♦ Mudra For Bronchitis:

Bronchitis is inflammation of our air tubes which deliver air to our lungs. No antibiotics and medicines are working for a long run. So nowadays people are moving towards natural therapies. Practicing Mudras is also one of those methods. Mudra is a ayurveda treatment which is very easy and effective in case of bronchitis. To cope up with the negative aura surrounding us we need to use mudras for bronchitis.

The mudra is helpful in acute attacks of bronchitis and also regulates the intake of oxygen. These mudras helps in dilating the bronchial tube and thus combat the attack of bronchitis. Mudras for bronchitis are proved as life saving. Below these three mudras are in addition to your treatment plan.

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Mudras For Bronchitis Steps And Benefits:

Bronchial Mudra:

Bronchial mudra are used to treat bronchitis and asthma. It is very helpful in respiratory ailments. Bronchitis is induced by environmental pollution, allergy, diet or lifestyle which creates negativity around the patients. Persons suffering from bronchitis experience weakness, sadness, depression and loneliness. Bronchial mudra helps in fighting with these problems for longer period. Bronchial Mudra for bronchitis should be done on a regular basis for better results.

♦ Bronchial Mudra Performing Steps:

Press your little finger at the bottom of your thumb. Ring finger is placed on the joint of upper thumb and keep the middle one on your thumb pad. Extend the index finger.

  • This mudra is little difficult to hold.
  • You can take help from anyone to hold your fingers on the prescribed spots. Practice this daily three times a day for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • In case of attack of acute bronchitis, use this mudra for 5-7 minutes until your breathing becomes normal.
  • For long term relief, keep on doing the mudra for bronchitis for five times daily for 4-6 minutes.
  • These mudras are also effective as meditation.
  • You should direct the consciousness towards the floor of pelvic and try to sense the surface on which you are sitting.
  • Each breath gives you strength. It will strengthens your body, soul and mind.

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♦ Angustha Mudra Technique:

  • Interlock the fingers by pressing the nails of middle fingers of your both hands.
  • Keep other fingers extended.
  • Hold your palms together as well as tightly.
  • Perform the mudra by sitting straight either in Sukhasana or Padmasana. You can also sit on bed or chair in any case of difficulties.
  • Hold your hands facing towards your chests and applying a little pressure against both hands.
  • This mudra should be performed daily for a comfortable time duration according to you.
  • Do not practice it with full stomach.

♦ Precautions:

  • Discontinue this mudra in uneasiness, dizziness or nausea.
  • People with acidic problems should discontinue it, if  they feel more burning sensation in the heart.
  • After achieving the desired results stop practicing the mudra.

♦ Prithvi Vardhak Mudra:

This mudra is very easy to practice. Join the tips of your ring finger and thumbs. Apply a gentle pressure while performing this mudra. Practice it for at least 45 minutes for better results.

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Benefits Of Mudras For Bronchitis:

  • Mudras for bronchitis helps in breaking the phlegm and thus relieves the patients from cold and cough.
  • It also generates heat and provide the required warmth in case of sudden fall in temperature or shivering from cold.
  • These mudras also relieve from bronchial spasms. It calms down the breath.
  • These are helpful for a patient of lung cancer and bronchitis.
  • Avoid smoking while performing mudras for few days till results are achieved.
  • Practice the mudras daily for three times in a right manner as described to achieve good results and get rid of bronchitis.

Above three mudras very helpful to bronchitis and asthma. Doing regular practice of mudras can give permanent solution to your problems.


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