By following some simple steps you can create wonders to your hair for your special day. Bridal hairstyle is more to do with comfort and elegance apart from looking different. The bridal hair should be such that it also compliments your bridal dress, whether you are wearing a lehanga or a gown or are carrying a dupatta. It also varies from the kind of accessory you chose for your hair such as maangtika or veil or a broach.

Top Bridal Hairstyle videos:

If you are planning to wear a lehnga on your wedding day then you need to ensure that your dupatta is well secure with the hair. Now once that is decided depending on the length of the hair you can choose this style.

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For those who do not have a long hair but urge for that look of a bride where all the eyes are just on you. This video will help you to have a perfect hair do even in short hair. Also this hairstyle is ideal if you want to use dupatta on your head and apply a maangtika. The side parting also gives a graceful look. You need to put the maangtika before-hand so that it can be secured well.

When you are a bride in a gown then all you need is to accessorise your hair in the best way and also keep it comfortable. This video will be helpful even if you have short hair. The use of accessories will make your hair look like that of a perfect bride. You feel beautiful, elegant and confident.

For the low low do. If you want curls to make you look charming then this also can be tried with. This bridal hairstyle is simple not only in terms of time being consumed but also that use of hair straighter and curl makes it all the more simple yet elegant. After you are done with the curls, tie the hair to a bun and secure it well to keep in place. You can use serum to add shine. Thereafter use accessories including natural flowers in your bun and here you have an elegant bride in a gown.

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If you have a middle length hair and very bouncy or voluminous then this beehive hairstyle is perfect for your long face. The elongated look makes you look elegant and tall. This style is inspired from the looks of 1960’s. The hair except at the front and near the ears is rolled to make curls and is then back combed. Once you smooth the hair then you will see that the hair has become fluffy and therefor looks thick and voluminous. Thereafter follow the steps in the video.

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For a south Indian bride who wants to use a bun hairstyle on her bridal day, this simple and easy to d hair do is perfect. No use of artificial hair or extensions is needed if you have long hair. No matter even if your hair is not that voluminous, but this will give you a look that you want.

This classic hairstyle will actually make you look classic for any occasion be It a wedding or just anything else. You need to make use of curl irons and some accessories for your hair. If you have medium to long hair you may try this hairstyle.

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