Brass bangles carry an ethnic and traditional sense with them. Their design includes charms such as beads, sea shells, agate, buckles, etc., which give a historical touch to your hands or outfits. They can be carried on ethnic and western wear by both men and women. Formerly, brass bangles were also known as bracelets. They are still known as Mali, Bella bangles, Nabila and much more in different countries with amazing designs.

Latest and Beautiful Models of Bangles in Brass Metal:

Let’s look at some brass bangles designs you should have in your bangle box.

1. Colorful Beaded Brass Bangles:

The college teens likely select brass bangles set with several colours and beaded designs on western outfits. There are also bangles embossed with curvy designs that perfectly match other bangles. It is quite widely seen that the design is carried on casuals too.

2. Embossed Brass Bangle:

Also known as kadas, the brass bangle is given a one-side opening that can fit any size. The bangle is also given curvy designs and tiny decorative floral patterns. The bracelet bangle is given a broad design suitable for heavy wrists.

3. Designer Brass Bangles:

The brass bangles design is given a designer touch with lovely colours and pinch-up dotted designs. The bangles with these designs are also known as lakh bangles in some areas of Gujarat, combined with dresses and sarees.

4. Men’s Simple Brass Bangle:

A quite simple and elegant African brass bangles design is widely carried by men also. The bangle is decorated with an oxidized rope design with a tucked metal design to carry on casuals. The bracelet can also be made at home with a sheer folder in the shape and size required.

5. Homemade Brass Bangle for Men:

A stylish homemade mens brass bangles design is quite trendy these days. The design is made by combining two brass straps with hooked brass cuffles. They can be carried on any occasion. To add to its beauty, deadly charms can also be attached at the middle gap by binding them.

6. Jaipuri Bangles in Brass:

Jaipur has been quite famous for its brass bangles sets designed with stones, giving a shining look. The brass is studded with colourful big and small-sized stones and pearls to give a designer look. The golden beads used to make a border at the ends give the bangles a tight holding for the stones to increase their life.

7. Rope Designed Brass Bangle for Men:

A new men’s brass bangles design with a simplified look is widely accepted for regular wear. The design is inspired by the African-style bangles known as bracelets. The bracelet is given a rope design with twists and turns, perfect for casual wear. The bracelet can be made using a combination of other metals, too, with brass.

8. Historic Brass Bangles for Women:

Want to give a historical touch to your personality? Grab the bangles in brass with a historic touch with designs knitted on them through sharp knives. The thick bangles mould around your arms, giving them a rectified look. The bangles can also be made with your favourite designs on them.

9. Funky Brass Bangles:

A trendy and modernized touch is given to the bangles in brass, widely worn for casuals. The simple brass is given a bell shape with no charms, beads or any other kind of decoration on it. It is the prime choice for college students for parties too.

The brass bangle designs are now worn in marriage functions as the modernized designs with attractive designs are ethically good combinations. Its durability and quality is the best reason for their selection by men and women.


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