One of the popular varieties of Indian sarees, which have created a buzz in the global fashion industry, is the Brasso sarees. The making of Brasso fabrics involves a very interesting technique of “burning out” the fabric. This is done by layering a sheer fabric offset by a solid fabric and burnt using a skilful process. The result is a textured design on the cloth with a transparent background. Brasso saris were once chosen only by the elite class of society for their exclusiveness. However, in modern times, they are made available to all classes and come in various budgets. Brasso sarees are also widely used by designers for their rich patterns and lustrous shine. Let’s learn more about Brasso saree designs in this article.

Importance Of Brasso Sarees:

Brasso sarees are known for their glamour and glitz and are popular for weddings and festivals. The textured patterns and intricate designs make them one of the favourite picks of women, particularly the younger generation. They come in a full body Brass on style or a half-brasso on the palla only. These versatile sarees come in many shades and patterns to suit the occasion and the purpose. Especially for evening and cocktail parties, there can be no better choice than a beautifully designed Brasso saree.

Features Of Brasso Sarees:

Some of the note-worthy features of Brasso sarees are as follows:

  • Brasso sarees are made with two different fabrics, one sheer and the other solid, to create a textured look on the fabric.
  • They are soft to the touch and naturally shine without extra embellishments.
  • The common pattern used in making Brasso sarees is the florals.
  • Pure Brasso sarees can be slightly heavy, but when worn on the body, they can drape like a dream.
  • They are created using varieties of fabrics like Chiffon, Velvet, Corduroy etc.,

Preferred Age Group For Brasso Sarees:

Brasso sarees are ideally suitable for young women, as they are transparent. Also, the breezy texture of the fabric and the shining lustre make them perfect for tall and slim women who can flaunt their beautiful curves. While mid-aged women can go for these sarees, the fabric may add extra heaviness to the body.

Beautiful and Modern Designs of Brasso Sarees With Pictures:

Brasso sarees are mostly popular among present-day women, and they are hit with the youth. So, going through this article, you will get to know the top 10 brasso saris with images.

1. Chiffon Brasso Sarees:

This beige Brasso chiffon saree with a black border can bring out the diva in you. This exquisite saree is perfect for slim, tall women who can flaunt beautiful bodies. The saree has an all-over self-design on the body and a big, bold brasso pattern on the border. It is best matched with a pink or black coloured blouse.

  • Design: Beige Brasso Chiffon Saree With Black Border
  • Material: Brasso and Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Cocktail Parties and Get-Togethers
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

2. Brasso Silk Saree:

This saree can make you look resplendent if you are heading out to a wedding or an evening party. The infallible yellow Brasso silk saree is perfect for large-scale gatherings. The saree comes in a silk Brasso, with all over-designed with a silk palla adorned with embroidery.

  • Design: Yellow Brasso Designed Silk Saree
  • Material: Brasso and Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Receptions
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

3. Velvet Brasso Sarees:

This blue and white velvet saree with white Brasso is perfect for large-scale evening parties. The elite-looking saree has a white Brasso fabric and a heavy velvet Palla on the pleats. The beauty is further elevated with a rich thread work border attached to the velvet fabric. Pair it with a matching blouse to look ravishing.

  • Design: White and Blue Half and Half Velvet Brasso Saree
  • Material: Brasso and Velvet
  • Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Receptions, Sangeeth
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

4. Brasso Georgette Half and Half Sarees:

This white and blue Brasso georgette saree is a treat for sore eyes. The pleasant combination used in this saree is perfect for summer brunches. The lower half of the saree comes in a white Brasso fabric with orange prints, while the upper part is an orange georgette fabric embellished with a beautiful border.

  • Design: White and Blue Half and Half Brasso Georgette Saree
  • Material: Brasso and Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

5. Brasso Cotton Sarees:

If you want to sport a regal look, look further! This mustard yellow saree has an ethnic look with intricate patterns and combinations. The saree has an all-over Brasso weave and a heavy border with big motifs. It is best paired with a matching blouse and silver-based accessories to complete your look.

  • Design: Mustard Yellow Floral Work Brasso Saree
  • Material: Brasso and Cotton
  • Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

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6. Floral Brasso Sarees:

Look chic in this light pink Brasso saree with a floral design. The saree has no embellishments and doesn’t need any! Such is the beauty of this saree. It gives the illusion of a garden woven into a fabric. It’s best matched with a plain or a matching blouse piece with simple accessories to look like a dream!

  • Design: Light Pink Floral Brasso Saree
  • Material: Organza
  • Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

7. Yellow Net Brasso Saree:

This yellow saree is purely net with a brasso design. This yellow saree provides a contrasting effect throughout. It can be paired up with a red designer full-sleeve blouse. This is a common variety of brasso sarees dressed up by present-generation ladies.

  • Design: Yellow All-Over Brasso Saree With Maroon Border
  • Material: Brasso
  • Preferred Occasions: Day Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

8. Brasso Designer Saree:

You look stunning in this attire. Pink and golden combination, though not frequently used, digitally printed texture insists you try this saree. A Faux Georgette saree with a brasso design is a perfect outfit for any special occasion. You cannot stop yourself from being the centre of attraction.

  • Design: Gold and Pink Printed Brasso Saree
  • Material: Faux Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Get-togethers and Evening Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

9. Green Flower Print Brasso Saree:

A green brasso organza saree with a wider turquoise border makes you look simple yet beautiful. A special touch is given to your attire by wearing a simple blue full-sleeve blouse. The floral patterned Brasso fabric looks elegant and makes you look vibrant in the blue and green shades.

  • Design: Green Brasso Saree With Turquoise Embroidered Border
  • Material: Brasso and Organza
  • Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Wear and Day Events
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

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10. Pink And Beige Brasso Saree:

This fuchsia pink and beige coloured saree gives a wedding. The lower portion of this saree has wide golden-coloured intricate floral work on a violet base. This designed saree is paired up with a violet blouse.

  • Design: Beige and Pink Brasso Saree With Rich Border
  • Material: Brasso and Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Sangeeth, Reception
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

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Suitable Blouse For Brasso Sarees:

Brasso sarees are best paired with shiny, shimmer-based blouses to complement their beauty. Also, the richness of the saree can be toned down with deep-cut blouses, sleeveless and backless blouses. One can also opt for pastel-shade blouses and sequin fabrics for a grand look. You can even try mixing different fabrics to create a brand-new look.

How To Style Brasso Sarees?

Brasso saris are stylish, and getting that perfect party look is easy.

  • If you are planning a night party, choose a velvet-based fabric to grab some eyeballs.
  • You can try embellishing the saree with sequins, crystals and stone work to add extra bling.
  • Brasso sarees are best teamed with white gold Swarovski jewellery to look ravishing.
  • Letting your hair loose with soft curls at the end is advisable. Add an extra hairpin to look glamorous.
  • Wearing silver or metallic bangles with matching high heels can elevate your beauty.

Are you looking for more options? We are sure you are! Such is the enchanting beauty of these sarees. The special feature of the Brasso variety is that one needs to throw on a saree and walk out of the house looking like a goddess without any accessories. This is why they are highly opted for by women who want to look effortlessly stylish and beautiful. Our only tip for you is to be cautious about the faux pas varieties in the market, which can give a cheap look. Pure Brasso sarees are worth every penny. So, Ladies, it’s time to grab some love with these stunning Brasso sarees!

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