Updos for wedding hair are the pinnacle of style and sophistication, giving brides a classic and romantic appearance for their big day. These exquisitely designed updos enhance the bridal look and offer a gorgeous backdrop for elaborate necklines, veils, and hair accessories. Wedding hairstyle updos are available in various styles to suit bridal themes and preferences, from traditional chignons to contemporary twists.

Wedding updos are versatile enough for personalisation, meaning every bride can show off her distinct style. These hairstyles are aesthetically pleasing and functional, as they are frequently selected for their resilience to the rigours of a long wedding day. Bridal updos, whether accessorised with intricate flowers, braids, or retro-inspired components, effortlessly combine sophistication and romance, rendering them a timeless choice for brides aiming for a sophisticated and unforgettable appearance on their wedding day.

Top 10 Trendy Styles to Flaunt Your Bridal Updos:

Look at some of our best bridal party updos this wedding season.

1. Simple Low Bun Updo for a Wedding:

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Here is a simple one for you to start with. This low bun gives a classic look with little effort or time. It is a bridal updo for long hair. You can either curl your hair and then tie it as a low bun or straighten it and tie it low. Bring a small segment of hair over your forehead and run it above your ears to tie a bun. Leave a few strands free-flowing in the front. You can also consider using a floral clip for some added beauty. This works well on long and medium-length hair.

2. Short Hair Updo for Wedding:

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This is a good choice for brides who have short hair. Try a side parting and take a good segment of hair from the front to fall on your forehead. Bring these strands to the back of your head for a high bun. Leave a considerable amount of strands free-flowing in the front. Easily decorate your hair with colourful hairbands that will accompany your bridal wear. This hairstyle works great for those with short hair and naturally straight hair.

3. Retro-Inspired Hair Updo:

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This is vintage. This bridal bun updo is a wedding hair updo for long hair and those with medium length. Try this if you have ample time because you may have to curl up sections of your hair to create this style. Since this is retro-inspired, the front portion of the hair is significantly left to make a bang with curl. These locks are then lowly joined with the rest of the hair at the back. Since the overall hair is curled, you should pin it up carefully. You can also try a setting spray to keep them all in place for better results.

4. Bridal Hair Half Updo:

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Check out this beautiful bridal updo. This sits beautifully with the side of the segment of the hair parted into three and rolled to perfection. All three segments are joined at the back with a clip or bobby pin and then nicely tied with the rest of the hair. The remaining hair at the back is also curled or given a small wave. Place a floral clip for an added touch of style. This hairstyle will suit people who naturally have curly hair or those who would like to have curls for their wedding. It is ideal for those who have medium-length hair. This bridal hair updo is a loose updo that gives a casual feel.

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5. High Bun Hair Updo:

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Check out this out-of-the-box style. This easy bridal updo for long hair is rather stylish and casual. The hair is all tied up on the centre of the head. The fringes and the free-flowing hair are first curled up nicely and then taken all together for a tight hair updo that is high. The front portion of the centre hair is styled and tied with the rest. This tight hairstyle will suit anyone who wants to highlight their face. Set it in place with a hairspray for best results. Have a lot of time? Then try out this hairstyle!

6. Romantic Bridal Updo:

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This is uniquely beautiful and romantic. If you plan to try a simple yet stylish hairstyle for your casual outing, try this one. There is no parting of the hair for this; two hair segments are braided and put around like a bow over the front of the head. One braid is thick, and the other is thin, both joined at the back and tied to a small low bun. The hairstyle is suitable for people with medium-length hair and may appear slightly messy, which is the style. This hairstyle may need some time, but it is worth your time.

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7. Curly Long Hair Updos for Wedding:

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Have curly hair that is difficult to manage? Here is a classy hair updo for you if you are the bride. In this, the curly hair is tied to a high bun, and the front locks are beautifully curled and left free to fall over the side of the face. The bun can have a lovely floral attachment, either as a big clip or as flowers of varied colours. This bridal updo hairstyle will suit people with long and medium-length hair. It adds grace and elegance and is often seen as an elegant bridal updo. Try this for your small bridal party, or plan it for your big day. Make sure the hair is set in place with a set spray.

8. Easy Hair Updo:

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This one is an easy updo for the wedding. The hairstyle sits as a high bun and is guarded by a segment of hair that is tightly braided. This hairstyle has no parting of the hair. A segment of hair is taken from the sides and is tightly tied around the bun. The bun is secured with bobby pins, but placing this braid around the bun would give it a classy look. The hairstyle suits people best with long and medium-length hair. This hairstyle can be a good one if you are attending a wedding or one for the mother of the bride half updo hairstyle. Try this simple and neat bridal updo.

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9. Messy Bridal Updo:

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Messy bun hairstyles never seem to go out of fashion. Check out this messy bun bridal updo for your hair. This hairstyle is messy, and the strands are loosely tied with bobby pins. The back of the hair is a messy low bun where the strands are curled to give a classy look. Allow some strands to fall loosely over one side of your face, and secure the side hair with floral-inspired clips. Try and match the clips to the colour of your hair. The beads of the clip can stand out for added attraction. The hairstyle works best on medium-length and short hair.

10. Classy and Simple Bun:

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This is an easy one. This may work best if you plan to get dressed independently and do your hair. This wedding hair short updo works best on shoulder-length hair. Loosely bring a few strands from the slides and connect them to the bun. A few strands of hair can be left loose on the sides. The hair at the back is folded into a bun and secured with a floral clip. The floral clip comes in a subtle shade of blue and has attractive beads. While the entire hairstyle may look loosely tied, all of them need to be secured tightly with pins to stay for a long time.

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Additional Tips:

While this may sound the easiest, keeping those locks well-maintained all time takes some effort. Take a look at how this can be done.

  • Good hair care practices and lifestyle decisions are needed to maintain healthy hair.
  • Routine trims, avoid split ends and enhance overall hair health with a well-balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals.
  • To prevent damage, use a sulfate-free shampoo appropriate for your hair type and avoid using too much heat styling.
  • Deep conditioning treatments fight frizz and dryness by hydrating and nourishing the hair. After every bridal updo you try, ensure you wash your hair well, as you might have used styling products. Use hydrating shampoos to restore the moisture.
  • Reduce your time in harsh environments and shield your hair from the sun and chlorine.
  • Last, firm, glossy, and colourful locks can be maintained with occasional air drying, minimal use of hair ties, and gentle detangling.


A bridal hair updo is a classic option that perfectly combines charm and elegance for the bride’s big day. These expertly created hairstyles are timeless and elegant, matching various wedding themes and individual styles. They go beyond fashion trends. Bridal updos are a beloved option for brides looking for a refined and sophisticated look because of their versatility, which permits individual expression. Updos have practical advantages beyond being attractive; they guarantee that the bride’s hairstyle will endure the rigours of a happy and exciting wedding day. Hair updos for weddings are still a beautiful and timeless option for brides who want to accentuate their beauty on this particular day, regardless of whether they choose to accessorise it with elaborate pieces or keep it simple and elegant.

Our suggestions ensure you rock your big day. While some of them need your time, others are simple. Try out some of our ideas and tell us how you liked it.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How should I pick up my wedding bridal update?

Ans: Consider your preferences, wedding theme, and dress style. Speak with a hairstylist who can make suggestions based on the shape of your face, the texture of your hair, and your preferred look.

Q2. How can I make sure that my wedding day updo remains intact?

Ans: Choose a hairstylist with experience styling wedding hair. Use premium styling supplies, and think about doing a trial run to see how long the updo lasts. For extra hold, tack down the hairdo with pins and hairspray.

Q3. Can I add accessories to my wedding hairstyle?

Ans: Brides can accessorise their outfits with veils, combs, pins, and flowers. A high bridal updo for a veil is common among the Indian population.


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