toes. They come in different types, materials, textures and designs and for every occasion is it formal, casual or everyday wear. They are most comfortable for every men and women.

Simple and Stylish Branded Sandals for Men and Women:

Sandals are a great option for this summer for Mens and Womens. But wait, how do you know what to wear according to your height, occasion, or body type like what to wear if you are petite and short? Well, we have come up with 9 sandal types to help you with your questions.

1. Fashion Flip Flop:

Talking about comfort, how can one miss out on flip flops? The above sandal in branded sandals looks chic and super comfy for men as well as women. The best part about flip flops are one need not worry if one is tall or short, heavy or petite or anything at all. A simple, plain tee, a pair of denims and flip flips are you are ready for the summers.

2. Tip Toe:

This sandal in branded sandals for women is more of a formal and sophisticated sandal. You can wear them with formal evening wear for parties and business occasions. They can suit almost all body types and heights, so fret not if you are short or tall.

3. Leather Loafer:

This leather loafer in branded sandals for men gives a casual as well as formal approach. They are stylish, versatile and provide comfort. They are easy to slip in too. You can wear them with almost any attire and pull off a smart look.

4. Gladiator Sandal:

This stylish silver gladiator in branded sandals with the roman style look is popular these days and a favorite of many teens. It is a great option for daily wear and for casual occasions like parties for the ladies. They indeed make a statement.

5. Sneaker:

Nike is among the best sandals brand undoubtedly. This stunning Nike self-lacing sneaker looks uber cool and stylish along with being expensive. But surely men would love to own such a pair of stunners. You can pair such sneakers with casual attires for a cool look.

6. Wedge:

This stunning black suedette wedge in sandal brands looks like one has to own it anyhow. Especially girls with short height, they surely love it. They can be worn with casual as well as formal attires. A short evening dress or gown works fine.

7. Espadrille:

Espadrilles are a major part of branded sandals for women and men. This ladies blue espadrille in canvas looks classy as well as comfortable. Espadrilles are worn in more on casual occasions but the embellished and textured ones can be worn with formal attire and occasions too.

8. Boot:

This stylish combat boot in branded sandals for men looks stylish and more for winter look. Boots can totally dominate the sandals game. They are trendy, and come with a fix of influences.

9. Sling Back Sandal:

They are extremely popular and common in branded sandals, are not they? The plain, simple ones can be opted for casual occasions while the ones with designs, embellishments can we worn to formal evening parties and occasions. Altogether they are comfortable and offer great style.

Branded sandals are preferred by both men and women. Buy sandals according to the occasion, body type and height and ensure you’re comfortable in what you wear. That way you can look stylish and confidently carry yourself.

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