9 Pretty Brown Colour Blazers for Men & Women

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Blazer is the casual version of suit jacket. It is cool and smart. It is part of everyone’s wardrobe. Many a times we are confused with the cut and type. It is an easy option. Wear it according to occasion. One colour in blazer that can never go wrong is brown. It comes from lightest light beige to darkest dark coffee brown.

9 Pretty Brown Colour Blazers for Men & Women

Light & Dark Brown Colour Blazers in Fashion:

Blazer is a classy option. Try this variety of brown blazer Jackets and its types listed below.

1. Cotton Brown Blazer:

Cotton Brown Blazer

For India and its hot-humid climate, cotton is the ultimate choice of fabric when it comes to clothes. Blazers made of cotton are the most desirable option one can have. Cotton brown blazers are a unisex option. You can wear it without compromising on comfort.

2. Wool  Brown Blazer:

Wool Brown Blazers for men

Wool brown blazer is traditional choice in blazer. It is warmer and crosier. It is preferred to be worn during winters. Mostly they are double breasted. The buttons are made of copper to stand out in brown. This choice of blazers is perfect for snow.

3. Corduroy Brown Blazer:

Corduroy Brown Blazer

Corduroy brown blazer is an old style of blazer. It is becoming trendy now. You can wear it with dark denims. It is easy style. But yes, corduroy blazers need extra care. You have save them from lint all the time.

4. Silk Brown Blazer Jacket for Boys:

Silk Brown Blazer

Blazers are often considered as formal attire. Now a day, many wear it to traditional Indian wedding. These wedding blazers are made of silk mostly. They give a shine and add a glam factor. It may not be very comfortable but it will surely look smart.

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5. Mens Brown Crepe Blazer:

Brown Crepe Blazer

Crepe brown blazers are inspired from crepe top. It shorter than regular blazers,it’s stylish and is sported by mostly women. You can roll up the sleeves and get a cool, laid back look. It is a semi-casual blazer. You can wear for shopping or for any evening outing with your boyfriend.

6. Slim Fit Brown Blazer Jacket:

Slim fit Brown Blazer

This year’s new trend is slim fit. From pants to jeans to blazers, everything is slim fit. Slim fit blazers are meant to give you lean look. It is a stylish option. It is a cool trend. You don’t have to put efforts for looking smart. You can wear with straight pants or skinny jeans.

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7. Solid Brown Blazer for Men:

Solid Brown Blazer

Solid brown Blazer is the best choice of blazers. It is same coloured throughout the length. It has no to minimum patterns. It is simplest form of blazer, yet it is so classy and smart. You can wear with black pants or denims. Try this style, if you’re new to the world of blazers.

8. Womens Short Brown Blazer Jacket:

Short Brown Blazer

Short brown blazer is the new style of blazer. It ends above the waist. It is a stylish option. They come with bows and frills. Mostly such blazers are worn with pencil fit skirts or skinny jeans. You may want to try it skater skirt if you are trying for fun look.

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9. Long  Brown Blazer for Women:

Long Brown Blazer

Long brown blazer is similar traditional overcoats. They are long till your knees. They have a unique style. You can wrap them or button up. It is never wrong with this style. You can wear it work with your blouses or wear it over your t-shirt and jeans. It is a classy and chic style.

Brown blazers are most common blazers. It is smart, stylish and very classy. It can give you sharp formal look and give you rusty rough look through same blazer. It is simple style without any complicated rules.

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