Bridal nighty is a night gown for a bride to be worn on her wedding night. Wedding night is important and special for Bride and Groom. They have planned many things for it. And bridal nighty is one of them. There are many types of patterns in bridal nighty. There are variety of bridal nighty collection of different colors and styles. Lady chooses her bridal nighty with so many hopes and wishes in her mind. Bridal nighty should be something different from other nighties, something distinct. It should be one which makes you feel something special.

Latest Nighties for Wedding Night:

Here are the 9 best collection of nightwear’s for newly married womens in India with pictures.

1. Short Bridal Nighty in Hot Red:

This is hot red color short nighty for a bride. Red color is for love. Black color lace work is embossed on nighty. It gives a hot appeal to Groom. It is seductive and sexy bridal nighty. It is used to have some romantic moments between the couple.

2. Indian Bridal Nightie Designs:

Indian Bridal Nighty is used by Indian Brides. It is 2 piece nighty. Here the red nighty is covered with white color robe. It has soft material and full length. On neck portion of white robe, floral design looks good with red piping. It is nice nighty for an Indian Bride.

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3. Baby Doll Bridal Nighty:

This is an awesome bridal nighty known as Baby doll. A bride will really look like a baby doll in this short and sexy nighty. It gives good shape to your figure, especially your breast area. It snatches the breath away. Your husband won’t stop praising you.

4. Back Less Bridal Nighty:

This nighty is extremely seductive and it is back less too. Your whole back side will be opened. It is perfect to wear on your wedding night. It is transparent too with nice pink color net fabric. It will play a big role in sexually arousing.

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5. Latest Bridal Nighty:

It is a latest style of bridal nighty where the whole nighty is transparent. In this nighty, only two intimate body parts are covered. It is sensual and interesting bridal nighty. It has a quality of being attractive in a sexual way.

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6. Transparent Bridal Nighty:

The black bridal nighty is whole transparent and worn over lingerie. It has perfect neck design and flower work. It creates sizzling and intimate moments at night. It will be worth remembering for the couple.

7. Pakistani Bridal Nighty:

This is a bridal nighty prevalent in Pakistan. It has deep neck, short and captivating nighty. The lady has also worn black color stockings with alluring purple nighty. It helps to display a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone.

8. Fancy Bridal Nighty:

It is a light colored fancy bridal nighty with lace work on neck. The nighty has round spots designed on nighty. It has a silk material and layer work done at the bottom of nighty. It is extremely impressive and pleasing. This nighty is quite pretty.

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9. Hottest Bridal Nighty:

This hot red color bridal nighty has a new style with extreme low deep halter neck. In this, the whole body is exposed. In panty also, some lace work is done to make it attractive. This nighty can prove out to be enjoyable and delightful.

Seeing this wide collection of bridal nighties, one may get stunned. It has so many different varieties like color, fabric, design and style. However, one should be cautious while selecting bridal nighty because it should get fit with your body shape. Once it fits your body, it can give you worth remembering moment for a lifetime. It can give you charismatic and enchanting moments to couples on their wedding night.

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