Wedding ring sets for women are beautifully available in many designs. A set of two or three and even four is made for the bridal wedding ring sets. One of which is the main and the rest are the supporting rings making the entire pattern look amazing.

Ladies Ring Sets for Wedding:

Here is a list of 9 traditional and beautiful wedding ring set designs for women.

1. Beautiful Carved Wedding Ring Set:

A magnificent carved wedding ring set in platinum is a piece of asset for the wedding couple not just with the pricey ring set but because of the precious love life that’s going to start after this. A diamond beautifully stud in the center of four marquise cut diamonds and a similar irregular shaped ring band studded with diamonds.

2. Split Shank Bridal Diamond Ring Set:

A split shank bridal diamond ring set for the bride looks just as magnificent as the bride dressed up that special day. A perfectly round diamond in the center of a ring band designed with split ends, one of which is studded with pave diamonds and the other with plain platinum. A similar thin ring matching with the large one supports the design very well.

3. Marquise Diamond Bridal Rings Set:

Gold rings with diamonds studded in them in an artistic design will be a best wedding ring set for her in the wedding. The ring is studded with a marquise diamond with small perfectly round diamonds set on the ring band. A similar curved and crafted ring subordinates with the main ring.

4. Princess Cut Three Sided Diamond Bridal Set:

A princess cut three sided stud diamond ring set is just an adorable design of rings. The rings are designed with white princess cut diamond in the center and blue sapphire diamonds in the sides if the ring band. A similar ring with blue round sapphire diamonds in the center line and white diamonds in the both sides is just a perfect pair of women’s wedding ring sets.

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5. Exclusive Wedding Ring Set:

An exclusive designer ring set with one with a round diamond stud on the top of the ring and a supporting ring with similar look studded with pink diamonds in the center of the ring band. A set of two such amazing designs will prove to be a perfect choice for the bridal wedding ring set.

6. Filigree Pink Sapphire Wedding Ring Set:

A pink sapphire ladies wedding ring set of three very beautifully crafted rings will magnificently look amazing on her hands. A middle ring is designed with pink round sapphire in the center and filigree art around it with platinum ring band. Similar two rings on the either sides of ring looks brilliant combination.

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7. Black Diamond in Black Gold Wedding Ring Set:

The black beauty is never considered less than the white and yellow gold. The black diamond ring studded in black gold is very rarely selected for wedding ceremonies. But with a rare taste of twisted style the black wedding ring sets look something out of the blue style.

8. Womens Wedding Ring Trio Set:

A wedding ring set in trio designs are very beautiful collection of the wedding ring sets for ladies. A beautiful pave diamond work on the gold ring looks entirely unique and precious. The pave diamond work is done with three parts making different blocks on the three of the rings.

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9. Sunset Wedding Ring Set for Her:

A simple wedding ring set with a unique simple design yet exclusively distinct with its features is one you need to impress your going to be wife on the of wedding. A designer ring band and one plain ring band with a diamond stud in a way that centers on the other ring two making it look as one is a magnificent design.

Wedding ring sets for the bride are a distinct way to make your going to be wife happy with number of beautiful rings together. Here are some magnificent designs that can make you glance on the wedding ring sets.

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