Breastfeeding is basically feeding an infant with breast milk rather than chemical milk. The first breastfeed is considered very vital in growth of child. It is very rich in vitamins, proteins, antibodies. Breastfeeding experience is very special and beneficial for your child. There is a joyful bonding with the baby and lots of healthy benefits are attached to breastfeeding. A nation benefits from breastfeeding mothers as it reduces the death rate of children by a great statistical figure.

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Breastfeeding Tips, Information and Advices:


Breast milk is a boon to a mother. Some of the benefits of breastfeeding are:

1. The first Milk is Considered as Liquid Gold:

The first thick yellow milk that comes out of the breast just after birth is very rich in nutrients and antibodies and protects the babies against various diseases.

It is Very Digestible: for babies and premature babies breast milk is very easy to digest and contains a lot of protein in it. It is very light and that why it is digested well by the newbie.

2. It Fights Against Diseases:

Fights against diseases like ear infection and diarrhea as it contains antibodies, cells and hormones. The chemically formulated breast milk can never match up with the unique formula of natural breast milk.

3. It can Make You Feel Great:

The physical contact with the baby helps in the bonding as well as makes you feel warm, comfortable and secured. The skin to skin contact with the newbie boosts up the production of oxytocin levels. This is a hormone that calms the mother and help in proper flow of milk.

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4. It can Fight Against Various Health Problems in Women:

It is linked with lower risk of following diseases like

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Postpartum depression

5. It Helps in Weight Loss:

Studies show that breastfeeding mothers have higher chances of weight loss than non breastfeeding mothers.


1. First Breastfeed After Birth:

There should be a warm touch and contact between the mother and the baby.

2. Getting Started:

The first milk is Colostrum rich in nutrients and vitamin. The stomach of a newbie is very small and cannot hold too much of milk. Feeding the baby often results in more milk supply.

3. Pay Attention to baby’s Body Clock:

Instead o fixing the time of breastfeeding by clock, look at the baby’s a wanting and accordingly decides. Baby’s early signs of hunger are rooting, licking lips and putting hands into mouth. In the first few weeks it should be done 8 or more times.

If breastfeeding is well and often done then other liquids are not at all required by the body.

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4. Production of Milk:

The more milk baby sucks the more milk is produced as a result. During the first few months of growth spurts more milk is required.

5. It is a Complete Food:

For the first 6 months it is the only food and drink a baby needs. If feeding is done properly the growth of the baby is also proper.


i) When breastfeeding is well established after 6 months and the mother is back to work then she can express milk and store n a container which can be refrigerated for 3 days. It should be refrigerated in clean bottles and warming is not suggested as it kills the nutrients required by the baby.

ii) Sleep well. Breastfeeding is often at the cost of mothers sleep. So one should try to sleep at the time when the baby sleeps because once the baby is awake and hungry you have to get up no matter how sleepy you are.

iii) Invite guests and visitors only when you feel active and ready. A breastfeeding mother is often tired looking after the baby. So they should meet others only when the baby is relaxed and they are sleeping.

iv) Don’t be shy and always take help from your partner. He also holds a certain responsibility towards the child after all.

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