Top 9 Bridal Hairstyles for Reception

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Wedding day is the big treat we all know, but what is equally important is your reception party where one needs to look her prime self, especially if you are the bride or one of her maids.

Bridal hairstyles for reception

All those days of rehearsal dinners and reception speeches are finally going to pay off and therefore one of the most important part of your routine for that day should be giving some thought as to what hairstyle should you be opting that would fit your face.You can always take a glimpse into these delicious options that would leave you dumb struck.

Best Bridal Hairstyles for Reception:

The Side Braid:

Bridal hairstyles for reception 1

The side braid is the classic hairstyle fit for a wedding or a reception. This is the neatest way to a trendy look where you can use simple every day French braid to create an awesome hair do for your special days. Use one part of the hair to create the braid and then infuse it in your bun.

The Back Rolls:

The back rolls

For the back rolls, all you need to do is keep your roller or curler on the ready mark and sleek your hair down. Comb thoroughly through your hair and then leave the necessary front locks on the front. Now use the curler to curl and roll up the hair for the perfect look.

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The Simple Bun:

The simple bun

This is a low hanging bun which is one of the most common yet one of the classiest looks for a perfect wedding. Style the front lock accordingly. You can either wave it or keep it simple and straight. Gather the hair at the back of your head and simply tie it in a small messed up bun.

The Front Do:

The front do

A lot of times, you don’t feel like getting all decked up for the occasion, but your reception event calls for you to be classy and pimped up. At such a time, you can opt for the easiest and the most efficient look. Just use the front part of the hair to roll it and pin it up.

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Go for The Curls:

Bridal hairstyles for reception 5

Curls will make your look more dramatic and pleasant and therefore, just opt for the basic hair curls for your hair instead of any other extravagance.

The Heavy Braid:

Bridal hairstyles for reception 6

When in doubt, go for braids. Having a bad hair day right on your reception day is simply a loss but don’t let this ruin your day. Braids can come to your rescue where a loose braid can make your hair look voluminous and classy at the same time. Use some embellishments or accessories if needed for the perfect look.

Mega Waves:

Mega waves

Take each individual lock of hair and scrunch it up to get this mega trendy look. There are different types of waves, this one in particular is rather intense and are called scrunches. This would give you the perfect messed up voluminous head of hair you were looking for. While the big plans for the wedding still awaits, this scrunched up look can do well for the reception party.

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Puffed Ponies:

Puffed ponies

This is an elegant look that is simple and yet trend setting. Never going out of style is our long and sleeked down ponytails but what makes it trendy is the puffed up hair at the front. Use teasing or simply bump-its to create a puff in the middle and then use the rest to tie it in a straight pony.

Half Knot:

Half knot

The half knot is a beautiful hairstyle for your reception day where you can portray your beauty through soft curls falling carelessly underneath the messed up bun. For this, take the upper tresses from your hair and loosely pack it up in a bun. Now secure the bun with pins and let the rest in the back freely fall.

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