Remember the time, when a white wedding dress was a big deal at every wedding? The sheer number of choices brides had in bridal white dresses was astonishing as well as heartening. However, the trend has changed now, or at least is in the process of changing.

Jumpsuits are the new wedding dress code! Right from the bride, to the bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor… all the ladies in the wedding party! Jumpsuits, also known as pant suits sometimes, are pants and top of a ladies’ cut sewn together as if one, with a dressy belt or pattern nipping in the waist.

Gorgeous and Beautiful Jumpsuits for Bridal:

Jumpsuits were the in fashion statement in the 80’s and now they have made a comeback, in the wedding couture no less. It was one of the trending styles back in the 80’s and is now making a comeback with a bang! Here we bring you the top 9 trending jumpsuits this wedding season.

1. Classic Bridal Jumpsuit:

This is a classic white, no frills, pretty bridal jumpsuit. The sleek lines and low cut neckline give it the oomph that a bride commands at the wedding. Walking down the aisle in this and a matching veil is definitely every woman’s dream.

2. Couture Patterned Bridal Jumpsuits:

This sheer patterned couture piece will leave you in awe of it. The top is made out of sheer lace and the bottoms have a satin-like sheen. You don’t even need a white jumpsuit wedding for this one; just a pastel or floral jumpsuit is enough for you to rock the bridal look.

3. Sheer Top Bridal Jumpsuits:

This is another sheer top jumpsuits for wedding that will make you the topic of conversation at the wedding reception party. Looking for a bridesmaid’s jumpsuit? This is the one.

4. Low-Back Bridal Jumpsuits:

The low back satin bowed jumpsuit looks look in white, cream and even purple. This is one trendy number that will look great walking down the aisle, or even dancing at the reception. A must try!

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5. Sweetheart Neckline Bridal Jumpsuits:

Who said sweetheart necklines were only for prom dresses? This wedding jumpsuit rocks the sweetheart neckline and flowing palazzo style bottoms. Wear it as a bridesmaid jumpsuit, or a dressy jumpsuit for weddings.

6. Strapless Bridal Jumpsuits:

The strapless look is also looking quite good on this white wedding jumpsuit, don’t you think? The cream colored or even dark colored floral pattern with pointy strapless or simple tube pattern both look as good as each other. This number is good to wear even if you are the bride, the maid of honor or a bridesmaid.

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7. Voluminous Chic Bridal Jumpsuits:

This number is a hit in all the fashion markets when it comes to wearing jumpsuits at a wedding right now. The satin finish, the billowing flowing patterns and the voluminous sleeves all are just the greatest look a wedding party woman would want.

8. White Cropped Lace Bridal Jumpsuits:

White cropped lace jumpsuits are another trend that is surprisingly in right now. The lace and sheer pattern the cropped look and the beautifully fitting design is just chic, there is no other word for it.

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9. Classic Lace Halter Back Bridal Jumpsuits:

This one is another classic jumpsuit. The cream lace and halter back pattern is a classic jumpsuit wedding dress design that is looking even prettier when fitted on a jumpsuit. Pair it with a classic French updo, and you are good to go, gorgeously simple!

Wearing white or similarly colored jumpsuits for a wedding is the new trend setting in when it comes to this coming wedding season. White dresses, although still pretty and conventional, have officially been replaced! Brides can wear pure white, or floral patterned jumpsuits while bridesmaids can rock pastels or even darker colors in the bridesmaid jumpsuit line.

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