Brocade sarees are very popular in India, and the main reason behind that is the use of silver and gold zari with the main fabric of the sari brocade. These fibres are very much considered heavy and rich, in their style and also the designer work as well. This type of red brocade sari work on sarees can be traced back all the way to the middle ages. The type of brocade work was mostly worn by royal families, like the Greece Empire, China Empire, Japan Empire, Byzantine Empire, etc. The style was introduced to the Indian saree weavers via the Silk Route, which made the trading flourish between China and India. This is why brocade sarees are so much highly regarded by the Indian women.

Brocade Sarees Importance:

Since pink brocade saree is considered very lavishly made; therefore they are only used at formal occasions like festivals, weddings, and other formal events as well. These kinds of sarees are styled and accessorized along with various types of jewellery as well. This makes brocade sarees very staple clothing in a women’s wardrobe. One can easily wear silk black brocade sari with the inclusion of brocade, or brocade sarees made up of georgette. There are indeed many different brocade saris to choose from.

Brocade Sarees Features:

The most important feature of white brocade sari is the use of zari, or commonly known as the gold or silver threads, that are very much woven with the fabric, in order to give various types of patterns on the body of the saree and also its borders as well. These zari fabrics are very much woven by hand, and also with the help of traditional loom as well, which help in the ultimate creation of these brocade sarees in the best way possible.

Which Age Group Women is Preferred Mostly:

There is no such distinct age group for women to start wearing golden brocade sari. Any women of any age group can wear brocade sarees. This is because brocade sarees are itself very precisely made, and also looks lavish as well. Therefore any women wearing this kind of saree will itself look very elegant without a doubt, regardless of her age. Thus, if you have the budget to spend on a brocade saree, just purchase it, without thinking your age group.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

Brocade sarees will look wonderful on any body type, and that is the biggest advantage of wearing it. When a woman will wear a green brocade saree, the main attraction would be the decorations and elegance of the saree. All the other factors will just become secondary and will not matter much to the viewer’s eyes. So, whether you are slim or chubby, brocade sarees will look fantastic on you, and you don’t have to worry about your body shape, at all.

Latest and Beautiful Brocade Sarees with Images:

The best way to flaunt your style is by wearing the following types of Brocade Sarees.

1. Brocade Silk Saree:

In this type of brocade silk sari, the main fibre that is used here is silk, along with the inclusion of brocade, which is the silver and gold zari. The brocade work is done not only on the saree body but also on the borders as well.

Design: In brocade silk saree, a mixture of various colors are used, along with designs on the body of the saree as well.

Fabric: The fabric that is used here is a combination of silk, along with zari weave.

Occasion: You can easily try this saree at most formal and semi-formal events, and it would still look great.

2. Banarasi Brocade Saree:

When it comes to Banarasi brocade saree, this is one of the most curiously crafted made saree. This saree is made along with the combination of the banarasi weave along with the inclusion of the well-known zari.

Design: The banarasi sari has the most amounts of designer prints as well as zari work on the main body of the sari.

Fabric: In the Banarasi brocade saree, the banarasi weave is used combined with the gold and silver threads.

Occasion: The Banarasi brocade saree is only made for very formal occasions like weddings and marriages, or even various types of ceremonies as well.

3. Brocade Bridal Sarees:

The brocade bridal sarees is dedicated to or caters to the bride, who is ready for her wedding. In this case, the saree is made in such a way that is blended with the normal marriage ceremony decorations and celebrations.

Design: In this type of brocade saree, the best part if the numerous designs made on the pallu of the saree, while the rest of the saree body is kept very minimalistic.

Fabric: The Brocade bridal saris can be made with any fabric, its silk or any other fabric. Then zari is added to make the saree look gorgeous.

Occasion: It is only for the bridal occasion.

4. Brocade Kanjivaram Saree:

The Brocade Kanjivaram sari is made up of two fabrics – one being the Kanjivaram silk and the other being the zari weave, which consists of silk and gold threads. This type of saree is very much famous in the states of southern India.

Design: In this Brocade Kanjivaram saree, the main attraction is the use of different colors and their gradients, along with the use of art prints and designer prints, with the help of zari.

Fabric: Here the Kanjivaram silk is used, along with the inclusion of zari for the prints.

Occasion: You can use this saree for semi-formal occasions.

5. Brocade Work Sari:

The Brocade work saree is almost designed with the golden and silver threads, on the whole body of the saree. Most of the sarees surface area has brocade work, with very minimal differences in color combination.

Design: It is no doubt that this Brocade work saree has the most designs out of all the other brocade saris. The designs are made with zari, and therefore it becomes the highlight of the saree.

Fabric: The fabric of this saree can depend on the weaver, but the zari weave is compulsory here.

Occasion: One can use this Brocade work saree for any formal occasion.

6. Georgette Brocade Saree:

With the Georgette brocade saree, you will get the best-looking brocade saree with the combination of georgette and zari. This saree will definitely look gorgeous and elegant, without a doubt.

Design: The design that is used in the Georgette brocade saree is very simple, with very minimal designs on the body of the saree, while the zari designs are concentrated on the saree borders only.

Fabric: In the Georgette brocade saree, the zari weave is used with the georgette silk.

Occasion: The Georgette brocade saree is great for casual occasions, or even parties as well. You can also wear it for semi-formal events.

7. Brocade Paithani Saree:

The main attraction of the brocade paithani saree is the use of numerous kinds of art prints, with the use of zari or brocade on the borders of the saree. The rest of the saree body has mostly solid colors.

Design: The main design revolves around the use of artistic designs on the saree borders and pallu, with very minimal design prints on the saree body.

Fabric: In the case of the brocade paithani sari, the main fabric used is mostly silk, plus the addition of zari as well.

Occasion: You can use this saree for mostly semi-formal and casual occasions.

8. Brocade Silk Saree for Wedding:

The brocade silk saris wedding is the main kind of saree used for marriages and weddings and is totally made of silk combined with a tint of the gold and silver weave.

Design: The design is done very intricately, with but work is done on the body of the saree, with the help of the silver and golden weave. This will create a thicker and a much more detailed surface on the sarees body.

Fabric: For the brocade silk sarees wedding, the main fabric that is used is silk, while the second fabric is zari.

Occasion: This saree is great for marriage ceremonies.

9. Brocade Pattu Sarees:

When it comes to brocade pattu sarees, the main attraction being the huge detailed zari work done on either the body or the saree border. When the saree has solid colors, the work is done on the border, and sometimes, the zari work is done on the body as well as the border.

Design: It has a pretty simple design, with either solid colors or color gradients, with the beautiful work of zari on the borders and the saree body.

Fabric: The brocade pattu sarees are made up of silk fabric and the inclusion of golden and silver weave for the designs.

Occasion: Fantastic to wear for semi-formal occasions.

10. South Indian Brocade Sarees:

The south Indian brocade saris are mainly inspired by the south Indian culture, and also the artwork and style as well. The designer prints, along with the work greatly coincides with the history of southern India.

Design: The main zari work is done on the saree borders and pallu, while the saree body has a color gradient, with a minimal amount of artwork or designs.

Fabric: As usual, silk is used as the main fabric here, with the zari work and detailing.

Occasion: You can easily wear this saree in semi-formal ceremonies, or for a casual outing as well too.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Brocade Sarees:

Any type of blouse will fit in line with blue brocade saree, without any problems. Be it high-neck or boat-neck – you just name it. Brocade saris are very much versatile in their looks, and this is why any type of blouse will look great in it. Also, make sure that the saree fiber and fiber using which the blouse is made are same. If you pair a silk brocade saree with a georgette blouse, then it will look just weird and odd.

How To Style Brocade Sarees:

One can simply wear the brocade sari in itself, and it will still look great as usual. But, if you need something more to style your brocade saree with, make sure to add some jewellery. Few common examples of jewellery that will go well with brocade saris are the Polki sets or the Kundan sets. One can also pair her brocade saree with high heels that have a formal look. This will surely make the style standout a lot, regardless.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that there are various kinds of brocade sarees available in India. From being just silk brocade to south Indian brocade – you just name it. Also, it can also be seen that the main ingredient in all the sarees is zari, which is a very common fabric used. The use of zari makes the overall appearance very neat and elegant, which itself makes the saree stand out from the crowd as well. So, what do you think of our suggestions, and which one do you like the most? Let us know with all your feedback and suggestions.