20 Best Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair With Images

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So, your wedding planning is going on and you just finalized your attire for the big day. Are you looking for the perfect hairstyle to compliment your wedding attire? Are the myriad wedding hairstyles making it more difficult for you? Read on to end all your worries.

Bridal Hairstyles for long hair

Given here is the selection of top 9 bridal hairstyles for long hair that are extremely stunning. When selecting any of these, ensure that you choose one that flatters you and contributes in making you look more beautiful on this memorable day. Try any of these Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair for wedding season and get the look gorgeous.

Different Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair With Pictures:

1. Long Braided Wedding Hairstyle:

Long Braided hairstyless

In most of the south Indian weddings, the brides need to tie their hair and not let it loose. This braided hairstyle is aptly suited then. For this look, make braids that are neither loose nor tight. If the braids have not reached your desired length, you can also use false hair to get the length. Accessorize this braided look with beaded strands that are criss-crossed around the braid to make it look more stunning. Use a beautiful maangtika to complete this braided look.

2. Open Long Curly Hairstyle:

This is a simple yet superb hairstyle for brides-to-be. If you do not like your hair tied up, you must surely try out this open curly long hairstyle. This hairstyle requires minimum accessory and is done in almost no time. This curly look is easily created using styling combs and hairspray. To make this look even more appealing, make a centre parting and wear a stunning maangtika.

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3. Curly Messy Braided Hairstyle:

This messy hairstyle for brides is very popular. The messy braided style looks spectacular on everyone. The hair is this style is braided loosely to get the messy look. Cut few side bangs and curl them up to add more glamour to this messy braided look. Adorn this hairstyle with bold maangtika and side hanging hair accessory. If you like, you can also add some fresh flowers.

4. Flower-Weaved Braided Crown:

This flower-weaved braided crown is catching up fast among brides. This hairstyle gives the bride a modern look that is yet very rustic and vintage. In this hairstyle, braids are made and loosely tied at the top of the head to form a crown. In this hairstyle, fresh flowers are added generously to make it romantically appealing.

5. Chignon Bun For Wedding:

This is a charismatic hairstyle from the past that is becoming increasingly popular. The neat tied up bun looks very classy and sophisticated. You can ornate the bun with stunning hair accessories, fresh flowers or beads. A veil can also be added to this Chignon bun hairstyle to glam the look.

6. Coiled Curled Bridal Half Up Half Down Hairstyle:

Half Up Half Down Curls

This is a trend setting bridal hairstyle. You must surely try out this half up half down hairstyle for your wedding day. This hairstyle has a crown on the top with big curls falling loosely at the back or curled together to one side. Accentuate this look with brightly colored flower on one side.

7. Braided Chignon With Vintage Curls For Brides:

The braided chignon with vintage hairstyle with curls can never go wrong. If you are fond of hair buns, try this hairstyle that uses chignon bun with slight twist. Here, the bun is made using braided hair and the tight curls give it a vintage look.

8. Floral South Indian Wedding Hairstyle:

If you love wearing fresh flowers on your hair, this hairstyle is meant for you. This hairstyle is traditional among South Indian brides and looks amazingly stunning. In this style hair is braided long and intertwined with fresh garlands. You can also add some sparkling hair embellishment to highlight the overall look.

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9. Beehive Back With Open Curly Style:

Last but not the least, this beehive open curly hairstyle can make any bride look beautiful effortlessly. In this hairstyle, hair is let open with few bangs on each side. The beehive looks compliments the Indian wedding outfits very well. Complete this look with dazzling maangtika.

With changing times, the aura and style of brides has also undergone transformation. Brides love experimenting with new hairstyles to completely transform their look on the wedding day. Bridal hairstyles have also changed and these are some different yet classy hairstyles for to-be-brides.

10. Long Curly Rolls For Wedding:

bridal hairstyles for long hair10

This is a half up- half down simple hairstyle but made to look a little prettier. This is one of the simplest bridal hairstyles for long hair and it can look pretty on any one. Just make soft rolls and curls on the back side and like a simple half up- half down style you can pin up your hair.

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11. Simple Ponytail For Long Hair:

bridal hairstyles for long hair11

This is a simple ponytail made a little better with slight curling and the nice and floral hair accessory. This is a pretty hairstyle for long hair for wedding and anyone can do it without any help at all. Just neatly pull all your hair to the back and then secure with a hair tie and then decorate with a floral band.

12. Braided Hairband With Long Hair:

bridal hairstyles for long hair12

The very sweet hairstyle for the girls who love to keep it soft and romantic, this is one of the charming bridal hairstyles for long hair. You need to comb your hair nicely and then take hair from one side above the crown and then keep braiding into a hair band and secure on the other side.

13. Simple Curly Hair Style For Brides:

bridal hairstyles for long hair13

This is a simple hair down bridal hairstyle for long hair and is easy for everyone. You can flaunt this easily even if you are not the bride to be. Simply comp and wrap the hair towards the back and then clip it up and decorate with a flower on one side.

14. Side Long Layered Bun:

bridal hairstyles for long hair14

This is one very soft and graceful style which you can adorn with chain accessories on the opposite side. A pretty addition to the bridal hairstyles for long hair in this you need to take hair from one side and then secure as a bun on the other side of the neck. The hair left loose is thus divided into two portions and twisted and pinned back.

15. Disney Princess Style For Long Hair:

bridal hairstyles for long hair15

This is one hairstyle for long hair for wedding which you have especially seen Jasmine doing in Aladdin. Here your hair is middle parted and puffs are made on both sides and then pinned low on the back. The hair left loose can be then tied accordingly.

16. Twisted Low Updo With Long Hair:

bridal hairstyles for long hair16

This is a very common wedding style for long hair girls because it is easy and it looks beautiful with any outfit you have chosen for the big day. Here your hair is parted from one side and then is made into a low and braided twist which ends up in a bun at the back.

17. Curly African Wedding Long Hairstyles:

bridal hairstyles for long hair17

This is a messed up style in which the girl has curly hair and she has done a very sweet half up- half down style. She has further adorned it with a very pretty floral band to secure her bun. This is a typical African style which is adapted by other parts of the world too.

18. Full Fishtail Braid For Long Hair Bride:

bridal hairstyles for long hair18

This is a simple and neat fishtail braid style. The only difference is that the fish tail braid starts right from the top of the head and goes down till the very end. You just need to lift up all the hair and then make a simple fish tail. Thick hair is more suitable for this hair style.

19. Long Twisted Ponytail:

bridal hairstyles for long hair19

Here in this picture, the girl is devoid of all accessories and has kept it very simple yet very smart and pretty. She has chosen a messed up pony tail where she has not even used a hair tie. In this she has made a knot to secure the pony tail.

20. Waterfall Braid:

bridal hairstyles for long hair20

This is a vintage style which is still popular for girls who like it soft and graceful. This is a waterfall braid because it cascades down. This is tied by taking little parts of the hair from both sides so that the braid seems to be done right at the middle of the hair.

When the big day has already arrived and you don’t know yet how you want to style your hair. This is when you can take the help of each hairstyle for long hair for wedding and look at your very best.