Bridal jewellery is exclusive for a bride and is just perfect for her special day that is her wedding. A wedding is the most precious day in a woman’s life, and so is her jewellery that adorns the beauty of a bride. A wedding is special for a woman when she becomes a wife and embarks her on a new journey towards a life with new relations and bondings. So bridal jewellery is that perfect thing for her to feel special, and on that day, all the attention is on her only.

The special handpicked bridal jewellery also gives her that radiance and glow in her face, which is very symbolic to a bride. Weddings are huge, and hence jewellery forms a part of it on a large scale. Jewellery shopping for weddings is a big thing.

Latest Collection Bridal Jewellery Designs for Perfect Wedding Look:

Bridal jewellery consists of different jewellery pieces and accessories for a bride to complete the look. Let us have a look at the top 25 bridal jewellery designs.

1. Designer Bridal Gold Necklaces:

Gold forms a very important part of bridal jewellery. Gold is very much auspicious and hence extensively used in bridal jewellery. Gold necklaces look grand and heavy and fall beautifully on the neck, and hence the bride looks resplendent when she wears golden necklaces and golden jewellery.

Gold necklaces with matching earrings and other gold jewellery like bangles, chains, long chains, short necklaces etc., complete the bridal look. Gold jewellery has been part of the bridal jewellery collection, with all the accessories in gold for that beautiful look on a special day.

2. Polki Bridal Jewellery Sets:

Polki is mined uncut diamonds used exclusively for making bridal jewellery. Polki bridal jewellery set is heavy and perfect for that rich look for a bride at her wedding. Polki stones have that raw look in them and hence are on the expensive side as far as the value is concerned. Polki has that pure antique finish perfect for that ethnic look with the traditional wedding attire.

3. Bridal Gold and Kundan Sets for Wedding:

Kundan is extremely popular and very important in jewellery designs and collections for weddings. A bride looks ravishing and glowing in any Kundan jewellery. It is a form of traditional Rajasthani wedding jewellery. Kundan jewellery is a work of expensive stones in green, maroon or red and diamonds in gold. So Kundan bridal sets can have Kundan and gold necklaces, long layered chains, kamarband, armlets, bangles, maang tikka, chokers etc.

Kundan gold jewellery completes the bridal look, and she looks like a damsel on her wedding day. A lot of hard work and craftsmanship is involved while making bridal gold and Kundan jewellery.

4. Temple Wedding Jewellery Design:

Weddings are those special occasions which is an experience of a lifetime. And hence jewellery forms an important aspect of a bride. Temple design bridal gold jewellery is the latest and new entrant in bridal designs, and these heavenly looking jewellery pieces are mind-blowingly beautiful. They have images of Gods like Lord Krishna, Goddesses Lakshmi, Devi etc., crafted with intricate designs in temple architecture. They are beautifully designed with precision for that Goddess like bridal look in every woman.

5. Ruby Wedding Jewellery Set:

Ruby stones have been used for many years in making bridal jewellery. Bright ruby stones give a South Indian bride a rich look with traditional Kanjivaram golden sarees and other jewellery. Even antique ruby jewellery with traditional jhumkas can be worn by the bride on her special day. Necklaces and jhumka sets in rubies and gold with that antique look can be just perfect for that traditional wedding look. These bridal ruby sets with heavy necklaces, long matching heavy earrings, chains etc., complete the bridal look.

6. Traditional Wedding Jewellery Set with Laxmi Design:

A bride looks no less than a Goddess on her wedding day. So what better way than to adorn herself with Goddess Laxmi designs! Laxmi is known as the Goddess of wealth. With this beautifully crafted wedding jewellery in Laxmi designs, she is sure to look heavenly, beautiful and pretty. These traditional jewellery designs have beautiful designs intricately carved into long chains, short chains and necklaces.

7. Bridal Pearl Ethnic Jhumkas:

Jhumkas are one of the most striking and elegant in bridal jewellery when the bride wears her earrings. These amazing looking pearl ethnic jhumkas go very well with other bridal jewellery. The pearls with gold and those delicate-looking dangling chains with bridal jhumkas are just beautiful on a bride. Jhumkas are the most preferred bridal earring in many parts of the country by brides.

8. Traditional Bridal Gold and Stone Jhumkas:

Jhumkas are the most elegant jewellery in earrings for an Indian bride. Jhumkas find a place in the jewellery trousseau. These can even be worn standalone for any function after the wedding. Jhumkas in gold, with intricate work, expensive stones, patterns etc., are perfect for that traditional yet antique look. Jhumkas in gold with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and precious stones are very popular in bridal jewellery.

9. Heavy Drop Earrings for Bridal:

Drop Earrings are also known as Indian Balis or Chaandbalis. These unique designed earrings are just beautiful, and the bride will be just gorgeous in this heavy balis. These are heavy and have a designer element feel in them. These earrings have heavy stone work in them and are long with an intricate pattern in circles. These can also be worn standalone later.

10. Bridal Diamond Jewellery Sets:

Talking of brides and diamonds are a must-have in her bridal jewellery. After all, it’s her special day, her wedding. Diamonds are just perfect for any bride with any bridal outfit. These perfect shiny stones match any skin tone, colour etc. This no doubt is expensive, but that happiness on her face will be unmatched. These breathtakingly beautiful diamond sets can have maangtikka, hand chains, kamarband, bangles, nose pin, heavy necklace/choker, a long layered chain with heavy pendant, earrings etc.

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11. Bridal Coin Jewellery Sets:

Extremely important in Kerala weddings are these traditional coin necklaces/long-chain sets with earrings. Coin necklaces are also known as “kaasumaala”: Kaasu means coins/money, and Maala means chain/necklace. These have antique value and hence are important during weddings as a gift and blessing from elders. These coin necklaces have small round coins with the image of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) on the front joined beautifully to form a necklace or a long chain. They look amazing with the traditional Kerala kasavu saree (off white saree with golden borders).

12. Bridal Pearl Jewellery Set:

Pearls look beautiful on any woman irrespective of skin colour; age etc. Bridal pearl jewellery can be perfect for the reception look in the evening. Pearls with diamonds and matching earrings look amazing with that shine in the evening. Pearls and diamonds or pearls with any expensive stones symbolise class; grandeur and royalty get reflected when she wears these sets.

13. Bridal Diamond Choker Set:

Chokers are that heavenly looking necklaces in precious and semi-precious stones with exclusive cut diamonds for that glamorous look for a bride. Diamonds with rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc., are classic for chokers, and lots of brides in their weddings flaunt the look. The shine, brilliance and class of white diamonds and the regal, royal look of precious stones get matched in one heavy bridal jewellery choker set.

14. Heritage Bridal Kundan Necklace:

One of the most expensive in bridal jewellery is Kundan jewellery. Kundan jewellery is handmade or rather handcrafted with precision and perfection for that beautiful looking final jewellery piece. Heavy Kundan necklaces form part of Indian bridal wear to go along with her heavy sarees or wedding attire. The bride glows naturally after this beautiful jewellery takes centre stage.

15. South Indian Antique Bridal Jewellery:

Jewellery designs from South India are unique and very different from other bridal jewellery designs. The cuts, designs, make, and patterns are very distinct and spectacular, and one gets transported to another world just by looking at the jewellery piece. The quality of diamonds, rubies and gold; the shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just breath-taking, and the traditional bride wearing these jewellery pieces look gorgeous. These are heirloom and can be diamonds and ruby studded for rich yet antique value. This bridal jewellery is passed down to the next generation during or after marriage very much in use during weddings and marriages.

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16. Bridal Gold Bangles Jewellery:

The most important for a bride after necklaces and all are bangles. Bangles are most important when a bride thinks of bridal jewellery as hands play a very important part in the wedding. Bridal golden bangles are heavy and are very uniquely designed. The intricate work of designing, the expensive stone work done, the use of pure gold in the bangle is proof that the bangle is worth being classified as important bridal wear.

17. Heritage Bridal Bangles:

No words are enough to describe antique or heritage jewellery with pearls and gold. Pearls in white/off white with that antique finish of gold give a beautiful look to the bride’s hands. She can team these heavy bangles with simpler antique ones for a fuller look in the hands.

18. Bridal Diamond Rings Jewellery:

The most important piece of jewellery for a woman on the day of her engagement and her marriage rings. Expensive Finger rings with diamonds and precious stones in gold are very important for a bride. This symbolises her womanhood and marks her journey into family life with her husband or a life partner. Brides can choose from various rings for that stunning look of their hands in wedding photographs for a lifetime.

19. Waist Chains in Bridal Jewellery:

One of the most important in bridal jewellery is the waist chains, better known as kamarbandh. Waist chains are gorgeous and look amazing on a bride. They have that beautiful finish with hangings, stones, layers etc., for a different feel and look to the bridal attire. The brilliant waist chain completes the bridal look. They can be in pure gold with expensive stone work in layers accentuating the waistline.

20. Bridal Armlets:

Armlets or Bajuband are very much in fashion with traditional wear, ethnic wear, sarees, and sleeveless ethnic tops with jeans. They are equally important in bridal jewellery. But bridal armlets are for completing that traditional look of the bride. A beautiful bride with antique jewellery will need an antique armlet only to complete that perfect bride look. They look extremely stunning, and one cannot resist flaunting these unique antique armlets with kundan work, stone work or polki work.

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21. Bridal Hand Chains:

Hand chains or haath phool are the most important hand accessory for a bride. These are a chain in kundan work or gold or diamonds running from the finger ring to the wrist. They give a beautiful look to the hands as the look of the hands are very important for a bride.

22. Bridal Chura in Hands:

Chura is a set of bangles that are usually red and white worn as four sets two each in one hand, consisting of four white kadas and thin red and white bangles. Symbolic of culture, it is an essential part of an Indian wedding, especially in North India. The bride has to wear this for at least 40 days post-wedding.

23. Jewellery Kadas for a Bride:

Kadas are big thick bangles worn as single or as a set of two. Brides have to wear kadas as part of customs and traditions prevalent in family and during weddings. Kadas are also passed down generations when a new bride is welcomed to the house. They are those bangles that have been in the family for generations. Hence, kadas are very important jewellery pieces with emotional value attached to them.

24. Designer Anklets Jewellery for a Bride:

The most important accessory to highlight her legs is anklets and toerings. Toerings are a symbol that she is married and are to be worn by the bride on her second toe all the time. Anklets beautify and highlight the legs of the bride. They can be in kundan, gold or silver.

25. Bridal Maang Tikka:

When the bride enters with that shy look, the first thing that people notice are her maang tikka. Maang tikkas or head chains are an essential part of the bridal look. This maang tikka’s in diamonds, kundan work, rubies, emeralds etc., look stunning. They look very grand and beautiful on the bride wearing them. Maaangtikkas or head chains are unique jewellery pieces, and when in diamond or kundan, the value multiplies.

As bride is very important for a wedding so is the bridal jewellery for her. So choice of bridal jewellery is very important for that perfect look in her wedding. With a wide range of jewellery options these days, she can choose and customise her wedding look, reception look and look for all other functions. Gold, diamonds, kundan and polki are the most preferred bridal jewellery.


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