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Top 9 Bridal Hairstyles For Round Faces

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Your bridesmaids are ready with your something blue and the little ring barrier with a bow on her head is carrying your something borrowed, that ring from his grandmother. You ready with your satin gown is about to walk down that aisle and your hair for today can be something new.

Bridal hairstyles for round faces

Weddings are the best days to show yourself off and if you are one of the prime knot tiers in the wedding, you definitely deserve a special treat. Take a cue from these hairstyle ideas that would perfectly fit your round face right about now.

Best Bridal Hairstyles For Round Faces:

The Sleeked Back:

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The sleeked back look will be perfect for your hair where the shape of your face can be accentuated by a sleeked back look. All you need to do is brush back the hair and tie it in a messy knot or a low hanging bun. However, if you are wanting to hide the roundness of your face, keep a strand or two loose and free falling from the sides to keep the look well balanced.

The Front Bouffant:


Usually when you are sporting a round face, using a front pouf can really help you a lot down the line. The big front puffing usually equalizes the roundness of your face. you can use the teasing method or simply use a bump it to keep the front puff in place. Now use the rest of the hair to tie a ponytail or a simple braid.

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The Side Bangs:


Usually with a round face, a whole lot of side bangs would definitely make your hair look voluminous while your face will not look eerily round. You can use the side bangs by parting them from the middle which equally distributes the locks on either sides. the rest of the hair can be propped up in a messy bun or a simple pony. This would go perfectly with a sweetheart neckline gown for your wedding.

French Fringes:


for the wedding day, use your French fringes on the front with a high class top knot at the back. Use a heavy bun or a even a messy bun and use a high top one for extra oomph.

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The Trendy Bride:


Usually a bride without a long hair can easily opt for a trendy faux bob which is next to the best elegant makeover you can opt for in a short hairstyle. If you have a round face, a side parted faux waved bob will make your face look thinner or simple accentuate the shape of your face all the more. this would go well with a clutching neck piece.

Go Free:


Nowhere in the rule book was it written that a bride has to have her hair tied in the best extravagant way possible. For all the bride to be’s who hate extra drama on their wedding day can usually opt for free flowing feather cut locks. Talking about round shaped faces, use the front locks in short layers that would fall on your forehead and use a deep cut neckline.

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Mid Curls:


Just let the mane down and part it from the middle. Next use the curlers for a more feminine touch.

The Half up Crunches:


Crunches are the best hair type for a round shape face because of their volume. The crunches which are intense curls in your hair adds volume to the hair and therefore accentuates the face oh so well. sweep the front locks to the side and use the upper half in a tie with the free flowing hair crunched and curled up for extra body.

A Braided Tale:


a simple side braid is enough to make your hair a statement piece. With a round hair use the loose braid style with essential loose front locks.

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