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9 Best Bronzers For Fair Skin Available In India

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Sun tanned effect is possible with makeup highlighters. This often comes in very high priced ranges. These can be ranging from 200 INR to 1500 INR or more depending on the brand and quality of the product. Some brands also sell many different types of shades up that people can wear these as per the requirement or the amount of highlighting effect that is required for wearing for night or for other shopping days.

Bronzer for fair skin

Bronzers For Fair Skin:

Below are the 9 best bronzers for fair skin as follows.

1. MAC Bronzing Powder:

MAC Bronzing Powder

This is a very popular and high end brand. This is also quite high priced and not easily affordable. However this is quite good when it comes to using very small amount for everyday usage. This is also properly worn for people with fair complexions. This priced at approximately 1500 INR from retail outlets which sells this brand and products.

2. Olivia Pancake Waterproof Compact Powder:

Olivia Pancake Waterproof Compact Powder

This is a very affordable product which comes for only 100 INR. This can be quite good for regular wear. This is therefore popular amongst teenagers who like to experiment with looks. It is the best bronzer for fair skin.

3. Physicians Formula Phy1267:

Physicians Formula Phy1267

This is quite a popular choice amongst many women. This can be used for contouring and also highlighting. This is priced at about 1500 INR. This can be purchased from most retail outlets. This is the good bronzer for fair skin.

4. Star Cosmetics Bronzer Compact:

Star Cosmetics Bronzer Compact

This is quite affordable range for many women and also teenagers. This costs about 200 INR including relevant charges. This can be purchased from most retail outlets which sells this brand. This is also popular amongst teenagers and college girls who like to experiment with colors. It is one of the best bronzers for fair skin.

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5. Star Cosmetics Pigments:

Star Cosmetics pigments

This is a very popular and affordable range. This comes in a 4 grams bottle. This can be priced from 240 INR to more depending on the retail outlet including relevant charges. This is loose pigments which can be used with a brush. This is quite pocket friendly and can suit most complexions.

6. Nyx Bronzer Powder Dark:

Nyx Bronzer Powder Dark

This comes in various shades. The most popular shade is this which is dark. The dark is for those people who want to use a much darkened highlight. This is for an extreme darkened effect for contouring. This is quite costly for 1500 INR to 2000 INR from retail outlets. However the quality if very high end and can be used easily because a person needs very little to create effects. This is one of the best bronzers for fair skin.

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7. Maybelline May 6002:

Maybelline May6002

This is a very costly product. This costs about 600 INR Including relevant charges from retail outlets. This is a newly launched. This is specially formulated which can give a very shiny appearance. This can be used anywhere including face and also body parts. It is a good bronzer for fair skin.

8. Natio Pressed Powder Sunswept:

Natio Pressed Powder Sunswept

This is priced at 1196 INR. This is a very costly product which can give very natural sun touched looks to give a natural tanned appearance. This can be quite beneficial because of the minerals present in this as claimed by the company. This is also good for regular wear and is less harmful than many other brands which do not have minerals. This is also very suitable for aging skin.

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9. Nyx Body Bronzer For Fair Skin:

Nyx body bronzer

This is a powder based product which can be used for instant gloss finish with a darkening effect. This can be used when the skin needs some rejuvenation. This also lathers and cleanses with a gold undertone effect. This is quite costly and is approximately priced at 600 INR from reputed retail outlets. This is the best bronzer for fair skin.

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