Do you know what the toughest part of a wedding ensemble is? Well, if you think it is the wedding lehenga, you’re mistaken! Instead, it is bridal hair buns! Bun hairstyle for weddings is among the most preferred hairstyle that matches and goes very well with the bridal outfit. It just accentuates one’s look and adds a perfectly gorgeous and mesmerizing look to all the brides.

But there is an array of looks and bridal bun hairstyles. Choosing the perfect and suitable look for a big day is confusing. That’s why we come here to help you.

Beautiful and Stylish Hair Bun for Wedding 2023:

Whether you like simple and easy, a fancy and contemporary look, or even the traditional choice, these bun hairstyle looks are apt and perfect for the wedding. So, here we go with the most lovely and gorgeous bridal hair bun looks and styles!

1. Pearl Studded Bridal Bun Hairstyles:

Indian weddings can never be simple, and the best part, we all agree, is experimenting and accentuating the looks. There can never be something too simple, and if you agree with us, this pearl hair bun hairstyle is for you! This Indian bridal bun hairstyle for weddings is charming and graceful and instantly lets you have a sophisticated and luxurious appearance. This bridal bun hairstyle can be chosen for both sarees or lehenga, according to your preference. Women with any face shape can try it out too!

2. Bridal Bun Hairstyles with Veil:

We have this stunning hair doughnut bun with front curls if you are looking for a bun updo hairstyle for brides with a veil. This charming look is among our top favourites and the latest trend in the fashion town. This is elegant, exquisite and ravishing – perfect for women who love minimal yet gorgeous stuff. Those with oval and heart face shapes can give this look a try!

3. High Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

If you are looking for a fancy contemporary hairstyle bun for the wedding, there is nothing like the high bun or top bun. This high bridal bun is the new trend amongst millennial brides. The beautiful hair bun here is further made to look lovely by adding elegant hair accessories. It adds a glammy and stylish mesmerizing look quickly. If you have long or mid-length thick and dense hair, these high updos for the wedding are an attractive choice to try out.

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4. Party Wedding Bun Hairstyles for Black Hair:

Are you looking for a hair bun for pre-wedding parties or welcome parties? Well, how about this lovely one? If you have black hair texture and have an eye for a unique and feminine look, this bridal knot hairstyle is a good choice. It adds a certain glow and an alluring style seamlessly. Pair it well with an excellent multi-coloured outfit or boho-themed ensemble for an overall beautiful look.

5. Side Braided Hair Bun Wedding Hairstyle:

Braided hair buns are not a new phenomenon. However, they are still among the most timeless and vintage looks that can never go out of trend. So, we have this lovely and stunning side braided hair bun look for the brides to be. This gorgeous style is ideal if you have a straight or wavy hair texture and works aptly for several wedding festivities. It adds a radiant and peppy look instantly.

6. Indian Bridal Hair Bun Hairstyles with Flowers:

Indian weddings are incomplete without hair bun hairstyles. So, these hairstyles became a part of the wedding ensemble, especially how they blend in very well with the wedding lehenga and veil. This beautiful floral hair bun is an excellent match to your look on your wedding day. The bridal hair bun in India adds to the ethnic and traditional look yet seamlessly brings an edgy and feminine vibe. Women with any hair length can try this look. You can experiment with the look with different choices of flowers in a wedding bridal bun, right from colourful combinations to evergreen roses! This suits both lehenga outfits and saree.

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7. Bridal Side Soft Bun Hairstyle:

Have you ever heard of soft buns? If you haven’t, this soft hair bun is an inspiration. We love this Asian-inspired side bun hairstyle for the brides. This gorgeous look can be achieved instantly and works wonders to glam up and elevate your overall style statement instantly. But then, add elegant hair accessories and a beautiful ensemble for a chic and vibrant appearance.

8. Textured Hair Bun for Short Hair:

Wondering how to work with a hair bun despite having short hair? Well, with the new looks and unique styles, you don’t need to be worried. We have this fantastic and gorgeous textured wedding bun hairstyle for short hair. This lovely hairdo is an attractive choice if you love elegant and smart minimalist-inspired style statements. It accentuates your overall vibrant appearance and adds to your mesmerizing style.

9. Loose Wedding Hair Bun Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

If you have a very fine smooth hair texture or medium thick hair, this loose low hair bun is perfect. This low and effortless hairdo is a good choice for a contemporary and fancy look for millennial brides. It adds to the soft and beautiful feeling and lets you have a flawless amazing look. Flaunt it with your lovely outfit and accessories for a sophisticated style statement. Similarly, you can even try the loose side wedding hair bun variant too!

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10. Chignon Hair Bun for Long Hair:

Chignon hair buns always have a very alluring and sophisticated plush style. No other hairstyle and hairdo can match the grandeur vibe that is delivered by a chignon bun. We have this gorgeous bridal chignon bun variant for women with long-length hair. This lovely bridal chignon bun hairstyle can be further accentuated by adding hair accessories. It is perfect for your wedding festivities, especially for reception and post-wedding parties, with a gorgeous long gown. This is perfectly suitable for those with long hair!

11. Messy Bun Hairstyles for Wedding:

Do you love messy hairstyles? Are you fascinated by fancy updos? Well, there is nothing like a messy hair bun, is it?! The gorgeous messy bridal bun hairstyle is a good choice for millennial women who love grandeur and bold styles. The updo adds to the overall texture and grand wedding ensemble. This is a versatile choice and suits different wedding outfits and costumes. You can similarly try out the messy wedding bun in a top bun look or low bun style too!

12. Low Side Bun Wedding Hairstyles:

This natural radiant look is perfect for women who love romantic and elegant graceful hairstyles. In addition, the bridal low side sleek bun is suitable for women who have thin to fine hair texture, with wavy or straight hair. The wedding hair adds a perfect choice for your pre and post-wedding functions and parties. Finally, work on adding good pearl or stone hair accessories to accentuate the overall style statement. Do you know what the best part of this low bun updo is? This is a versatile look and can also fit in both brides and bridesmaids hairstyles!

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We hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful bun hairstyle for the wedding. These bridal hairdos are an excellent choice for all wedding festivities and parties and work well to match your silhouette. Let us know your thoughts; which hairstyle and updos did you like the most? We love to hear from you!


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