Brown curtains are rare to find. As it is dark few people use full brown curtains. But when it gets mixed with any light colour it gets transformed into charismatic. A curtain with having brown pattern looks very ethnic. A brown curtain will highlight the wall as it will be light. There may be different colour and pattern options with brown curtains. Combining brown curtains with any light colour will give an enjoyable feature.

Mind Blowing Brown Curtain Designs:

Here we will explore a few patterns and designs in brown curtains that will attract the attention of everyone.

1. 3-Piece Eyelet Curtain:

This brown and cream curtain is in three pieces where on both sides there are brown curtains and in between it is a cream curtain. All three curtains are plain and simple without any print. Though simple, it delivers a sober look.

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2. Brown Stripe Curtain:

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This chocolate brown curtain consists of vertical broad stripes. Three different shades of brown colour are used to create these stripes. The long curtain for the window exaggerates the whole space of the room and looks beautiful.

3. Triangle Brown Curtain:

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This dark brown curtain has a triangle pattern on top. The whole curtain is ornamented with triangle-cut brown curtain fabric. This triangle-shaped curtain hangs over a long brown curtain which matches with whole dark colour room. You will get a luxurious feel for your living room with these curtains.

4. Vintage Brown Curtain:

It is a pellucid light brown curtain with a floral print of dark shade. Anyone can easily see through this curtain and cannot be protected from sunlight too. This light brown colour shade is of vintage style and it is tied up with white string from the middle.

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5. Botanical Leaf Brown Curtain:

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It is a shower bath with green and brown curtains where the base colour is green. The curtain has having leaf print of white and brown colour. A major area of the curtain is covered with a leaf design and the minor upper part is left blank.

6. Circle Pattern Brown Curtain:

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This brown patterned curtain consists of a circular print. There is an empty and full circle design of brown, red and blue colours. The curtain is hung with a hook which is again hung on a rod. This curtain is used to hide the bath area in a bathroom.

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7. Two-Way Brown Curtain:

It is a combination of brown and gold curtains. Inside there is a full gold colour plain curtain and outside it is a sheer curtain in dual colour. The outer curtain has having middle transparent portion of gold and on upper and lower are filled with brown fabric.

8. Imposing Brown Curtain:

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This brown and white curtain has having imposing design. It is a whole white curtain which seems like a plastic curtain. On the white curtain, there is a rectangular design print of dark and light brown colour. This curtain is a little transparent and apt for the bathroom.

9. Rod Pocket Brown Curtain:

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This brown and beige curtain looks classic. A pocket-like shape is created on top of the curtain which is furnished with brown colour. And the rest of whole curtain is in beige. It is a simple and soft curtain yet seems wonderful.

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Brown curtains create a dark shade in your living room. So it is better to mix it up with another colour. It will exhibit a gifted and lusty look. Thick brown curtains will give utmost protection from outside heat and light because of their dark nature. Whereas there are light brown curtains also available and this will look sophisticated.


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