One of the most important days in everyone’s life is the day they get married. A bride dresses up in the best manner on that day, because the memories from this day will be cherished by her partner and her for their lifetime.

Wedding Jewelry Sets for Brides:

Jewelry is one of the most integral things which gives the bride the bridal look and thus it has to be the best. Here are some of the best wedding jewelry sets for brides.

1. Gold Bridal Jewelry Sets for Brides:

Gold is considered the most precious metal and it has a high demand in Indian bridal jewelry sets. This marvelous set will make every person looking at the bride go wow. The necklace is studded with diamonds and has a tear drop shaped emerald in the centre. The maang tikka, which is worn on the forehead, has a similar look along with the earrings which have ruby stones.

2. Diamond Jewelry Set for Marriage:

Diamonds are precious stones and thus very expensive. Bridal jewelry is incomplete without diamonds. This stunning marriage jewellery set is entirely studded with diamonds. The necklace is high-necked and has an elegant look. The identical earrings complete the look.

3. Bridal Pearl Jewelry Set in Diamonds:

Pearls look elegant and classy. They look good if the wedding dress matches with the white colour of the pearls. This set consisting of a necklace and earrings are bold and classy. They go with almost all colours.

4. Kundan Jewellery Set for Brides:

A traditional type of Indian jewelery is the kundan jewelleries made with the gemstones having the gold foil in between. In general, it has been categorized as a class of elaborate necklaces. It was originated from Gujarat and Rajasthan. This heavy jewellery set for wedding is a unique one. It has a combination of gold, white and red, which makes it a beautiful combo of colours.

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5. Stone Jewelry Sets for Brides:

This beautiful set with stones has a loud look, but at the same time it looks elegant too. The gold carvings highlight the beauty of the set, which has a necklace, earrings, as well as a maang tikka. It will look great on a combination of gold and white Saree.

6. Pearl and Gold Bridal Jewelry Sets:

This is a unique design for bridal sets. Its minimalistic look is the best thing about it. The necklace is not a normal bridal necklace, it is a choker. Thus it looks trendy and modern. It is made of gold and has citrine studded on it along with pearls hanging from it. It makes the neck look beautiful and the earrings give it company.

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7. Ruby Jewellery Set for Wedding:

This set has a really heavy look which will go with red Saree’s or lehengas. The necklace has a compact pattern which makes it look elegant. The pendant with a ruby matches the earrings and looks gorgeous.

8. Studded Wedding Jewelry Set:

This electric blue marriage jewellery set is one of the latest designs. The colour has recently been at a high demand. The necklace has a very unique design with half blue stones and half diamond studded designs. The entire set looks sophisticated and brilliant.

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9. Simple Indian Bridal Jewelry Sets:

For those whose Saree’s or dresses already have a heavy look and lot of work on them, this set is perfect. It will look good if the attire is green in colour. The minimalist look enhances the beauty of the bride.

Wedding jewelry sets come in a lot of varieties these days. Brides have a lot of designs to choose from, as many designers have entered the market.

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