At a bachelorette party, it’s fun to let loose and party with your girlfriends before the stress of the wedding takes over. A fun cake for the bridal shower party makes it more fun. The bride and her squad will remember the party better if the bachelorette cake is special. Are you looking for some bride to be cake designs? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some cake ideas for our future “brides to be” that will liven up any bachelorette party, from the naughty to the nice!

Bachelorette Party Cakes For Bride (Bridal Shower Cakes):

Here we listed 50 simple and unique bridal shower cakes with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Customized Bridal Shower Cake Design:

Personalized cakes for bridal shower parties have become all the rage in recent years. If you are a bridesmaid planning a bachelorette party for your friend, then you can customize the cake for the bridal shower party with fondant toppers of a bride and groom romancing or a fun cake telling them that their game is finally over because they are getting married. You can also get the cake customized with edible makeup items or with girly dresses and accessories.

2. Haldi Cake Designs for the Bride To Be:

Haldi cakes, which are served at Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies, have become more popular recently. You can choose from beautiful takes on the dhol, edible jewellery made of fondant, and pre-wedding cakes and cupcakes that show the traditions and rituals of ceremonies. If you like simple cakes, you can choose ones that are decorated with flowers and petals.

3. Cake Designs with a Message for Brides To Be:

You can also make the bachelorette cake special by writing a quote or some sweet words about the bride or the couple in the script. For the girls who are bridesmaids, you can get funny, naughty, or nice messages written on the cake. This is one of the cutest and best ways to personalize a cake for the bride-to-be.

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4. Painted Bachelor Party Cake Design For Bride:

Can there be a bachelorette cake that’s too pretty to eat? Artists use cakes as canvases and buttercream as paint to create these beautifully painted cakes. Hand-painted cakes come in many different styles, from bold cakes with bright colours to simple cakes with floral designs in softer colours. Your bachelorette party will be complete with a romantic hand-painted and hair-brushed cake for the bride-to-be.

5. Floral Bridal Shower Cake Designs:

Planning a cake for the bride who’s not a fan of bright, over-the-top designs? Keep it simple with a textured white cake, but decorate the top and pair it with lovely blooms for a lovely display. This bachelorette cake topper toasting the future bride looks fantastic. You can also incorporate subtle pink and white into the buttercream of the cake, which pairs beautifully with the stunning blooms on top.

6. Traditional Bride To Be Cake Designs:

While bachelorette party cakes are a western concept, we Indians aren’t afraid to give them a “desi” twist! You can have your pre-wedding cakes decorated to look like they were made for a big, fat Indian wedding function, with everything from sarees to choodas to jewels and lehengas! A traditional cake can be made for a bride-to-be with edible roses, a beautiful bride figurine, edible sugar stones in different colours, confetti, and sugar sprinkles.

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7. Single Tier Bride To Be Cake Designs:

One-tier cake designs for the bachelorette are ideal if you are planning for a small gathering with just your close ones. A single-tier cake for the bride decorated with marble would be perfect for a minimalist celebration. Cakes with only one tier look elegant and feel lavish, making a bold statement. Your special occasion marble cake, topped with a beautiful cake topper, will look almost too good to eat. You can also add a personal touch with unique colours, shapes, and elements.

8. Two Tier Bachelorette Cake Design For Bride:

Even though single-tier bridal shower cakes are the best bet for your intimate bachelorette party, a two-tier cake allows you more flexibility. These two-tiered cakes for the bride-to-be range from simple to sophisticated, elegant to modern. You can choose a white chocolate ganache cake with fresh flowers and fondant ruffles. If you want a simple cake, you can get a two-tier buttercream cake with fresh berries on top and a bride-to-be cake topper.

9. Multi Tier Bride To Be Cake Designs:

If you are someone who has a large friend group, your bachelorette party demands a bigger pre-wedding cake. The multi-tier cakes for the bride are the answer to your problem. Who could resist a cake that combines the health benefits of berries with the decadence of buttercream? You can also opt for buttercream goodness pressed with dried flowers and topped with loads of cherries.

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10. Funny Bridal Shower Cake Designs:

You should definitely check out the funny bachelorette party cakes we have enlisted below if you are someone who would not mind adding a dash of humour to their bachelorette party that will elicit hearty laughs. A game-over cake will surely add a twist to your pre-wedding functions. The bride is holding the groom by his cuff in this groom-teasing wedding cake. It’s a hilarious cake depicting the groom’s freedom ending as soon as he crosses the threshold of matrimony.

11. Naughty Bride To Be Cake Designs:

Naughty adult cakes, which are a must at any bachelorette party, What’s a bachelorette party without some kinkiness? These cakes are for the brides who can’t keep calm because the thrill of becoming Mrs. is too great. “I am getting married, bitches,” cakes with accessories made out of fondant are the best choice when the bride just can’t hold back her excitement. Cakes themed after the “last fling before the ring” are another excellent option.

12. Square Shaped Bride To Be Cakes:

Square bachelorette cakes are becoming more popular than traditional round ones. The contrast between the sharp angles of a square cake and the soft petals of buttercream and fondant is unusual and striking. You can try out all kinds of different decorations, like ribbons, rhinestones, geodes, lace, geometric patterns, and weird cake toppers. You can also get square-shaped adult cakes for the bride.

13. Round Shape Bachelor Party Cake Design For Bride:

You can also make your bachelorette cakes in a classic round shape. The bachelorette party will be more fun with the beautiful and tasty bride-to-be cake. The brides will love this round, blue cake with a white wedding dress on top. A “see you later, single life” round cake with decorations on top is another option. Miniature versions of the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids can be put on the cake to make it special for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids.

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14. Oval Shaped Bride To Be Cakes:

Alternatively, you could serve oval-shaped cakes. Oval cakes are considered elegant. You can choose from an oval bachelorette cake with buttercream details or a chocolate cake with red currants. Bento cakes, mini cakes, or lunchbox cakes are popular in India. Multi-tiered oval cakes with buttercream details or soft petals and elegant toppers are perfect for large parties.

15. Rectangular Shaped Bride To Be Cakes:

The rectangular cake was one of the first kinds of bride-to-be cakes that people liked. If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you can look at the different styles of rectangle cakes. The best flavours for rectangular cakes are chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, butterscotch, and black forest. You can add a personal message for the bride-to-be or get small buttercream details to make it look elegant.

16. Miniature Bridal Shower Cake Design:

Miniature cakes for the bride, have recently gone viral in India. These small cakes with amusing labels have been trending on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram recently, and they’re the ideal size for single servings. You can get them customized for a bachelorette party as well. You can also check out quirky bridal cupcakes with messages and decorations made out of fondant.

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17. Modern Bride To Be Cake Design:

Modern couples are going modern with their pre-wedding cakes. More and more people today want a cake that reflects their individual sense of style. A modern bachelorette cake is all about geometric details, dark hues, metallic flourishes, and stunning simplicity. These are so unique and artistic. You can also use different shapes for a multi-tier cake. Adding richly marbleized fondant covers or hints of metallic gold can complete the contemporary look of the cake.

18. Sculptured Bride To Be Cakes:

Sculpture cakes are works of art that you can eat. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also taste great. These range from abstract to painterly Impressionism in terms of beauty and awe. Some of the most common decorations on sculpture bachelorette cakes are floral patterns, concrete, metal, and stone textures, and concrete, ice, and stone textures. A sculpture pre-wedding cake is a great way to give events a unique and artistic touch.

19. Cakes for the Petal Bride:

When it comes to cakes, flowers have been used for the longest time. Petal pre-wedding cakes are a new take on this, where each tier has a delicate, rose-like appearance thanks to the way the petals gently curve around it. For multi-tiered cakes, making petals of different colours can make the cake look vibrant and colourful. These petals can be made out of fondant or buttercream. You can also add real flower petals to a plain white cake to give it a minimal yet aesthetic look.

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20. Themed Party Cake Ideas For Brides To Be:

Many people enjoy throwing themed bachelorette parties, which can range from beach-themed to cartoon-themed, garden parties to movie-themed. A themed bridal party demands a themed cake for the bride. You can use buttercream and fondant to decorate the cake according to the theme. For a beach-themed bachelorette cake, you can use crushed graham crackers, oreo crumbs, and buttercream frosting to create a beach, and decorate it with a variety of shells that are made of fondant.

A cake should be suitable for the occasion. What better way to describe your wedding than with a bride to be cake? No matter what bachelorette cake design you choose, remember to make a lot of memories with your friends. So, eat lots of cake, have fun, and take it easy.

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