Gone are the days when babies were named after their grandparents and ancestors. Modern parents are on the quest to christen their babies with creative and unique names. Brazilian baby names top the list, as they are quite meaningful and also sound great. Plus, they add an exotic element to your baby’s name along with being associated with the rich culture and heritage of Brazil. A typical Brazilian name has two names where. The first one is the personal identity, and the second name is usually the name of their husband or father.

Most Brazilian names have biblical importance due to the influence of Christianity in the country. One can also find influences of Portuguese, German, Italian and Latin languages on the names, as Brazil was once a colony of these European nations. If you want to give your baby a meaningful name, which also sounds exotic, look no further! Choose your pick from these most popular Brazilian baby names.

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Beautiful Brazilian Names for Girls and Boys:

The top 80 Brazilian baby names are discussed below and provide some of the most relevant information of all time, along with the awesome meanings and origins that make them so good.

Brazilian Baby Girl Names:

Here is a list of some of the Best Brazilian names for girls as follows.

1. Abai:

Let’s start off the list with a beautiful name for the Brazilian girls out there. This is clearly one of the finest names for all girls out there who are born into Brazilian families. Abai means “the river Nile”.

2. Andresa:

This is a good name for a Brazilian baby girl. The name is quite powerful, like the meaning itself. The name Andresa means “strong” or “courageous”. If you’re looking for a good name to name your baby girl, then this is one of the Brazilian baby names that one will ever come through.

3. Branca:

Branca is one of the oldest names according to the Brazilian baby naming records and is still used for naming the baby girls of this culture. The name is quite alluring, and almost anyone will fall in love with it.

4. Canciana:

This is one of the best Brazilian baby names of all time. The name has great pronunciation, and the meaning is quite impressive as well. The name means someone from Italy. It is a great way to name all the Brazilian baby girls.

5. Corliss:

Corliss means “kindhearted” and has an English origin. The name is suitable for Brazilian baby girls and is definitely one of the finest names that a parent can use to name his or her baby girl.

6. Folade:

Folade is one of the most prestigious names in Brazilian history. The name is of extreme honor and is one of the most aristocratic names of all time, and the meaning is quite beautiful as well. Folade means “honor arrives”, and especially because of the meaning, it is one of the best names for Brazilian baby girls.

7. Flavia:

This indicates the girl with yellow or blonde hair. In Brazil, this name is quite popular and almost Brazilian girls are named after it. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful names for girls in that region ever.

8. Fethee:

The meaning of this name is Judgement. All the awesome features about the meaning (judgment) and the way of pronouncing this name are quite impressive and are enough to persuade almost anyone to name their babies by this name. It is claimed to be one of the best names for girls (Brazilian).

9. Dimas:

The name Dimas means “sunset”, and if you’re looking for one of the finest names out there, then this might be the right one for you. The name is quite fascinating and will be suitable for all Brazilian girls out there.

10. Coloma:

The name Coloma will be suitable for most girls out there. Brazilian baby girls are often named after it, and it means “dove”. The meaning makes the name so beautiful automatically that every parent will be willing to name their baby girl by it.

11. Fernanda:

This is another beautiful name sourced from Christian mythology. Fernanda means “An adventure-loving girl traveler”. If you want your girl to be a strong and independent woman, there can be no better name than this.

12. Ileana:

Ileana is one of the most popular Brazilian names for girls and means “Shining and Brilliant”. It is derived from the male name Elijah and represents the ultimate female beauty.

13. Marcia:

Marcia is a Latin name which means “Of Mars”. It also means a female warrior. If you are looking for a powerful name for your little girl baby, Marcia is the best bet!

14. Edite:

Edite, pronounced as Ehdahay, is derived from the Portuguese and Latvian languages. This rare baby girl name means “rich in war”. Such girls are believed to be true fighters in their lives!

15. Jacinda:

Jacinda is derived from Greek mythology and means “beautiful”. It also means a Portuguese flower called Hyacinth, which is known for its beauty and charm!

16. Lani:

Lani is a beautiful name which represents hope. It means “bringer of peace”. Lani is also a popular name in the Hawaiian language, where it means “Sky”.

17. Ida:

Ida is originated from the German language and means “a hardworking woman”. It is one of the old-school names in Brazil and is considered to be one of the most respectable titles for a girl baby.

18. Kiania:

Kiania means “Dawn”. It represents a new beginning, brightness and happiness. Kiania originated from the Brazilian and Portuguese languages and is one of the best baby girl names.

19. Jacqueline:

This Hebrew-derived name means “May God Protect”. It originated from French and is the female name of Jacques.

20. Cindy:

One of the popular girl names in Brazil is Cindy. It represents the Greek God of the Moon. Cindy is also used as a short form for names like Cinderella, Cynthia and Lucinda.

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Brazilian Baby Boy Names:

Here is a list of some of the Best Brazilian boy names as follows.

21. Abilio:

The meaning of this name is “skillful”, and for all the awesome reasons, this can be said to be one of the best names for all the Brazilian baby boys that are to be named with a name that comes with a great meaning. The name defines the person being named here.

22. Eduardo:

You probably have heard of this name before. The name is quite fascinating and will be suitable for most Brazilian baby boys. The name sounds good to the ears and has an impressive meaning as well. Eduardo means “guardian of prosperity”.

23. Francisco:

The name Francisco means someone who is from France, and it is of Portuguese origin. The name is quite fascinating for all women out there and can be said to be one of the best names for all boys.

24. Eusebio:

This is a great name for Brazilian baby boys, and for the decent meaning and excellent Brazilian vibe, it can be said to be one of the finest names for almost every baby boy.

25. Emerico:

The name Emerico means “the power of work”. The name is quite interesting and is considered one of the best names that can be given to a Brazilian baby.

26. Drake:

The name Drake is one of the best names for all Brazilian boys out there. The name is used quite often, and because of its decent meaning, the name is so widely used that it surpasses the popularity of all the famous Brazilian baby names out there.

27. Ernesto:

The name Ernesto means “battle of death”. The meaning is quite dark, and that is why it is used a little less compared to all the ones out there. The origin of the name relates to the Portuguese names.

28. Fayre:

The meaning of the name is exactly the same as the name sounds. The meaning of this name is “fair”, and for its great meaning, this name is something that can be said to be totally appropriate for Brazilian baby boys.

29. Daysi:

The name denotes a flower and a beautiful one. The meaning of the name Daysi is “white and yellow flower”. The name is used by Brazilians widely for naming their babies. The meaning is quite good as well, and for the good features, this name is something that everyone will prefer calling out.

30. Fethee:

The name Fethee means “judgment”, and it is a name of high honor. It is such a name that will be totally suitable for all Brazilian boys out there and for this awesome feature regarding the meaning and way of pronouncing it.

31. Gabriel:

It is derived from the Hebrew language and means “God is my strength”. Gabriel is also the name of an important Biblical angel who tells Mary that she will bear a son.

32. Garan:

Garan is derived from the French language and means “Guard” or “Guardian”. If you wish to make your son a good leader and protector of his race, this is the best one!

33. Ilar:

If you are looking for a name that speaks for optimism and happiness, Ilar is the best one out there. The word Ilar originated from the Latin language, and  it means “Cheerful.”

34. Lajos:

Lajos is the name of a famous warrior and a holy man. The word Lajos originated from the Hungarian language, and it is one of the widely opted baby boy names in Brazil.

35. Kaiser:

Kaiser is one name which every parent wishes for their baby. It means “Emperor” and originated from the German language. It is also sourced from the most prestigious title of Caesar.

36. Darvin:

Darvin is originally an English name and means “Beloved”. It is believed that such babies are generally lovable in nature and can be great crowd-pleasers.

37. Jack:

One of the most common names in Brazil means “God is Gracious”. Parents choose this name for their babies, for they consider kids as gifts from the divine!

38. Baltasar:

Baltasar means “Protected by God”. This name is sourced from the Hebrew language and is associated with the “Three Wise Men” mentioned in Bible.

39. Edwaldo:

Edwaldo means “Wealthy Ruler” This name reflects a powerful personality and is known to make the person rich with creative ideas.

40. Jason:

Jason is derived from the Greek name, which means “To heal”. It is also one of the eldest names in Jewish tradition and is also the name of one of the seventy disciples of Jesus.

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20 Top Brazilian Celebrity Kids Names:

41. Gisele:

A name with multiple variations, Gisele is a French-origin feminine name that, in simple words, means ‘bright pledge’ or, in Germanic, ‘gisil’.

42. Xuxa:

Xuxa is a name of Portuguese origin. Pronounced as ‘Shoo-sha’, this four-letter name has a significant meaning, ‘Queen’.

43. Kefera:

This beautiful name that sounds really esthetic has unknown origins, but what people speculate it means is ‘Goddess of Transformation.’

44. Zico:

A short and sweet name, Zico has a bigger meaning. This masculine name means and signifies the power of strength/strength.

45. Guilherme:

This Portuguese-origin name is understood as their variation of the otherwise common name William. The name means ‘Protector’.

46. Bianca:

This beautiful name starting from the letter b, is an Italian origin name. The name Bianca in simpler words means ‘shining’.

47. Delmo:

The name Delmo means a ‘noble protector’. The name Delmo dervied from combining two names of different origins.

48. Bruna:

The name is more vividly known and heard of in Brazil and Italy. The name Bruna means, of German origin and means ‘dark hair’.

49. Ana:

Full of Grace is what the Anglicized name Ana means. The name has multiple variations, such as ‘Hanna’.

50. Fabrizio:

A name of Italian origin, Fabrizio has been the name of some of the most famous people. The name means ‘craftsman’.

51. Cynthia:

The name of the Moon Goddess. Cynthia is a Greek origin name and also means from the land of Cynthus.

52. Adriana:

The name Adrianna has multiple meanings and is known to be derived from the masculine word ‘Adrian’, that means from the land ‘Hadrian’.

53. Camilla:

Camilla is the name of a legendary warrior maiden. The name Camilla is derived from the masculine name Camillus.

54. Alinne:

The name Alinne means ‘fair and good looking’. It is better known as a Celtic baby name and the feminine form of ‘Allen’.

55. Morena:

The name Morena means ‘brown hair’ or brown-haired. The name Morena has three different origins.

56. Taina:

While some believe Taina is a Finnish name, a short form of Tatiana, others also know it as a Scandinavian name.

57. Eduardo:

Wealthy Guardian is the meaning of the name Eduardo, a name of English/Old English origin.

58. Alessandra:

The name Alessandra means to defend or help. It is a name of Greek origin and also has a variation.

59. Felipe:

The name Felipe means ‘friends of horses. It is a variation of the name Phillip, a name of Greek origin.

60. Perla:

A name that means precious ‘pearls. Perla is of Spanish origin, but some also believe it to be of Italian and Latin origin.

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20 Brazilian American Children Names:

61. Rodrigo:

Derived from the Germanic/German name Roderick is the name Roderigo, which is in reference to many historical people.

62. Alessandra:

A name that means the defender of men according to its Greek origins is the female name, Alessandra.

63. Camilla:

Camilla is the feminine form of the better-known name Camillus, which was the name of a historic warrior maiden.

64. Bruno:

The name Bruno can mean Armour as well as the color Brown as that is what the word Brun means, the German word from which Bruno is derived.

65. Caio:

The meaning of the name Caio is ‘rejoice’. The Welsh name has multiple variations in several languages.

66. Catarina:

A name that’s popular in many countries, Catarina means ‘pure’ from its Greek origins.

67. Sabrina:

The name Sabrina means ‘Cyprus’ or from the river Severn. The name of Latin origin holds some historical significance.

68. Christiano:

A very popular Brazilian name, the name is actually of Greek origin and means ‘Christian’.

69. Valentina:

The name Valentina is known to have Ukrainian origins. This baby girl name means strong, healthy and brave.

70. Alexio:

The name Alexio means someone who is a ‘defender’. Someone who is the helper and protector of men.

71. Gabriela:

The name Gabriela can be a boy’s name as well as a girl’s name. The name means ‘God is my strength’.

72. Sofia:

Sofia is a very common female name; this Brazilian baby girl name means wisdom or a wise woman as per its Greek origins.

73. Yolanda:

The name Yolanda has many variations in different languages and means the violet flower, Yolanda.

74. Ramona:

The name Ramona holds a very strong meaning. This Brazilian baby girl name means the ‘destroyer of evil’, the protector.

75. Feliciana:

The name with multiple lingual variations in commonly Latin Felicia, Feliciana means ‘lucky’.

76. Marco:

The name Marco has historical significance. The name Marco means one who is at war.

77. Leo:

Leo is a name of Latin origin. This name, which is also a sun sign, means Lion in Latin.

78. Hugo:

The name Hugo has many variations, both feminine and masculine. The name means intelligence.

79. Mateo:

The name Mateo means one who is a gift of God, a beautiful and very meaningful name.

80. Lucas:

The name Lucas also has many variations, the main one being Lucas. The name Lucas means one who gives Light.

Following are some of the best names you will ever find for naming a Brazilian child. The names are so amazing that everyone will be willing to offer their babies with such beautiful names. The names are so alluring that almost every child when becomes mature enough to understand the meanings of the names, will be proud of their parents. Next time you get confused while searching for popular Brazilian baby names, you know where to look.


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