Wedding day is the most special day for a woman’s life. It is one day that a woman plans for all her life and wants to look the prettiest of all. It is a trend to call for make-up artists to get professional make-up done as it is long lasting. However, there are some basic tricks that you can follow and achieve a professional-like make up on your special day without it being a very costly affair.

How to do Bridal Face Makeup:

1. Face and Eye Primer Base:

The base is essential to make the face look problem-free and smooth. Start by using a moist tissue to seal the pores and apply dots on dark spots, under the eyes and lips.

2. Application of Foundation:

Use a foundation that does not contain SPF; this is to prevent the skin from looking very light and flashed out in photographs.

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3. Concealer:

Concealer is used to make the skin look perfect. It hides the fine lines and under eye darkness. Make sure this also does not contain any SPF.

4. Define The Brows:

Use a good eye brow definer, pencil, gel or wax to darken and define the eye brows. This prevents the face from looking dull after the make-up is complete, especially if you have scanty eye brows. Make sure you do not overdo.

5. Eye Makeup:

Keep the eye make-up light. Do not use very bold and dark shades. Usually, a base colour is used instead of the exact shade of the bridal wear. Too dark a make-up can make you look dull and tired within the first few hours of the wedding time.

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6. Highlighting:

Define the cheekbones using a highlighter that suits the skin shade. The nose, brow bones and inner corner of the eyes should also be paid attention to, but with a very slight touch up.

7. Blush On:

Use blush-on on the cheeks and hairline with a wide brush. Make sure the shade is subtle and you do not apply too much of the blusher.

8. Bronzer:

Bronzer should be applied along with the nose, chin and forehead. It should be just the right amount to add shine to the overall appearance.

9. Set with Dry Powder:

Using a big brush, apply dry powder to set the entire make-up. Make sure you use dry powder and try not to smudge the colours.

10. Lips:

Lips should be accentuated by first defining the lips with a suitable lip liner, then applying the lipstick using a thin brush to spread the colour evenly and then finish with a gloss. Make sure you apply foundation on the lips before applying the lipstick; this makes the colour stay for a longer period without spreading out.

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11. Clear Out the Extras:

Use a clean make-up pad or buff to clear out extra make-up from the face. Focus on areas that give a cakey look especially the under eye and cheek area. Do not take off too much; a little dark make-up is essential so that it gives a natural look after a while.

12. Use Setting Spray:

Use a good setting spray to make the make-up stay for a long period. The face needs to look fresh for a long time and bridal make-up does not necessarily have time for touch-ups.

Follow these easy steps and you can get a professional like makeup on your wedding day without spending too much. Make sure you use a good brand of cosmetics and try using shades that suit the skin tone. Also, follow a beauty regime starting at least 2 months before your wedding to get the inner glow to the skin and enjoy your day to the fullest.


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