Top 9 Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles

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There are various types of up do for hairs that can be tried easily out for a bridesmaid occasion for a wedding that a person is attending. This can be a showy and also glamorous look if this is done properly. There are various types of pleated looks or other types of showy designs. This also depends on the length the person has. For the up shifting, a person should have moderately long sectional length or the sections may fall off and get loose.

Braidsmaid Hairstyles Updo

Also the more frizzed the sections are, the easier it is for the sections to hold the styling without getting loose. A reputed parlour session can be booked if a person is looking to get something professionally done.

Below are the top 9 types of brides maid up do hair styles that can be easily sported for parties and should definitely be tried out.

Best Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles:

1. The Back Crunched Look:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 1

This is a very stylish look. This can be easily done for almost any form of parties. This is also like a messed look and this is not very professionally done. However, this gives a design that makes a person look like a celebrity without excessive styling. A person who does not want to go for parlour session and spend the cash, they can do this at home with some help from friends.

2. The Pleated Pony Look:

Thick puffy braid

This is a very thick form of pleated look. A person may get something like this done on a temporary basis from a parlour. This is quite stylish. This can be worn with long earrings. This is also quite easy to sport.

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3. The Rolled Hive:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 3

This is a top hive which will need some padding to be inserted inside it. This will make the volume. Some sectional blowing and heat will also be required. This can be done with some professional parlour help for a more finished look.

4. The Side Fish Tail Look:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 4

This is done like a usual fish tail but the sections are taken from the sides instead of from the top back like it is usually done. This can be accessorized with floral and pearl head pins. This can be made into a small clipped section to keep back sweat free. Without the accessories, this can also be sport as summer fashion.

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5. The Celeb Rowed Bun:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 5

This is a pleated look which has been done in rows. This is quite showy to sport.

6. The Fore Head Pleats:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 6

This is quite a classy look. If a person is comfortable for sporting this, then this can easily be tried out. Professional help may not be needed to do this. This can be easily done with some help from friends.

7. Clipped Curled Back:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 7

This is a clipped design. This is quite showy. This can be sported with nude lips and dark eyes.

8. The Loose Hive Look:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 8

The messed look can be done if the person is a teenager or is in school and attending a party. This can also be done for casual occasions. This can be done easily and can be quite stylish and trendy instead of clipping the sections, these are made so that top bunch does not fall off or go loose.

9. The Pleated Padded Hive:

Braidmaids updo hairstyles 9

This is a vintage style of look. This can be done with a section which can be given some pleats like a rope and then this can be used as a elastic. This will make the hair do look more stylish.

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